Spiritual Wellness: Cultivating Inner Strength and Resilience



Spirituality as a powerful integrative force provides the most advanced evidence of the evolving nature of our Being – mentally physically and Spiritually. It defines who and what we are at the moment while encompassing the bi-directional endlessness of our existence. It is the guiding force that energizes our existence – past, present and future.

Our Spiritual resilience makes it possible not only to endure hardship and suffering, but to use any challenging situation for Spiritual growth and transcend even the most devastating circumstances in our lives. When we can rise above whatever is happening in our lives, we increase our compassion for others.

Spirituality can become a balancing force that can add significance and meaning to your daily life. It can accelerate your growth by equipping you with the resources and skills required to effectively overcome growth blockages, achieve career goals and cope with difficult life situations such as the breakup of a relationship, financial reversal and the loss of a loved one, to list but a few. It can empower you to resolve deep-seated conflicts, including those related to your past-life experiences as well as present-life demands. Through the balancing and attuning power of Spirituality, you can become increasingly receptive to the supportive presence and intervention of Spirit Guides, particularly at times of danger or unforeseen reversal.

Module 1


Module 2

The reality of the Spirit

Consciousness within the realm of Spirit

The Soul according to different teachings

Relationship between Soul and Spirit

Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit

Spirit is the spark of life

Emanations of the Spirit exercise

Audio:       Spirit

Module 3

Find the Divinity within

Cleaning the wound


I AM guided meditation

I AM mantra meditation

Module 4

Your inner sanctuary

Four aspects of the inner sanctuary

Why is it important to create an inner sanctuary?

Getting started

The meditation

Module 5

Spiritual alignment


Questions to consider

Suggestions to try

Irregular breathing

Questions to consider

Suggestions to try

Difficulty concentrating

Questions to consider

Suggestions to try

Sadness, depression

Questions to consider

Suggestions to try


Questions to consider

Suggestions to try

Every moment is sacred

Audio:       Every moment is sacred

Module 6

Sacred space

Choosing the space

Choosing items for your altar

Incorporating the elements of Air, Earth, Fire and Water







Module 7

Connecting to the Mental aspect – Air

Connecting with the Spirit of Air


Module 8

Connecting with the Emotional aspect – Water

Connecting to the Spirit of Water


Module 9

Connecting to the Spiritual aspect – Fire

Connecting with the Spirit of Fire


Module 10

Connecting to the Physical aspect – Earth

Connecting to the Spirit of Earth


Module 11

Gateway to Higher Consciousness

The flow of life force

Fourth chakra ailments

Fourth chakra energy

Living life in the Anahata chakra

Opening your heart and keeping the doors open

Anahata guided meditation

Fourth chakra mindfulness ideas to ponder

Module 12

Spiritual resilience

Gain perspective to accept any situation

Ambassadors of love to others

Module 13

You are being guided

Peace and contentment

Audio:       You are being guided

Module 14

Connection to the Divine

Crown chakra

Role of Crown chakra in connecting to the Divine

What happens when it is unbalanced?

How to unblock and balance

Slow down

Do ritual


Use scents




How to welcome Spiritual growth

Module 15

Increasing your Spiritual energy

Thoughts are powerful

Center yourself

Ground yourself

Focus on your aura

Own your energy

Your Higher Self

Module 16

Overcoming self-imposed limitations

The underdeveloped potential of the subconscious mind

Module 17

Energy cleansing

Do you need an energy cleanse?

Tools for protecting your energy


White Light

Smudging with sage or incense

Smokeless smudging

Florida water

How to make your own Florida water

Sound healing

Essential oils

Exercise: A positive energy cleanse

Module 18

Archangel Metatron: Spiritual Teacher

The Angel of life and overseer of the Akashic Records

You can adjust your trajectory

Metatron’s cube

Sacred geometry

Sacred geometry in nature

Metatron’s uses in daily life

Divine I AM Pillar of Light

Activate your Pillar of Light

Archangel Metatron meditation

Other ways to connect with Archangel Metatron

Open up to higher energies

Video:       Divine alignment with Archangel Metatron

Module 19

Spiritual practices that nurture your Spirit

Seeking balance in attitude and action





Care of the Emotional Self

Care of the Physical Self

Interactions with the world around you

Module 20

Asking for Divine help

What lifts and inspires your Soul?

