Lucid Dreaming as a Shamanic Practice: Exploring Ancient Wisdom and Modern Techniques



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Have you suspected that far more is possible than passively waiting for (and barely remembering) your nighttime dreams?

Around the world, shamans have pioneered a more powerful, valuable and fascinating way to approach dreaming – seeing it as a time for transformation, healing and receiving guidance from higher levels of reality as well as journeying into the past and future.

Throughout history, those who dream strong – who can enter other realities at will, scout the future, dialogue with the Spirits and dream for others – have had a special place of respect as shamans and seers, healers and creators, priestesses and prophets.

At a time when world events have knocked many of us off course and we are feeling more lost and ungrounded than ever before, dealing with challenges we could never have imagined, shamanic lucid dreaming offers us powerful medicine for the Soul – dreamwork practices that take us across time and space, into realms of Soul and imagination in the larger reality, to recover the parts of ourselves that have gone missing, and a closer connection with our creative Spirits and our higher self.

Shamanic lucid (conscious) dreaming is one of the most fascinating experiences you might have as a human Being. Staying awake within a dream, you are able to consciously interact with it just as you interact in the real world. Everything is saturated with color and vibrantly alive, and it feels far more real than waking life does.

How do you become a shamanic lucid dreamer? You start out conscious and you stay that way.

You will learn many new techniques in this course, not covered in either the Shamanic Dreamweaving course. This is by far the most exciting course I have ever written.


Module 1


Module 2

What is Shamanic lucid dreaming?

Lucid dreams can help you find your deepest identity

Can I learn to lucid dream?

The cost of “typical dreaming”

We are disconnected from our dreamtime

Five aspects of your birthright that are cut off

You lose vital energy

You diminish your ability to communicate with your Higher Self or Soul

You disconnect from key pieces of your identity

You lose your connection with ancestral Spirits

You miss out on a relationship with animal Spirits

Dreams from a metaphysical point of view

Meditation for mental relaxation


Module 3

History of dreaming


Ancient Egyptians

Ancient Greeks






Indigenous tribes

European Middle Ages

Modern times

Module 4

Lucid dreaming in other cultures

The Orang Asli

Beaver Indians


Lucid dreaming and entheogens

Module 5

Lucid dream myths

One can dream all night long

You can get stuck in your dreams

Lucid dreaming is not real

You need to be a Spiritual person to have lucid dreams

You can always control your dreams

It is only a religious practice

You cannot derive meaningful insights from lucid dreams

Lucid dreaming can be mentally exhausting

It can have negative effects on your mental health

Astral projection and lucid dreaming are the same thing

Lucid dreaming can harm your body

Lucid dreams are always scary

Won’t all efforts and exercises for becoming lucid lead to loss of sleep?

Module 6

The nature of sleep and dreams

The five stages of sleep

When is the best time for lucid dreaming?

How much sleep does the average person need?

Dreams and psychological health

Module 7

What does a lucid dream feel like?

The physical: Your senses are illusory

Eating in lucid dreams

Flying in lucid dreams

Pain in lucid dreams

The mental: It is easy to think in lucid dreams?

Location awareness

Memory in lucid dreams

Dream control

The emotional: How feelings are amplified

Heightening the intensity

Module 8


The state between sleep and wakefulness

Visual doorways – stepping into a picture

Module 9

Tools for a lucid mindset

The first golden tool


Visualize it happening

Engage your willpower, curiosity and enthusiasm

Ask your dream for help with getting lucid

The second golden tool



The third golden tool


Activate all three golden tools of lucidity

Practice 1: Intent, Clarity and Expectation (ICE)

Practice 2: Mnemonic induction of lucid dreams (MILD)

Lucid mindset + lucid dream induction techniques = lucid dreams

Practice 3: The Wake back to Bed (WBTB) technique

Practice 4: Incubate a dream

Module 10

Remembering your dreams

You are a dreamer

Dreams are real experiences

Going to sleep

Repeat your affirmation


Feel it

Module 11

Dream journal

Create a dream report

Choose the right book

Keep your journal private

Make a date with your journal

Note down the date of your dream

Identify dream themes

Give your dreams titles

Note your feelings and immediate associations

Note recurring theses and places

Log correspondence between dreams and waking events

Dream signs

Extras:           Dream Journal

Module 12

Dream Guides

Partnering with Spiritual Guides

Your Authentic Spiritual Allies

Power Animals and Teachers

Different types of Guides

Exercise: Meditation and visualization technique for Spirit Guides

Audio:     Meet your Spirit Guide

              Spirit Guides

Module 13


Use your imagination

The body believes in images

There is a place of imagination, and it is entirely real

We can transfer a vision to someone in need of a vision

How do we use this imagination?

