Shamanic Mystery Schools



Course release date: 3 October 2023



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67 PDF – Over 1100 pages

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Art of Bone – Tibetan Bon

Living with Animals – Ojibwe Shamanism

Sacred Drums of Siberia

Ojibwe Four Directions Teachings

Sacred Hoop Magazine Issue 81

The Shaman – Ayahuasca Journeys to Sacred Realms (Sample)

Attunements valued at over $170 / R3 217

Embark on a transformative journey that will immerse you in the traditions of 12 diverse Shamanic cultures from around the globe. Delve deep into their rich cultural tapestries, participate in their sacred rituals and embrace the profound meditative practices that have been passed down through generations.

My heartfelt aspiration for you throughout this course is not only to provide you with a comprehensive exploration of these Shamanic traditions but also to see you emerge from it profoundly enriched. As you progress through this immersive experience, my hope is that you will acquire a treasure trove of invaluable tools that can illuminate your life’s path and elevate your Spiritual vibration. This course is an invitation to discover the wisdom of ancient cultures, to expand your consciousness and ultimately, to embark on a personal journey of growth and enlightenment – Emma x

In the stillness of your deepest meditation, beneath the noise of daily life and the whispers of the wind, there lies a rhythm – The Universal Drumbeat. It is the primordial pulse of existence, a heartbeat that echoes through the vast stretches of the Universe and resonates in the intimate chambers of your own Soul. It is the sound of life itself, reverberating from the core of the Earth to the farthest stars in the celestial dance.

Unity in Diversity: The Dance of Spirit and Matter

Though Shamanic traditions may vary across cultures, landscapes and epochs, this Universal Drumbeat unites them all. It is the rhythmic connection that bridges the gap between Spirit and matter, Heaven and Earth. Each tradition is a unique dance step, yet all are choreographed to the beat of the same Cosmic Drum. Whether it is the didgeridoo of the Australian Aborigines, the djembe of West African tribes or the drum circles of Native Americans, the foundational rhythm remains the same – a Dance of Spirit and matter in harmonious sync.

The Drumbeat Within You

This Universal Drumbeat is not something “out there”; it resides within you, in the temple of your body and the sanctuary of your Soul. Your heartbeat is a microcosm of this Universal rhythm, your breath a sacred cycle of inhalation and exhalation that mirrors the cosmic ebb and flow. When you align your inner rhythms with this Universal Drumbeat, you become a conscious participant in the grand orchestra of existence.

The Sacred Conductor: Your Intuition

Your intuition serves as the Sacred Conductor, guiding you through the various movements of this Cosmic Symphony. Listen closely, and you will hear the whispers of wisdom instructing you when to pause, when to leap and when to blend your beat with the rhythms around you. Trust this innate guidance; it is the voice of your Spirit in harmony with the Divine.

A Spiritual Invitation

So here you stand on the threshold of an awe-inspiring journey. It is an invitation to join the collective circle, to add your unique rhythm to the Universal Drumbeat. Through rituals, meditations and Soul-exploring exercises, you will learn to attune yourself to this Cosmic pulse, navigating your life’s journey with the wisdom of ages and the guidance of the Spirit.

A Symphony Awaits: Your Role in the Greater Whole

As you prepare to embark on this journey, remember that you are not merely a spectator, but an essential musician in a grand Symphony of Souls. Your rhythm adds a unique tone, a singular beat that enriches the Universal Song. So, with your drum in hand and your Soul wide open, let’s begin this rhythmic journey of unity, diversity and Divine connection. And so, it is.