Ways to feed your Spirit

Spirit Guides and Angels

Power animals



Ascended Masters

How to contact your Spirit Guides

Open yourself to subtle frequencies

Go through the door

Ask for a sign

Ask for a message or blessings

Give thanks


Living in the sacred every day

Module 21

A higher level of consciousness

Signs you are moving to a higher level of consciousness

Module 22

Honor your gifts

Be true to yourself

Module 23

30 Day challenge to a healthier Spirit

Module 24


Module 25

Life Planner


Journey to the Divine Self – Value £39 / $50 / R838

The Journey to the Divine Self Activations and Clearings Program includes ten powerful activations and clearings designed to help you not only remember the Divine Self but to actually embody your Divine Self. It will help you to remember who you are and to bring your Divine Self into your body so that your physical body is transformed into the body of radiant light you are intended to be. The awesomeness and radiance of your Light will be activated! These clearings and activations will accelerate your spiritual evolution as a soul aiding you in your spiritual enlightenment in such a way that your awareness and consciousness is expanded beyond the limitations of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.

This system provides you with an opportunity for accelerated growth and enlightenment. You can become a stronger pillar of Divine Light and Peace so that you make better choices, take the highest path, attract positive and loving relationships, commit to self-love and care, recognize the Divine Self in others, open opportunities and prosperity in your life and be free to express your purpose for this incarnation. As a result of working with these energies you will find that your hopes, dreams and goals will expand because you will be free of old programming which has limited your ability to succeed and distorted desires of the heart.

Thus, you will be able to manifest the desires of your heart more quickly and easily. During the process of healing you will experience passionate feelings about what you create in life, greater confidence in your abilities, a new sense of prosperity and flow of abundance, have greater self-confidence and become your highest expression as a soul. People and situations that used to trigger feelings of hopelessness, upset, low self-esteem, shame, guilt, fear, etc. will not do so anymore because you will be able to see through the illusions and see truth. This will enable you to make better conscious choices in your life. You will be empowered to speak truth from the heart and with love, compassion and respect for All. Clear communication, guidance from the heart and soul, will allow you to discern what is best for you, your life, path, attention and energy. Proper heart and soul in sacred union with the mind and ego will be restored.

The Activations and Clearings

Heart Clearing – Releases any less than loving, false, beliefs, thoughts, and feelings for self and others. Releases thoughts, energies, feelings, that impede your ability to hear the voice of the Divine Self. Clears anything that blocks you from recognizing and knowing your wiser, Divine Self. Transmutes negative self-images, judgments, criticisms, and thoughts that keep you stuck in believing you cannot succeed in your life and path. Removes old and constrictive beliefs about yourself and others.

Heart Activation – Activates the ability to think loving, unconditional thoughts about self and others. Empowers you to hear the voice of your Divine Self and know the wisdom of the Divine Self. Brings forward positive self-images, affirmations, encouragements, and thoughts, so that you can succeed in all areas of your life and path. This will also allow you to attract more money, abundance, loving relationships and more into your life.

Mind/Mental/Subconscious Body Clearing – Releases illusions and or mental concepts that are keeping you from knowing, seeing, what your next steps are to be on your path and keeps you from following the higher path. It will free you from thought forms that imprison you and keep you bound to a life that is less than joyful. Freedom will come from the lesser path so you do not settle for less than what the Divine has for you. Old patterns of constrictive and addictive behaviors and thoughts will be dissolved. Past negative and painful memories stored in your subconscious will be released.

Mind/Mental/Subconscious Body Activation – Activates the ability to instinctively know what your next steps are to be on your journey and path so that you create the highest possible realities in your path. You will be inspired to ask the Divine Self to help you so that you can access the infinite wisdom within the Divine aspect of yourself. As a result, you will o pen to opportunities and prosperity your mind filtered out before. Greater mental acuity and clarity and the ability make decisions in your life will come forward.

