Cultivating Resilience in Difficult Times: Guided Meditation and Affirmations



No matter who you are or where you live, it is likely that you will go through some difficult times during the course of your life. This is because it is simply not possible to prepare for every catastrophe which may come your way.

When tough times hit, if you don’t have the proper tools, they can be quite challenging to navigate through. One of the most important tools for surviving difficult times which could also change your life is guided meditations.

The importance of using healthy tools in tough times

You may be wondering why you would ever need something like guided meditation, especially if your life is currently going great. Well, when tough times hit, they are often unexpected, which can be what makes them so difficult. This is why you need to have tools to help you navigate these tough times before they happen.

Guided meditation is a great tool, because it is something you can use all the time, not just during a crisis. Besides helping you remain peaceful and calm during the crisis, it can help you further develop yourself and prepare yourself for future problems.

Module 1


Module 2

What is guided meditation?

How does guided meditation work?



10-Minute guided meditation

Breaking down a meditation

Meditation prep


Comfortable place

Palms facing up – why

Palms facing down – why

Optional tools

Relaxation breath

Verbal cues

Balanced breath

Body scan

Guided meditation makes it easy

Video:     Guided meditation – feeling safe

Module 3

Benefits of guided meditation

Stress reduction

Anxiety reduction

Better focus and attention

Emotional intelligence and awareness

Behavioral control

Better sleep

Pain reduction

Lower blood pressure

The added perks of guided meditation

Accountability and consistency

Beginner friendliness

Options and flexibility

Training and personal experience

Module 4

Creating your own meditation space

Choose with care

Keep it simple

Personalize with sacred items






Finally, add a touch of nature

Module 5

Guidelines for successful meditation

Sit for just two minutes

Do it first thing each morning

Don’t get caught up in the how

Check in with how you are feeling

Count your breaths

Come back when you wander

Develop a loving attitude

Don’t worry too much that you are doing it wrong

Don’t worry about clearing the mind

Stay with whatever comes up

Get to know yourself

Become friends with yourself

Do a body scan

Notice the light, sounds, energy

Really commit yourself

You can do it anywhere

Follow a guided meditation

Check in with friends

Find a community

Smile when you are done

Common mistakes

When the mind wanders

Bring a good attitude

A 20-minute meditation for anxious emotions

Module 6

Essential elements of meditation

Set a goal

Get comfortable

Follow the breath

Just  relax

Focus your attention

Expand your awareness

Practice non-judgment

Make friends with the mind


Building your meditation skills

Module 7

The Spirit of meditation

Be mindful of cause and effect

Reflect on impermanence and the preciousness of life

Realize the limitations of worldly success

Practice nonattachment

Cultivating patience and perseverance

Simplify your life

Live with honesty and integrity

Face situations with the courage of a warrior

Trust the technology of meditation

You are not your thoughts or feelings

Module 8


Magical, pleasurable and wonderful to be alive

The art of conscious breathing

Breathing is regenerative and restorative

Breathing exercise: The complete breath

Expand your breath capacity

Breathe to purify and cleanse

Increase in your energy, clarity and peace of mind

Healing breath to manage your energy

Module 9

Essential oils for meditation

Diffuser blends

Essential oils safety guidelines

Module 10

Thoughts and feelings during meditation

Handling thoughts

Here is how it works

Processing emotions

Module 11

Meditation as a retreat

Get back to basics

Take refuge during difficult times

Find peace


Module 12


Words that work: Defining positive affirmations

Choosing the right words and thoughts

How to use positive affirmations

Guidelines for creating positive affirmations that work

Do you really believe them?

Module 13

Stress and anxiety

The negative effects of anxiety

Central nervous system

Excretory and digestive systems

Immune system

Respiratory system

A summary of causes and treatments

A meditation for investigating panic attacks

A meditation to create space between you and your anxiety

A meditation to sit with difficult emotions

Video:     A 10-minute meditation

Module 14

Loving Kindness Meditation

Benefits of Loving Kindness Meditation

Increased positive emotions

Reduced self-criticism

Increased empathy

Improved vagal tone

Immediate relaxation benefits

Loving Kindness Meditation script

Video:     Loving Kindness Meditation

Module 15

Turning your attention inward


Creatures of compassion

Profound peace

Module 16

Dealing with uncertainty

The role of uncertainty in life

Learning to cope with uncertainty

Take action over the things you can control

Actively deal with your emotions

Challenge your need for certainty

Excessively seek reassurance from others

Micromanage people


Repeatedly check things

How to challenge these behaviors

What are the advantages of certainty? What are the disadvantages?

Learn to accept uncertainty

Identify your uncertainty triggers

Recognize when you feel the need for certainty

Allow yourself to feel the uncertainty

Let go

Accepting uncertainty does not mean you do not have a plan

Module 17

When affirmations don’t work

Reasons why your affirmations are not working

Module 18

Acceptance – Let go of that which you cannot control meditation script

Audio:     Acceptance – Let go of that which you cannot control meditation

Module 19

You are bigger than your problems meditation script

Audio:     You are bigger than your problems meditation


Module 20

Calm frustration meditation script

Audio :    Calm frustration meditation


Module 21

Find courage from within meditation script

Audio:     Find courage from within meditation


Module 22

The power of empathy meditation script

Audio:     The power of empathy meditation


Module 23

Manage grief and loss meditation script

Audio:     Manage grief and loss meditation


Module 24

It won’t feel this way forever meditation script

Audio:     It won’t feel this way forever meditation

Module 25

Have faith in yourself meditation script

Audio:     Have faith in yourself meditation


Module 26

Let go of fear meditation script

Audio:     Let go of fear meditation

Module 27

Embrace optimism meditation script

Audio :    Embrace optimism meditation


Module 28

Relax body and mind meditation script

Audio:     Relax body and mind meditation


Module 29

You are resilient meditation script

Audio:     You are resilient meditation


Module 30

See past the hardship meditation script

Audio:     See past the hardship meditation script


Module 31

Stress management during hard times meditation script

Audio:     Stress management during hard times meditation


Module 32

Trust in yourself meditation script

Audio:     Trust in yourself meditation


Module 33

Release frustrations meditation script

Audio:     Release frustrations meditation

Module 34

Feel your feelings meditation script

Audio:     Feel your feelings meditation


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Generalized Anxiety Disorder Flush


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