Staying sane during and after COVID



I wrote this course at the beginning of lockdown in our country – mid March 2020. Who knew that over a year later we are still in lockdown and have never been out of it.

As uncertain and uncomfortable as this moment in time may be, it holds a powerful catalyst for profound transformation, individually and collectively.

On the personal front, it holds a silent invitation for us to peel back the fears keeping us from growing into the full brilliance of the person we have it within us to become. Collectively, it invites us to transcend ego-dominated paradigms that keep us from coming together to create a better, braver world.

But first – discomfort. Embrace it.

It holds the key to the security you seek, to new beginnings and a brighter future than anything we leave behind.

My wish for you with this course is that you will find some comfort and direction during these trying times.

Stay safe and be blessed




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