Animal Healing Attunement Package



Updated 8 April 2018 to include more attunements.  Includes the following manuals and attunements:

  • Angel Lightworker Program
  • Angels & Unicorn Reiki
  • Angels of the Earth Animal Healing
  • Animal Light Communication
  • Animal Path Healing
  • Animal Protection Reiki
  • Animal Protection of Goddess Artemis
  • Crossing Over Brigade
  • DNA Healing
  • Earthly Vibration Amplifier
  • Enchanted Staurolite Essence
  • Energetic Alignments 1 – 7
  • Healing Elements Lightwork
  • Healing Pet Anxiety
  • Healing Sun Reiki
  • Indigo Light Empowerment
  • Intuition Empowerment
  • Kuthumi Animal Healing Light
  • Nature Shaman Reiki
  • Power Animal Empowerment
  • Psychic Gifts Flush
  • Spirit Guide Journey
  • Spiritual Healing Attunement
  • Spiritual Animal Ascension Reiki
  • Star Healing – Animal Chakra Healing
  • Totem Reiki
  • Trauma Care

Click here for Animal Healing Package Attunement Descriptions

Note: This Animal Healing Attunement Package differs to the one offered with the Diploma and Degree courses.



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