Emotional Body Clearing – This clearing will dissipate thoughts, feelings, beliefs that stop you from creating the life you desire and the life the Divine desires for you. It will remove lower natures such as doubts that keep you from the higher path. It will remove attachments that keep you recreating the same past mistakes. It will free you from fears of the unknown, change, risk taking and or simply living as your Divine Self.

Emotional Body Activation – This activation will bring you profound inner peace, clear your connection to the Divine Self’s guidance, bring you freedom from fear, worry and doubt so that you can live happy, joyful and free. You will feel fresh and light as emotional upsets will become rare. It will deepen your emotional and intimate connection with your Divine Self so that you have a greater understanding of who you are really, why you are here and what you came to the Earth plane to do. Situations that used to feel challenging will no longer be stressful. The old programming will be replaced with new expansive thoughts and choices.

Spiritual Body Clearing – This clearing will help to release things that are keeping you stuck in your life path. It will release anything that drains your energy or robs you of your serenity. It will remove any lesser energies holding you back. It will heal any cause of circumstances in your life which are negative so that you do not recreate things that serve as blocks on your path.

Spiritual Body Activation – This will allow you to move upward and onward on your path of purpose and life. It will bring you strength, courage and power. It will rejuvenate you, bringing you feelings of peace, serenity, harmony, unity, power and connectedness to All. It will aid you so that you can identify the work which is in alignment with your soul’s purpose and establish a strong connection with your Wise Inner Advisor.

Physical Body Clearing – This clearing will get rid of stress which is creating physical disease in your body. It will heal the body, free you of pain.

Physical Body Activation – This will activate your higher, wiser self into your body. Create an energetic seal that you do not store pain in your body.



Sacred Source Vibration – Value £15 / $19 / R322

Sacred Source Vibration Empowerment is a high energy system that connects you to Sacred Source Energy for healing, renewal and cleansing.

The energies of this system were gifted to me recently when I was feeling a little flat and worn out. The energies immediately lifted my vibration and flooded through me, helping dissolve all negative energies and filling me with renewed vitality and a deep connection to Source. I could feel Source energy vibrating through my whole Being, every part of me immersed in this powerful wave of pure love and light.

When the energies are activated the flow of energy from Source moves through all your energy fields and layers. The energy flows down through all your chakras and out through your earth star chakra, leaving you feeling completely refreshed and rejuvenated. Sacred Source Vibration dissolves any negative, stagnant energies, attachments and blocks that it encounters along the way and pushes them through and out to Gaia for her to transmute them to light.

Uses of System
Sacred Source Vibration can be activated;
-when you feel worn out (physically, emotionally or spiritually)
-when there are low energies present
-to energize and lift your vibration
-to renew your energies
-to rejuvenate, refresh and stimulate
-to re-connect with Source energy
-to cleanse all energy fields and chakras
-to remove negative, stagnant energies
-when self-healing, doing meditation
-before healing others to lift and super charge your vibration to help you be a strong conduit for Source energy.

Spiritual Purification and Transmutation – Value £31 / $40 / R662

The Spiritual Transmutation and Purification Activation is designed to help us keep the energy robbers away from us, to shield and protect, to cut, severe, and seal the cords attaching us to them and the spiritual transmutation and purification needed to restore overall health and well-being.

Please note: The energy changes resulting will only be ones that are aligned with our highest and best good.

The energy of this form will release the negative energy and fears we are holding within our four bodies. By removing fears and negative thinking, we will receive the needed boost to self-confidence and courage so that we are no longer vulnerable to these attacks. The energy will protect us from future attacks by enveloping us in the Divine Love and Light which will stream down from the Heavens. As the energy of this form works on us it will release all negative emotions and transmute them into light. As a result, internal peace is restored.

The Spiritual Transmutation and Purification Activation energy works to transmute negative energy by turning it into light which causes us to vibrate to a higher energy pattern, releasing more spiritual energy into our bodies. It has the ability to transform fear into courage, anxiety into peace and hatred into love. It re-establishes harmony and balance. It will resolve and heal the underlying reasons we were susceptible to cording in the first place.

The energy in action, transmutes denser feelings, actions, deeds, and thoughts. As well this form will help prepare us for our Ascension, which means becoming a Divine Human, also known as a Christed Being – This level of Consciousness obtainable by any person who strives to embody their spiritual self fully within their physical self. Our consciousness will be cleansed, cleared and purified and realigned with Divine Consciousness relieving any mental confusion or feelings of separateness.

