An attunement / empowerment / flush is a wonderful way to give yourself healing and to enable you to grow spiritually. It is my belief and that of many others, that receiving an attunement is a faster way to heal or clear yourself than just enjoying a healing session from a healer. They enable us to enhance and accelerate our spiritual development at a rate we are unable to achieve on our own.

Cosmic Healing

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We are all made up of energy and it flows through us (life force). We can’t necessarily see energy, but we all know it’s there! The energy that flows through the teacher goes to the person receiving the attunement. Whether you are in the same room (or even country) does not matter one bit! Without going in to loads of detail on energy, I just wanted to assure you that distance attunements work wonders.

Attunements can be received via distance (remote) or by appointment, which is at a mutually convenient time arranged by both the receiver and giver, who will both be in a meditative, relaxed state at the time of the attunement, and set their intentions to send / receive the attunement. There is no difference in the quality of attunements either way. I have received a lot of attunements via distance and also in “real time” and have found that they work perfectly either way! I do enjoy receiving distance attunements as I am in the comfort of my own home and can then rest easily afterwards.

Attunements DO NOT come from the person who is giving them. This person is just a channel, just like in Reiki. They come from the universal source. This is basically Spirit or whatever you believe is the highest power. The person who is sending the attunement is the channel through which the attunement flows to the receiver.

An attunement may be experienced in many different ways as it depends on what the receiver needs at that point in time.  An attunement can produce feelings of happiness, peace, mild tingling, warmth, coolness, feel like a flow of energy or all of these! You may also see colours, light and/or patterns and even hear Spirit. I have experienced all these things and no attunement is ever the same.

Most people feel relaxed after an attunement as it is like a meditation.  You may also feel tired, but equally you may feel full of energy.

Any form of healing may stir up emotions as part of the healing process and some people experience what is known as a healing reaction, such as headache or flu-like symptoms, which are normally of short duration. These normally start to occur the next day or a few days after an attunement, but only if you have some major clearing needing to happen.

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Single Attunement Systems


Abundance & Manifestation Package 


Journey to the Divine Self Activation


White Light Self-Empowerments


Crystals & Herbs Attunement Package


Healer’s Attunement Package


Children’s Attunement Package


Animal Healing Package


Animal Medicine Empowerments


Dolphins & Whales Attunement Package


Colours & Sapphires of Angels 


Angels & Archangels Package


Angel Lightworker Program


Ascended Masters Package


Ascension & Manifestation Lightwork Package


Ascension Consciousness


Cosmic Consciousness Package


Celestial Activations Attunement Package


Celestial Encodings


Atlantis & Lemuria Attunement Package


Egyptian Energies Attunement Package


Egyptian Cartouche Mastery Package


Hawaiian Kahuna Attunement Package


Goddess Attunement Package


Love & Soulmate Empowerments


Tantra & Romance Package


Magic & Fairies


Magickal Fairy Lightworker Program


Dragon Spirit Energies Package


Order of the Golden Dragon 1 – 3


Psychic Protection & Development


Subtle Energies Attunement Package


Magickal Lightworker Programs (All)


Magickal Lightworker Program


Magickal Crystal Lightworker Program


Magickal Shaman Lightworker Program


Shamanic Empowerments & Initiations


Lightarian Purification Rings


Lightarian Reiki


Lightarian Clearing Attunements


Lightarian Ascension Bands


Lightarian AngelLinks Attunements


Lightarian Clearings


Celestial Lightbody Activation


Celestial Chakra Activation 1 & 2


Celestial Starseed Activation



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