Combat Stress – Find Inner Peace and Serenity in a Chaotic World



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30 Mandala coloring pages

Peace and happiness self-print card deck

Peaceful Chaos mini course + videos

Meditation journal (102 pages)

Dealing with adversity report

So often life feels chaotic. There are things to do, people to see, work to be done, to-do lists to be tackled. There is global conflict and global warming. There is information and misinformation, competing voices, different points of view all looking for our attention.

There are obligations and demands, relationships to nourish, finances to manage, bills to pay, social media feeds to scroll and new series on Netflix to watch. Finding a sense of well-being in the modern world can be tough.

With all this going on – worlds within worlds demanding our attention – it can sometimes feel like it is impossible to find those few moments you need, to spend time where you can simply sit back, relax and be still. Understandably, finding peace is something many have been searching for throughout their lives. It may even be ingrained in humanity’s DNA.

This course will provide an overview of inner peace with some practices you can apply, inspired by wisdom across the ages, with sprinkles of psychological research. Yes, life often feels chaotic, but it is always possible to find calm within the storm.

My wish for you with this course is that you can reach inside and find that inner place where peace exists, despite everything that is going on in the outside world.


Module 1


Module 2

What is inner peace?

Why inner peace is important

Small changes


Start a meditation practice

Indulge yourself with a bath

Write it down

Simplify your living space

Do a digital detox

Slow down

Module 3

Why is it important to find inner peace?

How is inner peace and happiness connected?

Module 4

Practice stillness

Can improve physical health

The Zone

To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom

Sit quietly

Take your time

Reject distraction

Be fully present

Deal with childhood memories and trauma

Review your decisions


Refine your moral compass

Rise above your limitations

Choose less stress

Develop a routine

Reinforce stillness with fun

Module 5

Practice stillness PowerPoint

Module 6

Accept and let go of control

The serenity prayer

Three main pieces of the serenity prayer

Identifying what you can and cannot control

First take a step back

Gaining perspective

Focusing on acceptance

Worrying about things you cannot change

Shifting towards a positive mindset

Examples of what you cannot control




Know when to move on

Worrying about the things you cannot control


What you cannot control

What you can control

Working with things within your control

Look within

Acknowledge your weaknesses and faults

View situations from a different perspective

Make a game plan

Make an effort to better yourself

Learn from your experiences

Live in the moment

Module 7

Accept and let go PowerPoint

Module 8

Relaxation practices

Guided imagery

Guided imagery techniques

Progressive muscle relaxation

Meditation for finding peace and calm

Mindfulness meditation


Meditation apps


Tai chi

Breathing exercise

Audio:     Garden meditation

Video:     5-minute morning breathing routine

Module 9

Relaxation practices PowerPoint

Module 10

Peaceful sleep

The sleep-stress cycle

How stress affects sleep

Muscle tension

Elevated heart rate

Digestive system effects

Daytime behavior

Consider your meals


Kill the blue light

Exercise and yoga poses

An evening routine

Prepare your bedroom


Don’t watch the clock

Leverage the light

Keep a routine

Nap right

Module 11

Peaceful sleep PowerPoint

Module 12

Better time management

Make a list

Set deadlines

Stop multi-tasking

Delegate responsibilities

Use your downtime

Reward yourself

Benefits of time management

Less stress

Get more done

Less rework

Less life friction and problems

More free time

Less wasted time

More opportunities

Improves your reputation

Less effort

Manage your time, improve your life


Control social media use

To-do lists

Identify tasks by importance

Time management matrix

Goals – SMART goals

Setting specific goals

Setting measurable goals

Setting attainable goals

Setting relevant goals

Setting timely goals

Using a timer

Morning routine


Implement habits


Module 13

Better time management PowerPoint

Module 14

The effects of stress

An overview of stress



Chronic stress and what it does to the body

What chronic stress does to the mind and Spirit

Relaxed state v Stress state

Relaxed state

Stress state

Module 15

The effects of stress PowerPoint

Module 16

Turn off mental noise

What is mental noise?

Calm the restlessness and nonstop chatter of your mind

How does the mental noise express itself?

Switching off the mind

Can you shut off the mental noise?

Let’s do an experiment

Meditation, concentrating and shutting off the mental noise

Strategies for turning off mental noise

Mindful meditation



Identify the goal

Identify the type of noise

Combat blockers

Move forward




Module 17

Turn off mental noise PowerPoint

Module 18

Inner peace and work

Enjoy the here and now

Avoid your triggers

Accept and let go

Do not work yourself up

Take care of the goose and the golden eggs will follow

Module 19

Rituals to get rid of worry

Rituals transform the mundane into the sacred

Rituals make us feel safe and balanced

Rituals foster greater connection with ourselves and others

Rituals help encourage self-love habits

Rituals allow us to enjoy the ride, not just the destination

What is a ritual and how can you benefit from one?

Let the wind carry away the feather

Burn your worries

Water ceremony

Throwing stones


Gratitude List

Reassess to-do lists

Remove worry triggers

Distract yourself

Make a plan

Module 20

The art of slow living

What is slow living?





The benefits of slow living

Improved mental clarity and focus

Reduced stress and anxiety

Increased happiness levels

Improved communication and relationships with others

Increased sense of calm and peace

Embodied cognition

More time to enjoy life’s simple pleasures

How to practice the art of slow living

Slow down the pace

Learn how to be more present

Take some time for yourself

Be more observant of the world around you

Spend time doing what matters most

Module 21

Beliefs that block your inner peace

I will be happy when I get this

My true emotions will reveal my vulnerabilities

I need to be happier

I need to be doing something right now

I am not good enough

I am ashamed and embarrassed about my past

Inner peace as a process

Stop excessive self-blame

Ditch the victim mentality

Be aware of people pleasing

Say goodbye to grudges

Stop chasing perfection

How can anyone achieve inner peace?

Module 22


You want more freedom, happiness and peace

How long to meditate

How to meditate

Audio:     Calm your mind, present moment meditation

Module 23

Silence is golden

A world of distractions

How to spend a day in silence

Incorporating silence into your life

Module 24


Journaling to challenge anxious thoughts

Write your worries

Reread and rethink

Think differently

Recall your strengths

Consider a plan

Decide how to prepare


Set a timer

Write everything that comes to mind

Don’t worry about grammar or spelling

Write until your time is up

Reread your entry afterwards

Using journal prompts

Keeping a thought diary






A sacred ritual just for you

Journal prompts

Art journaling

Video:     Art journaling with five supplies

Module 25

Coloring mandalas

What does adult coloring do to relax people?

Attention flows away from ourselves

It relaxes the brain

Low stakes make it pleasurable

Is there research to support it as a form of relaxation?

Why has this become popular now

Extra:     30 Mandala coloring pages

Module 26

Stress-free sanctuary

Your home as a place to grow and heal

All that matters is the present moment

Realize the profound comfort in the word “maybe”

Commit to activities you enjoy and do them

Clear the clutter


Calming Flush

Chaos Flush

Lavender Plant Shakti

Nature Relaxation Resonance

Peace Flush

Seven Soul Characteristics

Meditation Flush

Social Anxiety Disorder Flush