Embrace your Flaws: Find Beauty and Joy in Imperfection



Perfection is a trap. Is it holding you hostage too?

Perfection is the state of being perfect, and this state does not exist. (You knew that, right? Apparently, some of us perfectionists were left off the memo 😊)

Perfection is a moving target, forever deluding those of us silly enough to chase it. You cannot ever catch it – much like chasing a rainbow, or your shadow, or a fleeting thought.

It is impossible to capture the state of perfection – or perfectionism – and to be one with it.

Perfectionism means it drives you nuts to see a little hair out of place, a little dust on your table, a little digital smudge on your picture, a little food on your child’s clothes, a little something that then takes away the entire focus on what is right and what is good and puts all attention on the minuscule details that nobody but you cares about.

Perfection means you simply cannot be content with what is.

One of the highest rewards of doing our work and going through our lives is that we feel the sense of completion, the joy of accomplishing something – anything. And we can celebrate and bask in the feeling.

When you are a perfectionist, you sabotage your feelings of accomplishment with worry and second-guessing and passing judgement on what you have done especially if you are not happy with the results.

This course will teach you how to get out of the long shadow of wanting to be perfect. Instead, it will teach you to achieve peace within by accepting yourself fully – flaws and all.


Module 1



Module 2

Mindsets that crush personal contentment

You have to always be in control

Everyone cares about what is going on in your life

Everyone looks up to you for support

Your parents and loved ones will not be happy if you are not perfect

You always have to be better than others

People care if you fail

Happiness is a destination

What other people think about you


Module 3

Choosing to accept yourself is not a cop-out

You are lowering your standards

You are being weak and caving in

Self-acceptance means understanding our limits

Self-acceptance means choosing your base of strength and competency

The truth: Limits can be transcended

The goal is to become mature


Module 4

If you do not accept yourself, who will?

Waiting for other’s acceptance is irresponsible

Even if others accept you, you only find people to blame

The answer


Module 5

Self-acceptance is crucial to self-respect and self-love

You cannot love yourself if you do not respect yourself

Self-respect leads to personal boundaries

Self-love leads to mastery


Module 6

The foundation of acceptance

All you have is who you are now


Module 7

Honestly acknowledge your flaws

Do they really hold you back?


Module 8

Quit apologizing for your flaws


Module 9

Turning your flaws into assets

Look to the root

Change your mental habits


Module 10

Accept your limitations

Freedom is an act of surrender

You don’t need to push and fight

Accept your limits

Start where you are and keep showing up



Module 11

I stopped apologizing


Module 12

Be less self-conscious

How parents can cause low self-esteem issues

Deal with the past

Have compassion


Be open with those who love you

People’ don’t care about your flaws

Change your mindset


Stop blaming and judging yourself

Follow your purpose



Module 13

You are born to be real – not perfect


Module 14

Why perfectionism can be bad for you

Get rid of the word should


Module 15

Stay true to yourself

You abandon yourself and your desires

You break promises to yourself

You attract drama into your life

You give away your power to someone or something else

You procrastinate

You feel heavy


Module 16

Good enough

Offer yourself some compassion

Reset the criteria

Get out of the loop of negative thinking

Stop failing yourself


Module 17

Embrace your imperfection

What is a healthier way of being

Focus on the process

Count your wins every day

Celebrate your differences


Module 18

Imperfections that make you beautiful


Module 19

Great Expectations


Module 20

Perfectly stuck

A better definition


Module 21

Life is not perfect

The world we live on

The people around us

We are far from perfect

Stop chasing happiness in perfection

Relate to one another in our weakness

Learn to grow through imperfection


Module 22

Learn to move on

Focus on what you can control


Module 23

Holding on to your past can ruin your life

Forgive yourself and others

Do you know how long you will live?


Module 24



12 Audio

12 Video

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  • Ability to let go of the past Experience greater happiness in the now
  • Embrace the power of happiness and all the abundance it brings to life
  • Maintain serenity and Joy even in the midst of crisis
  • Freedom from self-defeating behaviors, lower natured emotions, false and limiting beliefs
  • Ability to make dreams and goals a reality
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  • Removal of emotional and mental clutter
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