This modality works with all four bodies to realign our energies with that of our Divine Self, and in remembering who and what we are, we can live a fully-empowered and joy-filled life.

Angel Journey Activations – Value £27 / $35 / R579

We all have a team of Angels and Archangels who know precisely what is divinely right for us at all times in our lives. They are Messengers of Spirit and can suggest the right steps for us in order that we might have all the desires of our hearts.

The purpose of the Angel Journey Activation program is to connect you with your Angels so that you can stop feeling stuck in any of your life and experience the unconditional love, compassion and peace and clarity they offer.

The energy of the Angel Journey Activations will bring you confidence in your ability to master your life purpose and plan and achieve success in all areas of your life with the loving and wise support of your team of Angels. Your Angels guide you and are with you through each stage of your journey. Through working with these energies regularly you will develop greater trust and connection with your Angels.

The Angels want you to call upon them as they want to help you, to work with you and guide you on your path. There is no limit to what the Angels can help you with in your life. The activations will remove any blocks, impediments and or ways that you may be limiting the divine guidance they provide to you.

You will instantly experience an energy shift that will help you to get the highest results possible in all areas of your life and path. You will be connected with your angels that want to help you on your great journey so that you do not feel alone and realize that there are answers available to you at this moment and in each moment.

The energy of this system will help you to receive validations and confirmations from your angels about all your actions and decisions as you embark upon your daily path. The energy will enable you to realize divine inspirations that bring you successful outcomes in your life.

These activations will connect you more deeply with your angels so that you can experience direct communication and communion with the Angels. Further, you will have an opportunity to feel the pure love and joy of their presence within you and all around you.

You will experience an increased ability to trust your inner knowing. You will know your true divine self and open to its love for you.

There are seven activations included in this healing system. They are listed below.


Angelic Communication Activation – This activation serves to empower your ability to have clear communication with the Angels so that you can use the immense help, wisdom, guidance and support that is available to you always.

Angelic Vibration Activation – This activation will raise your vibrations to the Higher Angelic Frequency so that you can access the clear and positive state needed to connect to your Angels. It will change the energy vibration in your environment so that you experience the benefits of a positive atmosphere which is conducive to inviting the Angels to communicate with you.

Spiritual Gifts Activation – This activation will awaken your innate spiritual gifts, as well as help you finely tune and develop your gifts so that you receive the clearest messages possible from your Angels. Through the activation your sixth senses will be built up in such a way that you are able to communicate with the Angels on your own terms. This will allow you to receive direct messages from your Angels for insight, inspiration, and solutions to challenges you may be experiencing. Clairvoyance will be enhanced so that you can create miracles and manifest a brighter future. Prophetic gifts will be heightened so you can glimpse into the future and open to the unlimited possibilities that are all around you. Clairaudience will be raised to a higher ability so that you can clearly hear messages from the Angelic Kingdom.

Heart Radiance Activation – This activation will awaken your heart center. This is a beautiful, heart opening which takes you into the Angelic Kingdom of love so that you can emit the beautiful Angelic Light within that touches all life around you with the healing energy of Angelic Love. The energy will touch your heart center in such a way that all that is of good, of the Angelic Realms, blossoms from within you. As you experience the energy of the Angels in your heart center you will experience a new level of compassion and unconditional love for self and others. The light within your heart center will grow larger circling into the Angelic Kingdom creating harmony between you and All that is.

Unconditional Love Activation – This activation will reawaken your innate ability to give and receive unconditional love so that you can open to the Angels letting in the love, joy and guidance that the Angels provide to you. This will enable you to receive the love of the Angelic Kingdom which will help to fill your life with joy and great passion. This activation will replace any false beliefs you have about your deservingness to have angelic assistance. These false beliefs will be replaced by a knowing that you are worthy of Angelic assistance.

Emerging Light Activation – This activation will increase the love in your field of energy and all around you. The Angelic Light within you will emerge from the center of your being so that you can know your true divine self and open its love within you.

Archangel Activation – This activation will enhance your connection to the Archangels.


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