Lightarian Mega Package



All attunements are done via the remote meditation method provided for in the manual due to the load shedding (blackouts) we have in our country. Should you prefer a telephone attunement please contact the Lightarian Institute directly.

The cost of the manuals is included in this price

With this package, you will receive 35 distant attunements to the following healing modalities. All of which will propel you forward on your spiritual and life’s path through the process of Ascension.

* Lightarian Angellinks – 5 Levels *

* Lightarian Ascension Bands – 6 Levels *

* Lightarian Clearing Program – 6 Levels *

* Lightarian Gateway Program – 6 Levels *

* Lightarian Rays – 6 Levels *

* Lightarian Reiki – 4 Levels *

* Lightarian Purification Rings – 6 Levels *

Lightarian Angellinks

The Lightarian Angellinks consists of a series of five Angelic connections that have been designed to create phenomenal spiritual connections with a team of highly evolved angelic beings who are coming forth to help humankind to expand their awareness of pure unconditional love, non-judgment, courage, beauty and divine joy into your personal energy fields through a simple guided-meditation based distant attunements. These are done in a 5-in-1 attunement (you receive all 5 levels in one attunement).

Lightarian Ascension Bands

Are you aligned and connected with the vibrational energies of Ascended Master Buddha and the Buddhic Energies but are not on a Reiki path? If you are then this new attunement is for you. The Lightarian Ascension Bands have been created to help bring forth a new form of energy transmission that is being given to help reawaken humanity to the sacred levels of the higher vibrational bands of the divine Buddhic energies.

Lightarian Clearing Program

The Lightarian Clearing Program are spiritual based “Laser like” activations that have been designed to create extraordinary spiritual pathways of ascension. The benefits of working with the Clearing Program number in the hundreds but through the acceptance of these attunements the Clearing Program will release all adverse energies, long existing patterns of energy that contribute to physical stresses, discomfort and disease within the physical body.

Lightarian Crystalline Gateway Program 

The Lightarian Gateway program provides training for navigating such dimensional planes through working with the Crystal Skull, Sacred Blue Flame of Wholeness, and Gem Grid Activations enabling you to interact with several Extraterrestrial Masters and the Seraphim groups. Simply stated, our Lightarian perspective regarding personal development within the interdimensional realities through the Lightarian Gateway program includes the Expansion of the Crystal Skull and Blue Flame of Wholeness received through the Purification Ring Program. The Recoding of the body at the Cellular Level which will aid the individual to work better with higher Energetic Vibrations and the Lightarian Gem Grid. The Adjustments within your Energy Field, including the Unified Heart Chakra. The Collaboration with several Extraterrestrial Masters and the Seraphim Groups to learn how to easily navigate Physical and Inter-Dimensional Levels of Consciousness.

Lightarian Ray Program

Through the acceptance of the powerful guided meditation attunements to the Lightarian Ray series you will accelerate your spiritual transformation to a new level of awareness. You will also gain a deep resonate energetic connection with the Celestial Masters Lord Maitreya, El Morya, Buddha, Sananda and St Germain.

Lightarian Reiki 

The energies of Lightarian Reiki offer the most potent, highest vibrational healing energies that are available at this time in humankind’s spiritual evolution. Lightarian Reiki is a unique, expanded and higher vibrational form of Reiki that enhances the opportunity for healing by vibrationally “stretching” the healing process into a new space. In this New Space are the six vibrational bands of Lightarian Reiki that have been organized into just four levels. These levels are called Lightarian Reiki I & II, Lightarian Reiki III, Lightarian Reiki IV and Lightarian Reiki V & VI.

Lightarian Purification Rings

The Lightarian Purification Rings have been given to humanity at this time in order for their energies to be infused into all living things with the purest and highest energy patterns of the Seraphim. Via the Purification Rings, you will receive continuing inspiration and support, encouraging you to express these seraphic qualities in all areas of your life.

The following information will give you the recommended gaps that must be left between each of the Lightarian Attunements

Lightarian Angellinks – 0 Days between Attunements

(No Prerequisites) 

Lightarian Ascension Bands – 21 Days between Attunements

(No Prerequisites)

Lightarian Clearing Program – 7 Days between Attunements

(No Prerequisites)

Lightarian Gateway Program – 7 Days between Attunements

(Prerequisites: Angellinks, Purification Rings and Lightarian Reiki or Ascension Bands)

Lightarian Purification Rings – 7 Days between Attunements

(No Prerequisites)

Lightarian Reiki – 30 Days between Attunements

(Prerequisite: Reiki Master or Karuna Master) 



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