Module 14


Strengthening and sealing the energy body

Growing the energy tree

Bringing down the Light

Scanning the surface of your energy body

Igniting your inner Sun

Repairing and renewing your energy web

Choosing the shape of your energy body

Setting your energy boundaries

Module 15

Dreams and healing

Dreamwork is a process for achieving that goal

How to apply the science

Module 16

Interpreting dreams



Babies or pregnancy








A house

Revisiting old houses from childhood

Module 17

Meditation and lucid dreaming

How does it help you lucid dream?

Meditation practices that help with lucid dreaming

Mindfulness meditation

How to practice Mindfulness meditation

Breath awareness meditation and lucid dreaming

Breath awareness meditation – Beginner steps

Body scan meditation

How to do a body scan meditation

Using a physical release method can make it easier

Exploring our inner selves

Meet your inner light

Module 18

Hypnosis and lucid dreaming

How does hypnosis work?

A simple hypnosis routine

Video:     Lucid dreaming: Guided hypnosis

Module 19

Dream signs

What are dream signs?

Four dream signs

Inner awareness




Module 20

Reality checks

What is a reality check, how to do it and why it is essential for to

lucid dreaming

A list of effective reality checks

How to do a reality check: Step-by-step guide

Module 21

Levels of lucid dreaming





Fully lucid

Super lucid

Module 22

Dream recall

Why you should remember your dreams

How to remember your dreams

Consciously choose to remember your dreams

Write down a question you would like answered before going to sleep

Establish a healthy sleeping routine

Wake up naturally

Wait to open your eyes

Stay in the dream as long as possible

Write about the dream in your dream journal

Try drawing a picture

Reflect on the dream after you wake up

Keep trying

Module 23

Mental exercises

Experiencing the world

Asking the golden question

Keeping a dream journal

Module 24

How to lucid dream

Preparation: The three fundamental lucid dreaming habits

Dream journal

Reality checking


How to lucid dream: A step-by-step guide

Perform reality checks and affirmations

Plan your dreams in advance

Use an alarm

Use an induction technique

Visualize your desired dream

Wake up before your usual waking time

Keep your eyes closed

Recreate the dream scene

Perform a reality check

Avoid screens before going to bed

Practice a few minutes of meditation

Learning to control your dreams

Changing the scenery in a dream

The door method

Using time

Pure imagination

Flip the switch

Module 25

WBRB (Wake Back to Bed)

The Wake Back to Bed method

An easy lucid dreaming technique

WBTB didn’t work, what went wrong?

I keep hitting the snooze button

WBTB quick tip

Getting WBTB to work every time

Drink water before bed

Change positions

Use WBTB imagery around your room


Example WBTB schedule with MILD or WILD

Decide how you will wake up

Stay awake for at least 20 minutes

Induce a lucid dream with a planned technique

WBTB Summary

Module 26

WILD (Wake Initiated Lucid Dreams)

Relax into the Corpse (Savasana) pose

Observe your hypnagogia

Create a dream scene

The visualization method

Visualize your desired dreamscape

The Out-of-body-exit


Sleep paralysis

A presence

Float, sink or swing out of the paralysis

Troubleshooting Wake Initiated Lucid Dreams)

Total relaxation is essential

Enjoy the journey

Module 27

CAT (Cycle Adjustment Technique)

How it works

Cycle Adjustment Technique FAQ

What time should I go to bed when practicing CAT?

What should I do when I wake up early?

What if I wake up early on a normal day?

Can I ever sleep in late?

How long should I practice the CAT technique

Module 28

CILD (Chakra Induced Lucid Dreams)

The Third Eye chakra

How to practice Chakra Induced Lucid Dream technique

Variation on Chakra Induced Lucid Dream technique

When is the best time to practice CILD?

Using meditation to practice CILD

Ajna Chakra meditation

Module 29

FILD (Finger Induced Lucid Dream)

Origins of FILD technique

How to do the FILD technique

Wake up

Play the “piano”

Feel the music

Reality check

FILD lucid dreaming tips

Timing is everything

Your body should remain perfectly still

Have a backup reality check just in case

FILD dream worked – now what am I supposed to do?

I am in my room, but this isn’t my room – what is happening?

