Lemurian Seed Crystals 1 – 4



You will learn how to facilitate the Lemurian Temple Initiation, the Dimensional Resonance Activation, the Dimensional Resonance Alignment, and how to facilitate all other types of Lemurian Empowerments.

The Lemurian civilizations were far more advanced than our own. They were highly evolved and spiritual. The Lemurians were vigorous and intelligent, so adept at developing their arts and technology and industrious in exploring the resources of the islands, that they soon established a great civilization. They were healers, teachers, priestesses, priests, recorders of knowledge, scientists, astronomers and artisans.

Lemuria was a peaceful place with superior knowledge, thriving commerce and advanced technology. The beauty of the city, on its circle of land linked by great bridges across circles of water, was further enhanced by brilliant gardens, groves of flowering trees and innumerable sparkling fountains. Great universities, observatories, libraries, laboratories and academies for people of all ages was the mainstream of civilization.

People in those times were categorized according to their spiritual growth. The ones who were less spiritually evolved (with lower energies) could not enter high-energy areas. There were temples made of lemurian seed crystals. Elders (the priests) could connect to the lemurian seed crystals. Lemurian seed crystals were used for building the bridges; some lemurian seed crystals were used for heating water. Some were working lemurian seed crystals; some spiritual and some were healing lemurian seed crystals.

The Lemurian Vibrations can also be helpful with soul healing & the releasing of karmic ties and may also be important for those with previous Lemurian connections.

The Lemurian Seed Crystal attunements complement and follow on from the Lemurian Facilitator attunement wonderfully.  These additional empowerments include attunement to sacred symbols that draw in frequencies of energy for the purpose of healing and spiritual development.  The vibrations of these symbols are those that are held in powerful Lemurian Star-Seeded Quartz points.





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