Ashati 3 – A Psychic & Spiritual Development Program



Prerequisite: Ashati Levels 1&2

Ashati Level 3 

Ashati Level 3 equips initiates with the tools to become manifestation and spiritual guidance masters. It includes a new and very powerful symbol and teaches you how to perform all the attunements. The initiation will give you access to higher energies as well as permanently clear, increase and strengthen the connection between your Higher Mind and The Divine Mind. On the energy level, this is represented as a stronger link between your third eye, your Higher Self and a much higher dimension where individuality does not exist and where thoughts are expressed in their simplest form as pure thoughts and intentions. This connection will create a deeper relaxation in your being and in your mind, as well as a different brain pattern (more theta brainwave activity). From this altered state of consciousness and from this higher dimension, you will be able to perform readings, clearings and manifest healing on ALL levels for yourself, others, animals. The level 3 energies and techniques which are completely different are to be used in addition to the Ashati 1 and Ashati 2 energies and methods of healing and development. This level and its initiation will trigger major changes within your energy field and will help you to develop your mind and all psychic abilities to a new level.

Contents of Level 3 Manual

 * The Spirit

 * The Ascension of Humanity

 * Ashati Advanced Levels

 * The Ashati 3 Energy

 * Soul Light Technique

 * Ashati 3 Symbol

 * Healing

 * Cord Healing

 * Psychic Scanning

 * Energy Clearing

 * Psychic Messages and much more

THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE TEACHER LEVEL – You have to purchase Teacher level from the Ashati Institute directly


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