I am not listing what is inside each module as this course outline is already 19 pages long – if I list everything it will be over 100 pages😊

Module 1


Shamanic Mystery Schools – A Soul’s Journey Across Global Traditions

Key Elements of Shamanic Mystery Schools

Initiation and Mastery

Ancestral Wisdom and Lineages

Sacred Tools and Symbols

Connection with Nature

Emotional and Spiritual Resonance

Multi-layered Teachings

Personal Journeys


Module 2

The Universal Drumbeat

The Primordial Pulse

Unity in Diversity: The Dance of Spirit and Matter

The Drumbeat Within You

The Sacred Conductor: Your Intuition

A Spiritual Invitation

A Symphony Awaits: Your Role in the Greater Whole


Module 3

Part I – The Ancient Americas – Whispers from the Earth and Sky


Module 4

Ojibwe (Anishinaabe) Shamanism – A Sacred Odyssey Through the Forests of Spiritual Wisdom


Module 4.1

Elemental Offerings


Module 4.2

Celestial Alignment


Module 4.3

Medicine Wheel


Module 4.4

Totem Animals


Module 4.5

The Dance of the Drum


Module 4.6

The Gifts of the Seven Grandfathers


Module 5

Amazonian Shamanism – The Alchemy of the Soul – Journeying with Amazonian Shamans Through the Sacred Web of Life


Module 5.1

The Rituals


Module 5.2

Spiritual Toolbox


Module 5.3

The Mystical Power of Icaros


Module 5.4

The Sacred Brew Ayahuasca


Module 5.5

Vinaya Kaya – The Path of Harmonious Energies


Module 6

Part II – The Enchanting Whisper of the Mystic East


Module 7

The Tibetan Bon


Module 7.1    

The Chod Ceremony


Module 7,2

The Mandala of Existence – Sipe Gogpa


Module 7.3

Divination – Seeking Spiritual Insights and Guidance


Module 7.4

Sacred Chants and Mantras


Module 7.5

Mystical Phenomena – Tertöns and Hidden Treasures


Module 8

Korean Muism


Module 8.1

The Divine Conduit – Understanding the Role of Mudang in Korean Shamanism


Module 8.2

Ancestral Spirits and Divine Being


Module 8.3

Mountain Deities – Sanshin – Guardians of Stability and Wisdom


Module 8.4

Water Deities – River and Water Deities, Cheonggyecheon, Habaek and Yowang


Module 8.5

The Celestial Triad – Messengers and Protectors of the Animal Kingdom


Module 9

Part III – The Sacred African Traditions –


Module 10

Zulu Shamanism


Module 10.1

The Ancestral Web – Ukuphahla and Divine Connection


Module 10.2

The Language of Bones – Divination and Throwing the Bones


Module 10.3

Sacred Rhythms: The Drum, The Dance, The Transcendence


Module 10.4

Plant Spirit Medicine: Zulu Pharmacopoeia


Module 10.5

Healing Rituals: Ukuthwasa and Spiritual Awakening


Module 11

Dogon Shamanism


Module 11.1

Nommo: Ambassadors of Celestial Wisdom


Module 11.2

The Sirius Connection


Module 11.3

Masks and Rites: The Sacred Dance of Existence


Module 11.4

The Dama Ceremony: A Cosmic Bridge Between Worlds


Module 11.5

The Granary: The Universe in Miniature


Module 12

Part IV – The Luminous Tapestry – Celtic and Nordic Shamanism


Module 13

Celtic Wisdomkeepers – Harmonists of Land and Spirit


Module 13.1

Nature’s Symbology – Celtic Tree Calendar


Module 13.2

The Sacred Grove


Module 13.3

Stone Circles – Portals of Ancient Wisdom


Module 13.4

Awen – The Flow of Divine Inspiration


Module 13.5

Spiritual Crafting – Weaving the Ethereal Threads of Shamanic Druidry


Module 14

Exploring the Spiritual Realms of Norse Divinations


Module 14.1

Yggdrasil – The World Tree


Module 14.2

Seidr and Galdr


Module 14.3

Tuntre or Vårdträd (Ward Tree or Guardian Tree)


