Ka Shakti Empowerments Workshop



Founder: Hari Andri Winarso

KA Shakti Empowerments Workshop can help you to heal emotions and negative energies, clear negative beliefs, patterns and emotions so that you can become empowered to create a new and rich satisfying life.  Deep-seated emotional issues can undermine a person’s success, daily life and future.  negative energy stays in the energy field until it is transformed.

This system is a holistic approach rooted in being present with “what is” and helps to align you with your deepest desires and core values.  It increases awareness and helps distinguish between the human personality and one’s true nature.  Through awareness we discover and deepen our understanding of habitual patterns and conditional responses of thought, emotion and behavior.  As we go beyond our stories we experience that which is deeper, broader and more unified with who we are at the core of our being.  Our natural talents and gifts shine upon our true purpose and light the path to evolutionary growth.

When you truly desire freedom you find the strength to develop new practices that will support you in staying committed to your vision until completion.  To “be in one’s greatness” requires tremendous courage and persistence and most people return to their comfort zones without support.  As we grow in spiritual awareness, we develop a more integrated understanding of ourselves.  We come to know ourselves as spiritual beings, operating through a unified trinity of body mind soul.  These three faces of self allow us to have a creative experience of life.

Contents of KA Shakti Empowerments Workshop:

  1. KA Shakti Attunement:

           Receive the Attunement

           Pass the Attunement

  1. Subconscious Clearing:  The subconscious mind creates the circumstances in our life.  If we want to heal our body and our life, we must discover what resides in our subconscious and change it.
  2. Amygdala Attunement:  stimulates a pair of brain centers to give a sense of meaning to perceptions registered as important.
  3. Pineal Gland Activation:  activates your pineal gland, which regulates intuition and helps you to access the power of your DNA.
  4. Valor KA Balancing:  balances the energies of the body, fostering emotions of courage, confidence and self-esteem.
  5. Emotional Release Empowerment:  helps one to let go of obsessive feelings of denial, anger and frustration, enabling a sense of freedom and emotional well-being.
  6. Sara KA Empowerment:  specifically channeled for those who are dealing with the trauma of sexual and/or ritual abuse.  It allows the mind to relax and release fearful memories.
  7. Deep Trauma Release Empowerment:  brings a sense of grounding and a feeling of being uplifted or supported while deep-seated trauma is being released.
  8. Heightens Awareness Empowerment:  helps one to deal logically with the excitement of new ideas or when one is unable to face a painful reality and heightens awareness of how to deal effectively with a wide range of emotions.
  9.   Inner Child Attunement:  helps to reconnect one with their true self which may have been lost during physical and/or mental abuse and helps stimulate forgotten memories while at the same time disclosing the strength of one’s inner identity which is a necessary first step in finding emotional balance.
  10.   Present Time Empowerment:  encourages feelings of being “in the now” in order to let go of dwelling excessively in the past or worrying about the future.
  11.   Power of Hope: restores the visions of goals and dreams that may be suppressed or hindered by past traumatic experience and helps one to reconnect with feelings of strength, restoring a belief in the future and lifting one from feelings of despair.
  12.   Power of Joy:  assists in enhancing self-love and joyfulness and attracts love into one’s life.
  13.   Power of Forgiveness:  helps reveal suppressed memories that may be blocking one’s progression, enabling one to forgive, forget and move forward.
  14. Power of Harmony:  assists in promoting physical and emotional balance by helping major energy centers of the body to work in unison, reducing stress which creates an overall feeling of well-being.
  15. White Angelica Empowerment:  helps to increase the energy of the aura and to bring a sense of strength and protection against the bombardment of negative energy.
  16.   Heart of KA Shakti Healing Symbol:  works on the physical and subtle bodies very powerfully to recalibrate them by an infusion of Grace from the Higher Heart/universal compassionate.  It will cause a shift in your energy vibration with many miraculous results.

Benefits of the KA Shakti Healing Symbol:

More Energy, Clarity, Happiness and Inner Peace
Heightened spiritual awareness
Greater love and harmony
More vitality in our body
Assists in reconnecting our life force (KA)
Assists in resolving headaches, minor aches and pains
Assists in reducing your inner conflicts of suffering, depression, frustration or anger
Allows you to feel more confident, vital and alive


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