Atlantis & Lemuria Package 2



Lemuria was an ancient civilization which existed prior to and during the time of Atlantis. Physically, it is believed that Lemuria existed largely in the Southern Pacific, between North America and Asia/Australia. Lemuria is also sometimes referred to as Mu, or the Motherland (of Mu). At its peak of civilization, the Lemurian people were both highly evolved and very spiritual. While concrete physical evidence of this ancient continent may be difficult to find, many people “know” that they have a strong connection to Lemuria.

Because Lemuria and Atlantis are often spoken of together, many people have mistakenly assumed that they must have been more or less the same thing. But this is not the case. Lemuria was the huge Pacific continent and Atlantis the huge Atlantic continent.

Lemuria and its diverse people preceded Atlantis and were destroyed by volcanic eruptions and the sinking of their land while Atlantis was still in its infancy as a civilization.

Includes the following manuals and attunements:

  1. Lemurian Crystal Baptism (55)
  2. Lemuria Gate to Infinity (55)
  3. White Ray Priesthood High Vibrational Energy System of New Age (55)
  4. The Pyramid of Infinity (55)
  5. Lemurian Cluster Crystal Dragon (300)
  6. Diamond Satmun-Antha Activation (300)
  7. Diamond Anthakarana- Autmun Activation (300)
  8. Luranis High Energy Activation 999 (135)
  9. Blue Star Alcyone (70)
  10. Amaru Meru (20)
  11. Atlantis Crystal Elixier (70)
  12. Rainbow Sequence Healing (100)
  13. Cosmic Rays DNA (300)
  14. Ascendency 999 (153)

Although there are only 13 attunements in this package, you will see that the price of each attunement ranges from high to very high ($55 to $300), therefore you are receiving $1,968 worth of attunements for only a fraction of the price, which is great value.

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