Module 14.4

The Elements in Norse Shamanism


Module 14.5

Spiritual Tools – The Runes


Module 15

Part V – Aboriginal Dreamtime and Māori Mysticism


Module 16

Aboriginal Dreamtime


Module 16.1

Totems – The Language of Spirit


Module 16.2

Sacred Sites – Portals to Other Realms


Module 16.3

The Wisdom of Elders


Module 16.4

The Shamanic Tools – The Symphony of Divine Artifacts


Module 16.5

The Eternal Melodies of the Earth – Aboriginal Songlines


Module 17

Māori Mysticism – Guardians of the Forest


Module 17.1

The Eternal Flame – Wairua as the Quintessence of Being


Module 17.2

The Symphony of Energies – Unveiling Manu and Tapu


Module 17.3

The Harmonic Resonance – Haka and Waiata as Sacred Language


Module 17.4

The Living Canvas – Tā Moko as a Spiritual Codex


Module 17.5

Whakairo as Spiritual Dialogue and Divine Narrative

Module 18

Part VI – Universal Shamanic Wisdom

The Cosmic Tapestry: Weaving Threads of Universal Shamanic Wisdom

The Web of Life: Interconnected Realities

Sacred Geometry: The Blueprint of Existence

Vibrational Frequencies: The Symphony of the Universe

Archetypes and Mythos: The Universal Stories

The Cosmic Cycles: Ebb and Flow of Energies

Shamanic Journeying: Voyages of the Soul

Ancestral Connections: The Timeless Wisdom


Module 19

Elemental Alchemy

Discovering the Elements – A Shamanic Exploration


Earth – The Ancestral Grounding – Embracing the Sacred Connection

Meditation 1: Embracing Earth’s Nurturing Heart

Meditation 2: The Living Entity of Earth

Meditation 3: Unearthing Wisdom and Ancestral Voices

Ritual 1: Earth Anchoring Ceremony

Ritual 2: Earth Gratitude Offering


Air – The Whispering Wisdom – Communing with the Ethereal

Meditation 1: The Breath of Life

Meditation 2: The Winds of Change

Meditation 3: The Dance of Air Elements

Ritual 1: The Sacred Breath Ceremony

Ritual 2: The Whispering Wind Offering


Fire – Igniting the Essence of Transformation

Meditation 1: The Eternal Flame of Transformation

Meditation 2: The Fiery Dance of Release

Meditation 3: Embers of Passion and Purpose

Ritual 1: The Sacred Fire Cleansing

Ritual 2: The Flame of Inspiration


Water – Embracing the Healing Flow

Meditation 1: The Pool of Tranquility

Meditation 2: The River of Life

Meditation 3: The Ocean of Abundance

Ritual 1: The Sacred Waters of Healing

Ritual 2: The Wellspring of Intentions


Spirit – The Unifying Essence – Embracing Divine Oneness

Meditation 1: The Breath of Unity

Meditation 2: The Circle of Light

Meditation 3: The Heart of Compassion

Ritual 1: The Sacred Web of Connection

Ritual 2: The Vortex of Spiritual Harmony


Experiential Exercises: Nurturing the Elemental Connection

Crafting Elemental Altars

Participating in Indigenous Rituals

Guided Meditations – Embarking on Elemental Journeys

Integrating the Wisdom

The Symphony of Oneness – Embracing the Cosmic Harmony


Module 20

Cosmic Cycles – The Influence of Celestial Bodies

Equinoxes: The Dance of Light and Dark

The Mirrored Soul

The Twin Pillars of Existence

The Sacred Pause

The Balance of Relationships

Energetic Equilibrium

Solstices: The Pause Between Breaths

The Breath of Light and Dark

The Seasons of the Soul

The Nectar of Stillness

The Altar of Reflection

Synchronizing with the Cosmic Clock

Planetary Alignments: The Orchestra of the Skies

The Melody of Emotion

The Rhythm of Thought

The Harmony of Spirit

The Conductor’s Baton

The Dance of Free Will and Fate





Module 21

Conclusion – The Eternal Circle Dance

The Ouroboros: The Symbol of Eternal Becoming

Spirals Within Spirals: Multi-Dimensional Growth

Dance Steps: The Rituals and Practices

The Dance Partners: You and the Universe

A Note on Eternity: Timelessness in the Temporal

Final Thoughts: The Breath Between Cycles




Vajrasattva Bronze Dragon – Value $10 / R180

Description from the founder, Stewart Farquharson: A ritual energy to remind us of True Self. In the far east they say each human has a pure Self. This is known as Vajrasattva. With this part of your being, you know the Universe, and love, and act and exist in the great healing flow of things.