What to do if FILD did not work

Prepare for the next time

Review the steps

Module 30

DILD (Dream Initiated Lucid Dream)

Only two ways to lucid dream

Is a WILD better than a DILD?

Learn both and lucid dream more

How to have a Dream Initiated Lucid Dream

There are many different DILD techniques

Who should learn how to DILD?

Module 31

ADA (All Day Awareness)

ADA and mindfulness

Using mindfulness throughout the day

Appreciating the small moments

How to practice All Day Awareness

Tips for ADA

When should you try ADA?

Who should try ADA?

Why should you try it

Module 32

DEILD (Dream Exit Induced Lucid Dream)

How to have a DEILD

A momentary waking

Stay still and visualize

Dream re-entry


Module 33

Dream incubation

What is dream incubation?

Incubation happens naturally from our daytime experience

Incubate solutions to problems

Techniques of dream incubation

Search for the solution in your dream interpretation

Be patient

Accept the unconscious mind’s overrides

Module 34

Dreams and healing

Dream work is a process for achieving that goal

What does this have to do with dreams and healing?

How to apply the science

How to heal in a lucid dream

Ancient dreamers and healing

Module 35

Solving problems in your dreams

Examples of famous solutions found in dreams

Dreams and creativity

Module 36

Incubate a dream of a deceased loved one


Module 37

How to time travel in your dreams

Element of believability to the dream

Speed up or reverse time in the dream


Module 38

How to make lucid dreams last longer

Who do lucid dreams collapse?

Ways to make your lucid dreams last longer

Stay calm

Rub your hands together

Look at your hands

Do a reality check

Demand clarity

Do some math

Spin around

Fall backwards

Module 39

Nightmares and sleep paralysis

Suggestions for common nightmares and recurring dreams

Sleep paralysis

How do you wake up from sleep paralysis?

Don’t fight

Surrender and go with the flow

Getting help from your sleep partner

Coughing for help

Write out the plan

The ultimate method

Module 40

False awakenings

Waking up from false awakenings

How to turn false awakenings into lucid dreams


Module 41

How to break a dream drought

Set an intention for the night

Be ready to receive

Be kind to fragments

Still no dream recall?

Enter the mystical library of dreams


Module 42

Essential oils

Essential oils that enhance lucid dreaming abilities



Jasmine Sambac

Bridge between worlds


Valerian Root




Module 43


African Dream Herb

Blue Lotus

Ginko Biloba

Devil’s Claw

5-Hydroxy Tryptophan


Module 44


Crystals for dreaming and dream recall

Dream stones

Crystal under pillow: Basic dream technique

Program a crystal for dream intuition

Make a crystal dream pillow

Crystal grids for dream recall

Module 45

Yoga Nidra

Lucid dream at will

Benefits of Yoga Nidra

Module 46

How long until I lucid dream?

How do I know if I had a lucid dream?

Why can’t I lucid dream?

Why can’t I control my lucid dreams?

Can everyone have a lucid dream?

How do I trigger a lucid dream?

Keep a dream journal

Reality checks

ADA and mindfulness


How do I stop lucid dreaming?

Module 47

Better sleep tips

Module 48



Dream Cocoon Energy

Dream Voyage of the Swan

Dynamic Sacred Space

Nature Shaman 1 – 3 Value $47 / R770

Nature Shaman Reiki is a multi-level system that contains 3 initiations which are received at the same time. The levels within this system work to connect you to the energies of Nature, Higher Sacred Source and your Soul Energy.

* Nature Shaman Reiki Level 1 – Level 1 teaches you about how you can be at one with your surroundings and the elements of Mother Nature. Becoming one with Mother Earth and moving your energies into the I AM Consciousness.

* Nature Shaman Reiki Level 2 – Level 2 works by teaching you a simple guided meditation for energy expansion, self-discovery and personal empowerment.

* Nature Shaman Reiki Level 3 – Level 3 works to open you to the communication with Animals, Plants and Mother Earth. This takes practice and you must learn to listen to your natural inner voice, your intuition and internal instincts. The energies of level 3 will open your psychic abilities to help you receive spiritual guidance from nature devas, and much more.

