Scrying: Techniques and Methods for Divination and Uncovering Hidden Knowledge



We all have questions about our lives. Everyone wants to learn more about their goals, careers, families, health, money, and travel. We all have problems and concerns and want information about matters that are going on in our lives in advance. This is why scrying is just as popular today as it ever has been. Scrying can be used to predict future events or discovering hidden knowledge using a variety of techniques. There are many types of scrying – I cover a few in this course.

If scrying is new to you, I am hoping this course will open your mind to a practice that has existed throughout human civilization and is still hugely popular today. I also hope you will find some methods of scrying that appeal to you, and in most cases I provide enough information to get you started.

I hope this course also appeals to people who are already involved in one or more methods of scrying. It is always helpful to have other methods to use in different situations. In addition, as you learn about a technique you are not already familiar with, you may find information that will prove helpful in the type of scrying you currently perform. You might even find a method that will become as useful to you as the techniques you use now. Even if you have no interest in performing scrying for others, I hope you will enjoy learning about the different methods people have used when attempting to part the veil and glimpse into the future.


Module 1


Module 2

What is Scrying?

Audio:       How to scry meditation

Module 3

History of Scrying

Module 4

The Clairs






Module 5

Sacred space

The importance of sacred space and how to create one

A window




Plants and Herbs

Essential oils

Tarot or oracle decks

Representation of the four elements

Sacred possessions

Module 6

Different types of scrying

Module 7

Using a crystal ball

History of crystal balls

Celtic origin

Middle ages

Use of crystal balls by Royal counselors

The modern scryer

Scrying objects


How to scry with your crystal ball

Module 8

Candle scrying

What you need



Candle color meanings

Meaning of symbols or shapes

Module 9

History of hydromancy

Famous hydromancers


Other methods to try


Module 10

Automatic writing

Can anyone do automatic writing?

How to do automatic writing

Connect with Spirit

Raise your vibration

Record the messages

What if you do not get anything?

Ending the session

Module 11

Fire scrying

Setting the stage

Begin your scrying

Wrapping things up

Module 12

Mirror scrying

The mirror itself

Cleansing the mirror

Setting up

Some things you will notice

How to make your own scrying mirror

Module 13

Oil scrying

Module 14

Cloud scrying

How to see the future in the clouds

Hidden spiritual meaning behind clouds

Module 15

Pendulum scrying

Connecting with your scrying pendulum

What can a pendulum be made of?

How do I select or make a pendulum?

What can I use my pendulum for?

How do I program and test my pendulum?

How do I cleanse my pendulum?

How do I use charts with my pendulum?

Other tips on using your pendulum

Pitfalls to look out for

Selecting your pendulum

Get grounded and centered

When you begin

Priority, appropriate or tolerate

Phrasing questions

I’m getting wonky answers

Simple fixes

What is a crystal pendulum used for?

Video:       Scrying with a pendulum

Module 16

Past life scrying

Mirror scrying for past lives

Smells, tastes, feelings, sensations, visions and sounds

Module 17

Tea leaf scrying

What is tea leaf scrying?

What you will need

How to perform a reading

Create your canvas

What you see

Understand the timeline

Form your reading

Helpful reading tips

Module 18

Shell scrying

Seashells have their own magical energy

Different voices

Audio:       Clairaudience for shell scrying

Module 19

Images you see while scrying – what do they mean?

List of symbols

Module 20

Herbs and scrying

Scrying with chopped herbs

To use this technique

Module 21


I see images but they do not make sense to me

I see things but they are frightening or disturbing

I fall asleep while scrying

Module 22

Psychic protection

How to protect yourself during scrying

Module 23

In closing


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