I won’t call it your “Higher Self” because it is to your Higher Self as that is to you. It could be called your “True Self” or “Deep Self”.


Celtic Ogham Reiki – Value $60 / R1 135

Levels:  3

Symbols: 16

Prerequisite: None


Founder: Pamela Jordan

Celtic Ogham Reiki employs symbols derived from the Celtic ogham (the ancient alphabet used by the Druids). The Reiki energy mimics the frequency of various trees and plants so as to work in accordance with channeled and Celtic wisdom.

This unique style of Reiki beautifully combines the healing energy of Reiki with the ancient wisdom of the Celts and can be used for both healing purposes and goal manifestation. It contains a variety of new techniques based on Celtic ritual and diverse frequencies of energy, which offer the ability to tackle a range of everyday issues such as health, prosperity and finance, work, love and relationships.

The Celtic Reiki course will guide you through the various frequencies of energy, symbols and techniques that you can use to improve and enrich your life. Celtic philosophy and tradition is covered and incorporated into the treatments and goal manifestation techniques.

With its diverse range of treatment methods, Celtic Reiki can not only be used to treat health issues but can also assist your clients in manifesting their own goals. ~ Pamela Jordan

Trees are so interconnected with us as human beings and how we are able to live on the planet that we often seem to forget this essential link and take them for granted. In the same way we do not consciously think about breathing until it is brought to our attention, we often do not view trees as the vital components that they are until the fact is pointed out to us.

On a scientific level trees provide us with oxygen, remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, provide stability to the soil and a wonderful habitat for wildlife, insects and birds. On a spiritual basis trees are revered in many cultures, and their symbolism is often used to represent life itself.

They are believed to have their own characteristics and spirits which protect the village where they grow, and a tree will often be planted to celebrate a birth. Trees are believed to link us to higher realms, bridging the gap between mother earth and enlightened levels of consciousness. They are a great representation of how to live our lives by standing tall, changing effortlessly with the seasons, knowing that new growth will always come, and even dying with ease and grace. We also know that trees have an extensive root system connecting them underground, allowing wisdom and nutrients to be passed to those that our struggling, teaching us about community, care and supporting each member.

The Celts believed that trees had their own unique frequencies which, when introduced to our energy, infused their characteristics within us and assisted our own vibrations to rise. Perhaps this is why tree hugging has become so popular, and why it can make us feel so stable and grounded as we blend with the tree’s energy. This is the basis of Celtic reiki, a wonderful addition to any Usui reiki practice. Celtic reiki is a relatively new modality, with the energies first coming through between 1998 and 2000. The Celtic reiki energy is a strong, earthy energy which is brought up through our base chakra, mimicking the frequencies of the trees and elements of Gaia herself in order to create shifts and healing in our own energy.

The system of Celtic Reiki also utilizes Ogham symbols devised by the Celts in their sacred Druid alphabet, with different symbols representing the different trees. When placed in our energy, these symbols trigger the individual frequencies of the trees. The Ogham alphabet was a method of communication inscribed on stones and bits of wood and used by the Celts to hide secret messages. In this way the symbols taught throughout Celtic reiki help us not only link to the vibration of the trees, but also to the qualities infused within those trees. For example, the energy of the fir tree is used to clarify problems and issues that we may be struggling with, and the birch is used to increase motivation for a new project or process being developed. I have found the practice of Celtic reiki to be incredibly empowering, and of real benefit to us at this time when there are so many issues with the way that humans treat the earth. We need to understand and reinforce the interconnectedness that we have with our world, and to become in sync with the different elements if we are to survive.

Using Ogham sticks is also a way to allow the wisdom of the trees to guide us with a specific question that we may have, or in our lives generally. They are made from pieces of various trees, with the coinciding symbols engraved or burnt into the wood. When picked randomly whilst holding a question in our minds, the resulting symbols can provide us with guidance as to the outcome of a situation, or to an action that we need to take. In this way we can use them in a similar way to runes or angel cards. They are a great tool within any healer’s practice and I often use mine in conjunction with teaching Celtic reiki, as it helps students to feel and connect with the different trees. I would encourage you to develop your link with trees or a specific tree in your area. The phrase ‘Go hug a tree’ has so much more meaning and depth to it when the wisdom of the Celts is known and understood.

