Animals as Healers and Teachers: Lessons Our Pets Can Teach Us



Course written by Dr Emma Bisschoff

Prerequisites: None required.

This course is open to anyone with an interest in animals and their relationship with humans.

Our animal companions can help us connect with something beyond our human experience, inspiring us to believe in a greater force at play.

Have you ever pondered why a certain dog, cat, or other domesticated animal captures your heart and attention? Perhaps you’ve experienced the feeling that the animal found you just as much as you found them. Or maybe you have noticed how your furry friend seems to understand when you are upset, shares in your happiness, or even exhibits health issues similar to your own.

These animals we share our lives with are not merely our companions, but also our mentors. As creatures that live in the present moment, animals serve as mirrors, reflecting our emotional, mental, physical, energetic  and Spiritual states.

Our animal companions are deeply connected to us and their surroundings, able to sense whether we feel safe in the world, harbor self-doubt, or struggle to find love and care in our lives. In fact, animals often possess a greater understanding of these aspects of our being than we do ourselves. Armed with this knowledge, they may alter their behavior in ways that positively or negatively impact us, pushing us to confront our negative feelings and ultimately enriching our lives beyond what we ever imagined possible.

Through my teachings as an animal communicator, I have learned that animals are acting as our therapists, our trainers, our mentors and our teachers, guiding and sometimes pushing) us to take leaps in order to move to the next step in our own evolution. Want to stand up to your tyrant mother? Look to your aggressive dog. Want to find love? Pay attention to the anxious squirrel in your backyard. Is your job sucking the life out of you? Check out what your sick horse is showing you. Yes, it may sound crazy, but our animals are giving us the answers – very single day. Incredibly, this phenomenon isn’t just for people who have “exceptional” animals. It occurs with all animals, from mice to camels to dogs to elephants to any animal you can name. Isn’t it exciting to think about finding a way to tap into the wisdom, intuition, an d growth that animals have been offering humans for thou- sands of years?  This course is about what the animals are communicating to us through their behaviors and through the feelings and emotions they evoke in us.

Sigh like the wind, open your arms and your heart, and all creatures will hum to you, answering your questions about them and the nature of the Universe. You will learn that all of us have our deepest natures – the universal truths and the essence of Spirit – in common. We can learn from the smallest microbe to the largest whale. While we each may be very different in form and function in the whole ecosystem, we all are intelligent, perceptive, and uniquely vital to and part of the same Divine Spirit.

Module 1


Module 2

How animals arrive in our lives

How our animals reflect us


Producing new emotions


How did you meet your animal?

Module 3

Animals as conscious beings

Module 4

Open your heart

Engaging the heart

Hearts beat in synch

Module 5


Re-create once upon a time

Module 6

Communicating with animals

See all animals as equal

Trust in your intuitive ability

Slowing down the mind with meditation

Enjoy the discovery of how to receive communications

See from your animal’s point of view

Mean what you say

Listen carefully

Let go

Place a long-distance call

Be patient

Audio:       Animal Communication – is it real?

Module 7

Reasons to communicate

Stress relief

Listening skills


More creativity

Build trust in yourself


Learn to go with the flow

Nurture your inner child

Experience Oneness

The only question is, are we ready to learn?

How do you learn?

Module 8

Animals emotions

Animals have the same emotions humans have

Module 9

Animals and Past lives

Will I know my animal?

Mutual agreement at the soul level

Trusting the signs

Re-incarnating is not cloning

Re-incarnation is a new beginning

Getting re-incarnation information from your animal

Audio:       Past Lives

Module 10

The deeper spiritual purpose of pets

Pets bring healing

How do pets heal us?

Module 11

Animals as natural healers






Animals with incredible healing powers

Audio:       Animals as natural therapy

Module 12

Mood-boosting power of dogs

How can dogs help you cope with anxiety, depression and stress?

Studies have found that ..

How dogs can help you make healthy lifestyle changes

Health benefits for older adults

Help you find meaning and joy in your life

Staying connected

Boosting vitality

Dogs and adults with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia

Health benefits for children

Children with learning disorders and challenges

Getting the dog that is right for you

Deciding on the qualities you want in a dog

Where to find the perfect dog

Shelter and rescue dogs

Alternatives to dog ownership

Module 13

How animals reflect us


Positive, neutral, negative

Why animals mirror

Negative teachers


Indirect mirroring

How mirroring works

Physical mirroring

Mirroring thoughts and beliefs

Emotional mirroring

Mirroring spiritual issues

Cleaning the mirror

Audio:       Mirroring

Module 14

How animals heal and teach us

They teach us to live in the moment

They help us find our power and freedom

They teach us how to be in balance and at peace

They teach us how to understand and accept death

They teach us about health and how to create good health

They teach us to love unconditionally

They teach us how to be in tune with our own intuition

Place of peace

Some keys to inner stillness

Welcoming a moment of peace

Audio:       What do animals teach us?

Module 15

Lessons from animals

Open your heart

Heart focused

Engaging the heart

To be loved

Module 16

How do animal lessons work?

The how

The what

The work-arounds

Animals are touching your life

Module 17

Determine how your animal is helping you

Choose the best animal to work with

Identify how this animal is working with you

Module 18

Connecting with your animal’s frequency

The animal kingdom

Animal frequency

Universal frequency

Module 19

Animal totems

Tips for knowing your animal totem

Module 20

Energies of dog





Assists with


Module 21

Energies of cat





Assists with


Module 22

Energies of horse





Assists with


Module 23

Animal Spirit Guides

What is the difference between a Spirit animal and a Power animal?

Spirit animal definition

Power animals

How to find your Spirit animal

Ways to look for your Spirit animal

How to find your Spirit animal through meditation

What to do once you have found your Spirit animal

Spirit animal questionnaire

Audio:       Animal Spirit Guide Meditation

Module 24

Guides and their meanings


Module 25

Dream Animals

Interpreting animals in dreams

Common animals in dreams and their meanings

Module 26

Switch off to tune in

Let go of an agenda and set your intention


Animal Light Communication (value $16 / R222)

Animal Light Communication Reiki was channeled and founded by Sandra Kluge.

In the manual to accompany the attunement she explains, “Because children have a very healthy empathy and are able to empathize with animals, they are tightly connected with them. So it may happen that they “translate” the “animally” messages for us adults. But often we don’t take them serious and even laugh it away, so that children often decide to forget these experiences and won’t trust their own senses. And after a while, they lose their gift…
But it’s true – Anyone of us can be a channel for the language of animals. We just have to re-open it.

When we have (re-)opened the channel within us and built up the communication ability we will be able to experience and learn much more of the animal(s) and we will have much more to share with them.

On a physical or material level animals communicate with gestures, mimic and – e.g. dogs, cats, birds – with the voice. On an energetic level they communicate in a telepathic way in whole sentences, pictures, colors and emotions. It depends on the plane that we communicate with them. They converge to our plane of sending messages.

I called this modality “animal light communication” because the channel that is opened for communication during this attunement is on an energetic plane – in light.

Spiritual Animal Ascension Reiki (value $16 / R222)

This Is a beautiful healing system for anyone working with animals and those that love them. It was originally channeled by Linda Colibert.

The Spiritual Animal Ascension attunement connects you to Spirit, strengthens your abilities in animal communication and understanding, and works to help you with ascension in the area of animals and nature.

This attunement also helps with healing both yourself and animals. Spiritual Animal Ascension Reiki helps animals to cross over when it is time, and helps yourself and others to accept, understand, and cope with the loss of beloved animals.

The energies are loving and compassionate and help to ease this transition for the highest good.


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