Finding Calm Within: Meditation and Visualization for Inner Peace



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10-Minute Chakra Meditation Card Deck

20-Day Meditation Challenge Plan

Meditation Journal (62 pages) 8.5 x 11

Meditation Journal (62 pages) A4

A handy book of meditations

A practical guide to meditation

Book of meditation and thoughts




Meditation Journal (62 pages)

How to meditate

Benefits of meditation

My meditation practice

My meditation journal

Heart focus

Meditation practice

Being present

My affirmations

My core values

What is holding me back

The 7 chakras

Chakra guide

Chakra meditation

Meditation tracker

My journal

Emotions wheel

30-Day meditation challenge

Letting go

Body meditation

My ideal daily routine

Let your thoughts flow

How to breathe

4-7-8 Breathing

Lion’s breath

Mindful breathing

Breath focus

Deep breathing

Abdominal breathing

Alternate nostril breathing

Finger breathing

Box breathing

Lengthen the exhale

Lazy 8 breathing

Star breathing

Eat mindfully

Feeling grateful

Gratitude checklist

Mindfulness bingo

Guided imagery

Create your own guided imagery

Progressive muscle relaxation

10 Ways to be present

Be present

What I can control

My meditation prayer

Monthly reflection

Create a meditation space

Self-care planner


Prayer allows you to talk to the Divine and petition for assistance. Meditation allows you to become one with the Divine and discover the divine within your inner being.

In a world crammed with to-do lists, unread emails and incessantly ringing cell phones, it is no wonder that we are continually on the hunt for inner peace – or any peace for that matter. If you find yourself exhausted and disconnected, you are not alone. Many people are turning to a regular meditation practice to achieve a sense of calm and well-being. Meditation can give you the strength and balance to get through even the toughest days.

A person who practices a mediation technique on a regular basis will begin noticing a few side effects. Most often they become a little calmer and more relaxed during regular daily activities. They become better able to handle unexpected events or can think more clearly when dealing with a problem or trying to find a solution to a challenging issue. Some of the stress and tension gained throughout the week will subside each time the person performs their chosen meditation technique. All in all, less stress and less tension will lead to a healthier and happier person who is better able to think clearly. On the spiritual side, a degree of self-discovery may also begin to happen. People who meditate on a regular basis report feeling the “need” to improve their attitudes or outlook on life. Individuals may begin to notice an increased interest in their chosen religious or spiritual path. Many people often report that they feel there is more to life than this physical existence and they want to know and understand what that is. I believe this is a result of successfully bridging the conscious, subconscious and spiritual minds together, which occurs during regular meditation practices.

Module 1

Introduction Meditation

Audio:       The Art of Meditation

Module 2

History of Meditation

Origin of Meditation

Module 3

Benefits of Meditation

Health benefits of Meditation

Mental benefits of Meditation

Spiritual benefits of Meditation

Benefits of Meditation for students

Module 4

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I Meditate?

How long should my Meditation be?

How do I know my Meditation time is up?

What time in the day is best to Meditate

What should I be experiencing when I Meditate

Does Meditation have to be spiritually based

Why do I find it hard to concentrate?

Misconceptions that make Meditation difficult

Module 5

Different types of Meditation Freeform

Guided Affirmation Body Scan

Brainwave Guided imagery

Progressive relaxation Metta






Nei Guan







Yoga Kundalini Self-inquiry Zen


Elements of Meditation

Video:       Guided Meditation with the Angels

Module 6

Breathing techniques

Transmutation breathing

Additional breathing exercises and techniques

Earth breath

Fire breath Air breath

Three stages of breathing

Alternate nostril breathing

Video:       10-minute breath meditation

Module 7


The technique

Exercises in Mindfulness

The further stages of Mindfulness

Module 8

The Meditation session

General guidelines for Meditation

Meditation positions that are gentle on your back

Audio:                Quieten the mind

Module 9

Brainwaves during Meditation

What happens when you Meditate?

Module 10

Establishing a Ritual for Meditation

Suspending Judgment


Letting go

Unmasking Surrendering

Module 11

Guidelines for Successful Meditation

Exercise to enhance the capacity to focus


Guided Meditation tips How to set your intention

Module 12

Creating your own Meditation space

Bring nature into your Meditation room

Meditative music


Add a personal touch Lighting

Technology Meditation pillows

Video:       DIY Meditation pillow

Module 13

Visualization Meditation

About visualization

Body of Light Meditation

Visualization to obtain guidance

Positively energizing your workplace

Visualizations for Mental Relaxation

Pure Light visualization for healing and relaxation

Module 14

Meditation using affirmations

How to Use Affirmations

Meditation with your affirmations

Sleeping and/or relaxing with your affirmations

Active visualization with affirmations

Anytime affirmations

How often to use affirmations?

How to use positive affirmations in Meditation

Video: 42 morning affirmations

The simplest way to use positive affirmations

Some extra tips

Module 15

Protection and cleansing

What is negative energy?

A process for clearing, cleansing & setting protection

Energy cleanse ritual

Salt water bath

Epsom salts bath


Types of smudge sticks

How to make your own smudge sticks

Video:       How to smudge yourself with white sage

Module 16

Grounding and balancing

Grounding Meditation

Module 17

Meditation Altar

How it works

Module 18

Meditation journal

The benefits of keeping a Meditation journal

How to start a Meditation journal

Options for journaling

Journaling during Meditation

Video:      Journaling

Module 19

Chakra Meditation

What is Chakra Meditation?

Understanding the Chakras

Creating a healthy flow Chakra

Meditation exercise

Video:       Chakra Meditation

Module 20

Music and Meditation

Different kinds of Meditation music

Benefits of listening to music during Meditation

Audio:                7 audios called ambient sounds

Module 21

Mudras and Meditation

Mudras – Meditation in your hands

What are Mudras?

How to Meditate with Mudras

Video:       12 Healing Mudras Vol 1

12 Healing Mudras Vol 2

Module 22

Yantras for Meditation

What is a Yantra?

How do Yantras Work?

Dissecting a Yantra

The Yantra contour

The dot (Bindu)

The triangle (Trikona)

The six-pointed star (Shaktona)

The circle (Chakra)

The square (Bhupura)

The lotus (Padma)

How to Use Yantras

Yantra Meditation

Module 23

Mantras for Meditation

What is Mantra Meditation

The concept behind Mantra Meditation

How to Mantra Meditate

Mantra Examples

Videos:      Green Tara Mantra

Mongolia Orchestra Om Mani Padme Hum Mantra

Audio:                Kundalini Mantra for Awareness

Module 24

Mandalas for Meditation

What is a Mandala?

Techniques for creating a Mandala

Using a Mandala in Meditation

Module 25

Mala Beads

What are Meditation Mala Beads?

What do the Mala Beads signify in Meditation?

How to Use Mala Beads for Meditation

What are the components of a Mala?

Audio:                Gratitude Meditation

Module 26

Herbs for Meditation

Module 27

Essential Oils for Meditation

Module 28

Crystals for Meditation

Ways to use crystals for Meditation

Module 29

Full Moon Meditation

How does the full moon impact the Meditation process?

Benefits of a full moon Meditation

Full Moon Meditation Cleansing with the full moon

Video:       Full Moon Meditation for Healing

Module 30

Candle (Trataka) Meditation

What is Trataka or Candle Gazing Meditation?

Trataka technique

Benefits of Trataka

Tips for Trataka Concentration

Module 31

Walking Meditation

What is Walking Meditation?

General Guidelines


Audio:       Connect to your roots, the earth and your ancestors


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Violet Flame Meditation