The Magical Shield of Invincibility



Founder: Senay Yildrim, 2023

Spiritual Protection from Negative Forces

Prerequisite: None

This attunement does have a fixed fee of $150 but Senay has permitted me to offer it for less to make it available to more people.

Psychic thought forms are like little energy missiles. If someone is angry with you, afraid of you, or jealous of you, they will launch negative energy missiles. Similarly, if someone thinks nice things about you, positive psychic thought forms such as love, health, and happiness will find you. What is alarming are the negative missiles of the thought-form. Over time, they can make you physically, mentally, or spiritually uncomfortable. Negative thought forms exploding in the air next to us won’t do much harm to our emotional, spiritual, or mental health if our aura is strong and our energy vibration is high. Confident people are protected thanks to their healthy self-esteem and resilience. Whether at home, at school, or work, in fact, everywhere we go, we are surrounded by a swirling mass of thought forms. Many of these are intentional, and some are unintentional; Most of them are positive. But as we all know, in addition to enjoying the positive things in life, we also need to deal with the negatives. Any thought form that contains your name and that you did not create is an invasion of your energy field, a psychic attack.

Psychic protection is the process you use to protect your energy field from intrusive attacks.  You can protect yourself against unwanted Psychic attacks. The only thing you need to remember is that positive energy destroys negative energy. Just as positive energy destroys negative energy, negative energy attracts negative. Therefore, if you don’t want to be surrounded by negative people who drain your energy, stress you out, and make you feel nervous, you shouldn’t spread negative thought forms. When you feel that you are under psychic attack; Use the Magical Shield of Invincibility energy to repel negative thought forms back to the sender so they can learn from their mistakes. This is not karmically wrong. With this energy, you will have an aura that is powerful and fully protected. It is never a coincidence that at certain stages of our lives, some people get in our way. Along with positive outlooks come a multitude of positive ways of thinking that boost our confidence, make us laugh, influence our direction, and make us feel appreciated and loved for who we are. So never forget to use positive energy to attract positive energy. Use positive energy to eliminate negative energy as well. This way you will also have the best psychic protection offered at all times.