Psychic Development Course



Everyone has the potential for psychic ability, and this course explores and discusses the nature of many types of psychic phenomena including telepathy, empathic ability, mediumship, all the “clairs” (clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc.), intuition, and more. Common spirit communication modalities related to psychic phenomena will also be discussed such as channeling, as well as how to do a psychic reading. You will use meditation and visualization exercises to develop or enhance your own intuitive and psychic abilities with meditation audios. Once completed, you will have an excellent understanding of intuition and psychic phenomena as well as the tools you need to continue developing your own psychic abilities and how to channel messages from your guides and angels.

The Benefits of Developing your Abilities

  • Helps you reduce stress by identifying and dealing with problems more effectively
  • Unleashes your creativity and imagination
  • Puts you in touch with your subconscious, and therefore helps you uncover hidden truths about yourself and situations in your life
  • By being in touch with your intuition, you prevent the build-up of negative emotions and thinking
  • Integrates left and right brain functions, giving you a more complete perspective on issues
  • Helps you make better, more integrative decisions
  • Improves physical, mental and emotional health

Developing your psychic abilities and intuition is like learning any new skill. The more you practice, the better you get at it. As with any new exercise or routine you’re not used to, start off slowly and gradually building your “muscles”.

Developing your psychic abilities and intuition is developing an awareness of subtle energy that transcends the normal senses and moves your perception beyond the confines of physical time and space.  As you develop these, you get a balanced overview of the world by combining all your senses as well as your conscious and subconscious mind. You could therefore think of developing your psychic abilities and intuition as integrating your body, mind and spirit.


  • 20 video lectures totaling over 2 hours, giving you an insight into the different types of psychic abilities
  • 5 audio meditations to connect with your Higher Self and Spirit Guides as well as chakra balancing and aura clearing
  • An understanding of your Chakras and Aura, plus mediumship!
  • A detailed explanation of how to awaken and strengthen your psychic abilities
  • Demonstrations of meditation techniques and the effect they have on your energy fields and intuition

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who wants to develop their psychic gifts
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to use telepathy
  • Anyone who has an interest in psychic phenomena
  • Anyone who is interested in channeling or connecting to their spirit guides

Our comprehensive 112 page course manual includes:

  • Introduction
  • The Chakras and Aura
  • What does psychic mean?
  • The difference between a psychic and a medium
  • History
  • What is Intuition?
  • The difference between intuition and imagination
  • The difference between intuition and psychic abilities
  • Exploring and connecting to your higher-self
  • Meet your Spirit Guide
  • Meditation and Visualisation
  • Grounding and Balancing
  • Psychic development
  • How to develop clairvoyance
  • How to develop clairaudience
  • How to develop clairsentience
  • How to develop claircognizance
  • Clairtangency / Psychometry
  • Discover which is your strongest intuitive gift
  • Empathy
  • Channelling & Mediumship
  • Automatic Writing
  • Telepathy
  • Precognition
  • The Akashic Records and how to access them
  • More exercises to develop your abilities
  • Psychic Self-Defence
  • Work you can do as a psychic
  • Defects in the Aura and Chakras

 Upon completion of this course, you will know:

  • How to use telepathy to communicate with others
  • The different types of psychic abilities
  • How to develop each psychic ability with simple exercises
  • What career opportunities there are for psychics
  • What the Akashic Records are and how to access them for guidance
  • The difference between channelling and mediumship
  • How to communicate with your spirit guide/s


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