You will receive 3 manuals written by Pamela Jordan


Celtic Wisdom Energy System – Value $18 / R340

You will need to be an Usui Reiki Master to receive the Celtic Wisdom Energy attunement.

Founder: Steve Malcolm

This exciting energy system was chanelled and created to celebrate the energies from the Summer Solstice 2003. The 10 symbols forming the Celtic Wisdom Energy System were chanelled following a visit to Croft Moraig, a megalithic site comprised of three concentric stone circles near Aberfeldy in Perthshire, Scotland. Croft Moraig translates from Gaelic as the ‘Field of Mary’ and is believed to be situated on an energy ley-line alignment with the ‘Praying Hands of Mary’, a megalithic standing stone 15 miles away in Glenlyon.

The symbols stem from Celtic wisdom and are largely Goddess symbols in origin. This beautiful energy system is highly balancing and grounding and assists us in connecting with our true nature and place in the Universe. It will help release untapped potential, promote balance and tranquillity in our lives, and brings all those who are attuned to it the energy of unconditional love.

Levels:  1

Symbols: 10

Run Valdr – Value $55 / R1 040

Founder: Rodney Cox

By the Founder: Rún Valdr is an energetic magical system that shares some similar characteristics as Reiki. Rún Valdr is Old Norse for Rune Power or Authority. Rún Valdr is not Reki, but a completely separate energy system. It functions, in many ways, very differently from Reiki.

I will describe a new and wholly separate energy system that is similar to Reiki, but is not based on ancient Sanskrit or Tibetan teachings, but on the Norse Runes. This system is complete unto it self and does not rely in any way to other Reiki systems beyond cursory similarities in using the new symbols and in giving attunements. This system that I call Rún Valdr goes beyond what Reiki does in that the symbols and techniques can be used for more than healing. They can be used for magic as well including a way to easily and powerfully charge objects to create magical items, programmed to do whatever you desire.

Much of the material was revealed to me during mental journeys I took to meet with my Gods, Odin and Freyja. They gave me the symbols, their names and what they were for. Even though there are quite a few new symbols they have, curiously enough, an internal consistency. That is, they have a consistent look about them that indicates that they are not merely random symbols, but are part of a larger system. I wasn’t told to keep anything secret, so I’m revealing the whole system here. You still need an attunement to make it work, but feel free to experiment.

I’m as skeptical about so called “channeled” information as the next person, but I have found through extensive testing that these symbols work and work well. Test this system for yourself


Divine Source Medicine Mandala Empowerment – Value $14,99 – R283


Founder: Joanna Mullane

These beautiful Medicine Mandala empowerments act as activations for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. They work to purify and release you from any less than light energies, filling your Spirit with Divine White Light and then imprinting the Medicine of the particular Mandala you are being attuned to. This Medicine is not only within the image itself, it also presents itself in the form of Sacred Geometry for your spiritual growth and wellbeing. These energies are passed onto you by the Archangel Raphael, the Divine Healing Angel. His presence is a warm emerald green light that illuminates and clears your Aura to allow healing and love to flood your light bodies.


Green Trilogy – Value $34 – R643


Founder: Linda Colibert

Green Trilogy brings you healing, magick and joy. It attunes you to three aspects of Green Nature Energy.

There are three levels to this system.

Level one : Greenman

The Greenman energies are connected to Nature Devas. The Greenman is an Earth Spirit. This attunement helps with fertility, gardening, healing Mother Earth, prosperity, and joy.

Level two: Green Fairy

The Green Fairy is a Nature Fairy. The Green Fairies are magicakal and help with healing you, animals, and others as well as connecting you to the energies of youthfulness, happiness, and laughter.

Level Three: Power of the Green

This attunement connects you to the magickal energies of plants for healing, magick, love, and beauty.

Together, these three attunements make up the Green Trilogy. The energies of each level of this system can be used by itself or together.