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Sunshine Academy of Metaphysics & Natural Therapies is a family-run business. Gaynor and Lee-Anne are the daughters of Emma and have been blessed with an ancestral heritage of psychic abilities and healing gifts.

Sunshine Academy of Metaphysics was born out of the need for affordable and comprehensive metaphysical home study education.  We are constantly updating and also adding to our collection of courses.  We recognize each student as an individual and, as such, tailor payment options to suit your budget. We are dedicated to raising humanity’s consciousness through education. Toward that goal, we have aimed to create the highest quality education possible whilst keeping our tuition affordable.


Gaynor De Klerk

Principal & Course Creator

T/Dr Gaynor De Klerk was born with the gifts of mediumship and clairvoyance and has been communicating with her guides from a very young age.

Gaynor holds a Doctorate in Metaphysical Science and is also a qualified Herbalist, Aromatherapist, Reflexologist and Meridian Therapist, Massage Therapist, Reiki Master of various Reiki disciplines, Crystal Healer, Animal Communicator, Canine Ethologist, Past Life Regression Therapist, Munay Ki teacher (including the Rite of the Womb), Lightarian Attunement Facilitator, Ordained Metaphysical Minister, Shamanic Practitioner & Journeying Facilitator, Business Success Coach, NLP Trainer, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Nusta Karpay teacher, Parapsychologist, and Ufologist.

Registered with ANHA: T/Dr De Klerk G 000 11424/009.

Dr Emma Bisschoff (Abuela) is the Vice Principal of Sunshine Academy.  She grades all the assignments and liaises with our students. Emma holds a doctorate in Philosophy.

Emma has studied many different modalities and is still constantly studying new material. Emma loves creating new courses – to date she has created more than 85 courses which can be found in the shop area of the website.

In Emma’s own words:  “I truly believe that when we reach out with our hearts to others, miracles happen. I teach in a way that brings healing to many and gives them inspiration to find their own AWESOMENESS.

Emma has studied and teaches many different modalities, some of which are: Animal Healing & Communication, Munay-Ki, Rite of the Womb, Nustay Karpay, Ashati, Celestial Lightbody, Usui Reiki and various other Reiki system, Reiki of the Atlanteans, Dragon Energy, Rainbow Reiki (Reiki of the 7 Rays), Ancient Healing Systems, Herbalism, Essential Oils, Shamanism, Holistic Wellness, Lightarian, Animal Reiki, Clutter Clearing, Space Clearing, Energy Healing, Meditation, Mindfulness, Shamanic Soul Recovery, Shamanic Dreamweaving, Ho’oponopono, Chakra Healing, Hawaiian Healing, Egyptian Energies and Psychic Development to mention a few. She is also an Ordained Metaphysical Minister.

“A lover of life and people, I prefer to be seen as someone who may be trusted to be a fellow traveler for a while in the lives of those who are in dis-ease with their body, mind or soul until they are able to find themselves again and stand on their own feet on their own path.

Most of all, I am someone who wakes up every day and is thankful for the new opportunities each day brings.  My Higher self’s mission is loving service to the Divine and walking in the Light and empowering people to live their lives with integrity, listening to their own inner voice and teaching them skills where they can lift themselves up to their highest potential, and infusing them with joy, peace and clarity.

I don’t see life as a struggle, but rather as a journey through which fulfillment can be experienced. There is no situation where we cannot change our attitude or reaction to it. My philosophy is that anything we do is offering our gifts to the world for anyone who needs them.”

Emma is a certified Ketogenic Diet and Ketosis Life Coach, Therapeutic Art Life Coach, Diet & Nutrition Coach, Happiness Life Coach, Vegan Health Coach, Allowing your Success Life Coach, Forgiveness Coach, Law of Attraction Life Coach, Life Purpose Coach, Meditation Coach & Facilitator, Transformation Life Coach, Mindfulness Teacher, Yoga Life Coach, Yoga Nidra Facilitator, Self-esteem Elevation Coach for Adults, Accredited EFT/TFT Master Practitioner, Shamanic Life Coach, Spiritual Life Coach, Earth Angel Practitioner, Certified Business Coach, Clutter Clearing Coach, Elemental Space Clearing Coach, Professional Body Healing Coach, Shamanic Teacher and Practitioner (Mesa carrier) to name a few. Emma is still constantly studying to increase her knowledge. She has a thirst for reading and new knowledge.

Emma Bisschoff

Vice Principal, Student Liaison and Course Creator

Lee-Anne Brandt

Workshop Facilitator

Lee-Anne Brandt is the Cape Town representative of Sunshine Academy and is a crystal healer in that she not only facilitates healing through crystals, but she heals the crystals!!  This occurs naturally through interaction with the crystals. Lee-Anne is a Reiki Master, Crystal Healer and a Clairsentient Empath, registered with the Metaphysical Association of South Africa. She has developed an exciting method of combining both Reiki and Crystals into a unique healing modality. Lee-Anne was chosen by her first crystal at aged 8, at around which time she discovered her healing abilities. From early childhood Lee-Anne has been in regular contact with other-worldly beings. The next few years were spent in denial before a cosmic awakening in 2009 shifted her spirituality and allowed her to realise her origins and purpose.

Lee-Anne runs crystal workshops for newbies to the sparkly path in Cape Town, as well as Crystal Practitioner, Munay Ki and Reiki Levels 1 to Advanced workshops. Lee-Anne has been an integral part of the development of the Crystal Reflexology Course.  Lee-Anne also does Lithomancy readings (crystal divining) and photo readings. When she is not waving her wands around or working with her stones, she spends time with her family in Cape Town.

Code of Ethics

Search for yourself, by yourself. Do not allow  others to make your path for you. It is your road, and yours alone. Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.

Be truthful at all times. Honesty is the test of one’s will within this universe. Keep yourself balanced. Your Mental self, Spiritual self, Emotional self, and Physical self – all need to be strong, pure and healthy. Work out the body to strengthen the mind. Grow rich in spirit to cure emotional ails.

Make conscious decisions as to who you will be and how you will react. Be responsible for your own actions. 

Be true to yourself first. You cannot nurture and help others if you cannot nurture and help yourself first.


Our Amazing Students

The Backbone of Our Organization

We couldn’t do half of what we do here if it wasn’t for our awesome students. Thank you for choosing us to accompany you on this leg of your journey and for all your words of inspiration and appreciation.  Most of all, thank you for taking the time to invest in yourself, your soul and your future. Without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today.



I must compliment you in saying how efficient you are with everything. I do enjoy it when a person delivers on their word and so far you have done so exceeding my expectations and quite honestly I am so glad that you have. I had a lot of preconceived (yes, stereotypical) ideas of what to expect enrolling on a non-secular course, but you have proven to be proactive and professional in your communications and reliable in your word, so I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that, for making a positive impression from the start and following through. My entry to this journey thus far has been a pleasant experience … and part of that experience has been so pleasant because of your efficiency and energy -C Liebenberg

Always an absolute pleasure to interact with, very helpful, and most proficient in what they do. Definitely a five star rating – C Gordon

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We are internationally registered with and accredited by The Complementary Medical Association, as well as the American Council of Holistic Healers, International Metaphysical Practitioners Association and the World Metaphysics Association, hold professional membership in the Reiki Healing Association and International Natural Healer’s Association and are registered with the Guided Meditation Therapy Institute UK, and the Advanced Life Coaching Institute UK.