The Spirit Guide & Lucid Dreaming Flush Value $18 / R225

Prerequisite: None

The Spirit Guide & Lucid Dreaming Flush Empowerment was channeled by Jay Burrell in 2021

Two questions that I am asked time and time again by students and spiritual seekers are “How do I connect with my Spirit Guide” and “How do I learn how to Lucid Dream”. It is my hope that through this manual and the information that I give plus the distant attunement that you will gain the spiritual tools that you can use to not only connect with your guide but also master the art controlling your dreams, also known as “Lucid Dreaming”

To, many people, spirit guides are entities that we choose before we incarnate or they are helpers that are assigned to us before birth. To others, spirit guides represent parts of our unconscious minds that symbolically help us to find wholeness. And still, to other people, a spirit guide is part of our higher selves that reveals itself to us in various shapes and forms. No matter what you think a Spirit Guide is, and no matter how “new age” or “down-to-earth” your understanding, it is beyond doubt that we all need guidance, direction and support in life beyond our own capabilities, or those who surround us. Spirit guides, like many other elements of spirituality, have been heavily sullied, and commercialized both on the internet and in real life, but despite the apparent tarnishing of their value, spirit guides are nevertheless a shared human experience. Spirit guides are often thought as spirits that guide us, but in my experience with them, they are universal forces that guide our spirits to greater clarity, freedom, joy, and peace. Lucid dreaming is also a very important way in which you can connect with your spirit guides through your dreams. Lucid Dreaming happens when you become aware of the fact that you are dreaming. You are able to recognize your thoughts and emotions as the dream happens. Sometimes you can control the Lucid Dream. You may be ale to change the people, environment, or storyline. This type of dream of control could potentially help with your connections to Spirit Guides as well as Animal Guides. If you want to learn how to connect with your Spirit Guide and Lucid Dream then this is the attunement for you.

Within the accompanying 46-page manual you will learn about the following plus much more:

* What/Who Are Spirit Guides?

* Main Types of Spirit Guides {Protector Guides, Gatekeeper Guides, Messenger Guides, Healing Guides & Teacher Guides}

* Scrying to Connect with your Spirit Guides

* Dream Work

* Lucid Dreaming

* How to Lucid Dream Tonight – 3 Dreaming Techniques

* How to Harness the True Power of Lucid Dreaming

* Bibliomancy

* Plant Medicine Journeying

* Talking to Your Spirit Guides

* Spirit Guides & Crystals

* How to work with the Spirit Guide & Lucid Dreaming Flush

The Spirit Guide, Light Beings and Totem Animals Flush Value $36 / R592

The Spirit Guide, Light Being & Totem Animal Empowerment was channeled in 2021 by Jay Burrell.

There are 3 attunements in this system

Many of us have experienced a spontaneous action that made no sense at the time but turned out to be exactly what was needed at the proper moment. We scratch our heads and think “what made me do/say/think that?” This is an example of a spirit guide, angel, archangel, ancestor, loved one, totem animal or a vast array of other light beings connecting with you on an etheric level.

The connection with one’s spirit guide, archangel, loved one, totem animal is a question that I am asked on a daily basis by students and those who are just curious about the spiritual life and spirit guide connections. I would say that over 90% of people will ask for guidance to help them connect with their spirit guides. While there are a few attunements out there which focus on this aspect of the spiritual life, there is a lack of in-depth information to help people to connect with them. This is why I have decided to channel my own system which I hope will answer all of your questions as well as giving you a simple method that you can use to connect with your spirit guide.

There are many types of light beings who are able to provide advice and assistance in any situation. These guides can range from angels, ascended masters, loved ones, departed loved ones and even animals. The one thing that all guides ask is for you to be confident that the right guide will present itself at exactly the right time in order to help you in the best way possible for your life without hurting anyone else. As I mentioned before, spirit guides can be labeled as archangels, angels, guardian angels and guides. goddesses, ascended masters, enlightened beings, ancestors, spirit animals, elemental energies or something residing upon the earth such as a Tree or a Plant. Yes you read that right, spirit guides do not necessarily have to be seen in human form. They can appear in any shape, size of object that will help you to connect with them on a deep and meaningful way. Anything that holds energy has the ability to use that energy to communicate impressions, feeling, thoughts and healing. The term spirit guide infers that these energies are positive in nature and become known to was to offer assistance in one way or another. Guides are also always there to help you in any situation, implanting a thought to assist in keeping you safe and they can become a constant part of your life if you remember to ask for their help.

You will learn about the following plus much more: 

* The Archangels.

* Angelic/Spiritual Orbs & Attributes.

* Goddess’s.

* Ascended Masters.

* How to Contact your Spirit Guides.

* Connect with your Higher Consciousness.

* Spirit Animals & Totems.

* In-depth review of Several Spirit Animals.

* How to find your Spirit Animal.

* Guided Meditation and Much More


Dream Journal

A core Shamanic Theory of Dreams