Dragon Spirit Energies Package – All 3 Parts



Dragons are effective and powerful spiritual protectors as well as teachers and healers. They are masters of the Earth elements, and through this they can help us to heal ourselves and others, understand Earth magic, remember the ancient mysteries, and to see through the illusions present in our modern lives.

When you think of Dragons do you get the visual of a fire breathing Dragon? The Dragon’s fire is a sacred spiritual tool which can serve to transmute negativity, and to ignite the alchemical fire within you. The Dragon’s fire has the ability to burn through the veil of illusion, and to transmute fear and density to reveal the underlying light and truth.

Illusion is often all that blocks us from creating blessings in our individual and collective experience, and with the Spiritual Dragons as allies, we can learn to see past illusion to reclaim our full power as spiritual beings here to create positive change in the physical.

The Spiritual Dragons are happy to help all those who call upon them with pure intentions, and while they’re incredibly powerful, they’re big on empowering you to take responsibility. They’ll also give you little tests to see if you’ve learned the pre-requisites before helping to open you to a new level. 

Do you have a dragon on your spiritual team? If so, they’re more than happy to share insight, wisdom and healing with you to empower you to grow spiritually, to make positive choices to improve your life, and to accomplish your purpose as a lightworker and spiritual being here on Earth.

In Celtic tradition:

The Fire Dragon is a symbol of transmutation, energy and mastery. If this is your power animal you will be lent enthusiasm, courage and vitality. Your inner fire will be fuelled. You will be helped to overcome obstacles. You will be given the qualities of leadership and mastery. The Fire Dragon can also be a strong protector.

The Air Dragon brings insight, inspiration and vitality. This power animal must be handled with the greatest of respect. Large flashes of illumination in intellect and psyche are possible. Insight and clarity will be given for all problems. As always – trust your inner voice.

The Earth Dragon brings potential, power and riches and you will be shown what you are capable of. With the Earth Dragon’s assistance, you may discover the beauty and power that lies within you; within us all. The Earth Dragon resides deep within the Earth and can aid you in grounding scattered energies. When you call on him for help, think of a slowly paced heavy dragon pulling himself toward you. Feel his weight surrounding you. He will nurture you like Mother Earth does.

The Water Dragon brings connection, depth and passion, and brings memories and wishes, perhaps long forgotten yet hidden, to the fore. By squaring up with painful past experiences, a sense of peace and balance can be achieved in our lives. The Water Dragon will give you the courage and compassion in this challenge.

Dragons as Guides

A Dragon guide represents a huge range of qualities, emotions, and traits. When Dragons come to us, it could mean many things.

The most common message a Dragon guide carries to us is a need for strength, courage, and fortitude. Dragons are also messengers of balance, and magic – encouraging us to tap into our psychic nature and see the world through the eyes of mystery and wonder.

The Dragon serves as a powerful guardian and guide. Encourage communication with your Dragon, and acknowledge your Dragon’s presence as often as possible.

A Dragon guide can also be a powerful ally in our daily effort to live our lives. When we call upon the amazing restorative and potent qualities of the Dragon, we are able to effectively live our lives with the honestly, courage, and strength of a peaceful warrior.

Utilizing the symbolic power of the dragon guide is an internal process cultivated by contemplating the attributes of the dragon we admire and meditating upon these.

We can also honor the dragon guide externally by little actions like including dragon imagery in our lives. It solidifies my connection with the magic the dragon offers.

Dragon color codex

Red Dragons

Red dragon characteristics are desire, passion, fire, rage. These dragons literally eat darkness, and transmute it to light. Intensity is only matched by the amount of fire these dragons wield.

Gold Dragons

The golden ray; the creative spark are aspects of gold dragons. They are the keepers of phi. They speak the language of the heart. Art and music are heralds to the council.

White Dragons

White dragons maintain the purity of the collective, the grace connection. They often are guardians. These dragons can also be channeled for healing. When they arrive to you it might seem more of a rainbow color for they are the perfect representation of light in prism form.

Blue Dragons

They are about consciousness, communication, and mental awareness. They are also intricately linked with what illusion is, how to see through it, and how to create it. There are many illusions on this plane, and the blue dragon can guide one through them. There insight into the etheric plane, and how it moves and works, because it is one of the primary realms for these dragons to do their mental work.

Orange/Yellow Dragons

The will is the color orange. These dragons bring in strength, confidence, and bravery. Fire dragons by nature, they move with quickness. They don’t inflate ego’s, they merely instil confidence. They will often have you in contest of strength of purpose and what it is that you shall will to be.

Brown Dragons

Brown dragons are about physicality, and all its properties. They are masters of physics, on all realities, from shaping matter (shape shifting), to gravity, and physical form. Sphere is a keyword to understanding the brown dragon.

Green Dragons

The green dragon is the planet dragon, or earth dragon. Material in a big sense, however green is the color of life in the big picture. Lessons of “the material”, are a big part of the way they teach. I would categorize the earth dragon among these qualities as well.

Yellow/Orange Dragons

Yellow dragons get knowledge and information transferred. They are linked to the subconscious (but aren’t that), and usually bring in the information that is needed from one side to the other.

Purple Dragons

The purple dragon, sometimes referred to as “the ancient one”, is the embodiment of the highest level of the dragon collective (the wisdom).  The purple dragon is many dragons. Once one reaches a high enough evolution, they become “the collective” (dragons). And all these consciousnesses are compiled into one composite that holds all the wisdom and knowledge of the dragons, and that one is “the purple dragon”.

The purple dragon teaches us about the universe, the dragons, and Grace. The purple dragon is the embodiment of the 7th dimensional collective, in other words, it is the highest evolved part of the dragon core.

Information sourced from ask-angels.com, starseeds.net, shamanicjourney.com and whats-your-sign.com

Includes the following manuals and attunements:


  • Amara Omni
  • Angel Lightworker
  • Chi Lin Dragon Horse
  • Cosmic Dragon
  • Crystal Dragons
  • Djinns Reiki
  • Dragon Blood Elixir Essence
  • Dragon Dance Core Energy
  • Dragon Egg
  • Dragon Empowerment (B Hanlon)
  • Dragon Empowerment (LW)
  • Dragon Force
  • Dragon Heart Flame
  • Dragon Ki Reiki
  • Dragon Light Spectrum
  • Dragon Lightworker Trilogy
  • Dragon of Kuan Yin
  • Dragon Pearl Reiki


  • Dragon Ring High Energy
  • Dragon Reiki 1 & 2
  • Dragon Skin Ammonite
  • Dragon Phoenix Energy Empowerment
  • Dragon Transformation Vortex
  • Dragon Warrior
  • Dragon White Wing
  • Dragonheart Essential
  • Dragon Essence
  • Dragonwinds Reiki
  • Earth Dragon Egg Elixir
  • Eternal Healing Light
  • Etheric Dragon Athame
  • Fire Dragon Portal
  • Golden Dragon Pearl
  • Golden Arowana Empowerment12 Dragons
  • Goram The Dragon


  • Jade Dragon Empowerment
  • Koi Medicine
  • Light Dragon
  • LW Cosmic Dragon
  • Magickal Lightworker Program (6 manuals)
  • Men Shen Reiki
  • Midori
  • Nogo Kencono Empowerment
  • Power of The Dragon
  • Raku Kei Master
  • Red Dragon
  • Snap of The Dragon
  • Trauma Healing Energy
  • Vajrasatva Bronze Dragon
  • White Dragon Reiki
  • Yellow Dragon Elixir
  • Dragon’s Lair (LW)
  • Chinese Dragon


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