Lightarian Purification Rings



Through receiving the Purification Rings, you connect with the relevant seraphic group to assist with guidance, healing, protection and intervention when necessary.  The Purification Rings stimulate the removal of impurities stored within the physical body quickly, without the challenges often experienced while adjusting to higher vibrational frequencies as in the clearing rays and Lightarian clearings. The Purification Rings can be received for personal growth or to add to your Lightarian portfolio to act as a conduit and share the rings with others by registering with the Lightarian Institute via your Lightarian Reiki Master.

How do Purification Rings work?

Purification Rings can be received by anyone with no prerequisites, however it is strongly suggested that you receive the AngelLink attunements before becoming attuned to these rings so that you are energetically prepared for the seraphic energies.

Purification – Level 1

An etheric shepherds crook (hook) is instilled into your heart chakra space via an etheric blue flame, resulting in a feeling that urges you to express yourself more truly and your experiences of living will become more joyous and loving. The divine energies of Seraphim Y group (type of angels) participate during this attunement.

Purification Ring – Level 2

The Purification Ring – Level 2 attunement focuses on pure, clear communications and the interpretation of information you received through your five senses by placing a crystal skull into the crown chakra. Profound impacts may be found in your mental and emotional parts and ultimately your physical body as well by removing those negative parts that no longer serve us. The divine energies of Seraphim C group assist us in this attunement. A star energy assists in this attunement called Arinae, and is from a neighbouring galaxy allowing us to receive information in its purest form.

Purification Ring – Level 3

The Purification Ring – Level 3 attunement focuses on releasing the “hidden agendas ”and “stuff to work out” by removing the cloak present in your energy field, created through fear when entering humanity. By removing this cloak you will stand in love ,fully revealed and living in your truth. During the attunement process the Seraphim V group will instil a silver line through your crown chakra and downward where it will shadow your spine. This gift will enable you to strengthen your sense of self worth by moving away from others who choose to act for their own self-serving motivations.

Purification Ring – Level 4

In the Purification Ring – Level 4, the Seraphim Z Group step forward to assist you with removing grief stored in your physical being. Unresolved grief causes tiny holes within the soul which need to be healed before the soul can become whole again. During the attunement process the Seraphim Z group will instil a rainbow circle into your heart chakra. This rainbow circle represents wholeness and completeness.

Purification Ring – Level 5

Purification Ring – Level 5, focuses on the total understanding and practise the principals of intension as anchored in a state of pure bliss. When immersed in the blue flame, a person feels at ease, united with the flow of life, connected with Gaia (mother earth) and linked to surrounding energy. in this space a person is able to invoke their intensions. No codes or symbols are necessary.  During the Purification Ring – Level 5 attunement process the seraphim representatives will invoke the blue flame for you to stand in completely. The flame will start at your feet and rise over your entire energy field, including the crown chakra and upward to your oversoul, higher self and your higher aspects of self back to source.

Purification Ring – Level 6

In the Purification Ring – Level 6, the Seraphim K group assists you with learning how to accept and create the unexpected. It is natural to fear the unknown yet by rejecting the events that cannot be explained, you limit your ability to create the reality you wish. The purification ring level 6 focuses on manipulating natural forces and creating “magic” within your reality by connecting with the surrounding energy.  Seraphim K group install gold musical notes to your throat chakra.

Your distant attunements to the energies of the Lightarian Purification Rings will be sent to you at an appointed time and day that is convenient for the etheric connections to take place. As stated within the manuals, these attunements must be sent with a gap of 7 days between each one. This is a prerequisite that has been made by the Lightarian Institute


All manuals are now sent via e-mail. The price of this module includes the cost of manuals. Manuals now have a watermark on them with the Teacher registration number (using today’s exchange rate – this might differ a little at the time that you purchase). 


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