Animal Meditations Package


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1.  Animal Meditation Master Empowerment

This system is a prerequisite for the individual Animal Meditations that are sold separately. Animal Meditation Master Empowerment is a shamanic energy attunement that gives you the master key to become one with individual animal species. This system connects you to universal source energy and your higher self for empowerment. By learning the techniques in this manual and connecting to the energy, you will be able to enhance empathy and Oneness with various animals. This system is the master key. All of the individual animal mediations will walk you through becoming one with each animal. In this Animal Meditation Master Empowerment you will be able to learn how to connect in a shamanic way for healing, and empowerment and to enhance your psychic abilities. This is a great system. It will open the doors to better understanding of animals and the wonderful spiritual energies and wisdom they offer us.

2  Wolf Animal Meditation Empowerment 
 This system connects you to the spirit of the Wolf and your higher self for empowerment, learning, and family relationships that are loving. The wolf lives in packs and all of the pack members contribute to the family. They all have a job to do. The alpha male and female are the only ones to breed normally which insures that the strongest genetics are carried to the next generation. The next female in line often watches and helps care for the pups, staying behind to help protect them while the mother hunts. All of the wolves in the pack care for and help each other for the benefit of the pack. There is a hierarchy that establishes each pack member’s place in the pack. The energies of the Wolf bring in learning, strength in family, intelligence, and protection. The Wolf is a beautiful animal that in highly instinctive and teaches us to open up to cooperation, love, and skills of career, survival, and more.
3. Yak Animal Meditation Empowerment
This attunement connects you to the spirit of the Yak and to your higher self for empowerment, healing, and abundance.
The Yak resembles the American Buffalo or Bison. It is a strong, powerful animal with a somewhat shaggy coat. It is often used as a pack animal and sometimes for food, or milk. The Yak is from Asia and is a herd animal that is a herbivore. The energies of the Yak bring in abundance, and strength.
4. Unicorn Animal Meditation Empowerment 
Unicorn Animal Meditation Empowerment connects you to the energy of Unicorns and to your higher self for healing and happiness. Unicorns are renowned for their healing power and energy. They are solitary and elusive, rarely running in herds, which helps them to be hidden from mankind. Only those with pure intentions will ever see a unicorn, as they are peaceful, and shy. This system helps you with healing, and empowers you to become more confident, creative, and happy.
5. Dolphin Animal Meditation Empowerment
The energy of this system connects you to the spirit of the Dolphin and your higher self for empowerment and healing. Dolphins are playful, and skilled hunters. They work together in pods, and they enhance intuition. They help to open up communications. Dolphins bring in joy, happiness, playfulness, and enhance psychic abilities. Dolphins are intelligent and loving. They are curious and love to play. 
6. Cougar Animal Meditation Empowerment 
This initiation connects you to the spirit of the puma for empowerment and healing. The energies of the cougar help you with patience as you work to successfully master a challenge or complete a task. The cougar brings you determination and the ability to do everything you do secretly. He gives you the power to track your progress and pursue your dreams. The puma is the largest cat in America. It is a beautiful and powerful animal that knows how to succeed and thrive. The energies of the cougar will increase your ability to grow and thrive in all circumstances. 
7. Dragon Animal Meditation Empowerment 
Dragon Animal Meditation Empowerment connects you to the spirit and energies of Dragons and also opens your higher self to work with the energies for empowerment and healing. Dragons are powerful, ancient, and mystical. Dragons are varied in their colors, energy, size, and power. They are intelligent and wise. Working with the energy of Dragons helps you with prosperity, healing, protection, and more.
8. Cockatiel Animal Meditation Empowerment 
 The Cockatiel is a wonderful bird that brings joy, song, sociality, and happiness. The Cockatiel is in the Cockatoo family and it is a very social bird, that can become nervous and unhappy if left alone for long periods of time. This is a beautiful comfort bird that truly loves to whistle in joy, and communicate. It is from Australia originally and often lives in flocks that eat seeds, nut, and some fruit. They are very entertaining and love all the attention you can give them. This system connects you to the energies and spirit of the Cockatiel and to your higher self for empowerment and happiness.
9. Giraffe Animal Meditation Empowerment
Prerequisite: Animal Meditation Master Empowerment. This system connects you to the spirit of the Giraffe and to your higher self for looking within, empowerment, and self discovery. The spirit of the Giraffe opens up your intuition and sixth sense. The Giraffe is the tallest animal on earth and is beautiful. Giraffes bring in the energy of farsightedness, being able to see the future, the outcome of things, and reaching for goals and achieving success. The Giraffe is a long necked, beautiful animal and is intelligent and protective
10. Macaw Animal Meditation Empowerment 
Macaws are beautiful parrots that come in a variety of colors. There are several types of Macaws, many of which are endangered. They are large and they eat mostly nuts, seeds, and fruit. They are from South America and they live in the tree tops and mate for life. The males hunt to feed the females while the eggs hatch and their dedication to each other is powerful. Macaws bring in the energies of family, love, beauty, and abundance. Using the Macaw Animal Meditation Empowerment connects you to the energy and power of the Macaw.
11. Horse Animal Meditation Empowerment 
This attunement connects you to the spirit of the Horse and to your higher self for safe travel, speed, telepathy, victory, and noble abundance. The horse has carried our weight, our packages, and is has a great noble sense of victory, winning, and competitions. The horse brings in a clearer sense of telepathy and improved speed in achievements. The Horse is beautiful, noble, and proud. 
12. Bear Animal Meditation Empowerment 
This initiation connects you to the spirit of the bear. Through this connection, you will gain access to energies that enhance your empowerment and bring success to your goals. The bear is a powerful animal that brings courage, strength, perseverance and opportunities. Bears are intelligent and protective for their young. Working with the energies of the bear can improve your ability to get through challenges and seek and find opportunities that surround you all to advance your success. The bear is a unique animal and its energy is very powerful.
13. Conure Animal Meditation Empowerment 
This system connects you to the spirit of the Conure and to your higher self for empowerment, laughter, and happiness. Conures are beautiful parrots of a small to medium size. They come in a variety of colors and are not only beautiful, but very intelligent birds. They are the tricksters of the bird species. They love to put on a show for attention, dancing, singing, and hanging upside down. These are some of the most beautiful and fun birds to have around. They are very entertaining. They enjoy company and should not be left alone, since they naturally live in large flocks and call out to each other whenever one separates from the flock. Conure energy brings in laughter, joy, happiness, and family love.


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