Womb Wisdom: Embodying Sacred Feminine Energy for Healing



Includes Menopause course valued at GBP 129 


Menopause Journal (55 pages)

Menopause Symptoms cards (35)

CBT techniques for Menopause (31 pages)

Menopause Self-care workbook (49 pages)

Ask yourself this question honestly: Do you find a part of your life to be unfulfilled, lacking in something you cannot quite put your finger on? The way of the womb is for the woman who wants to be totally empowered as a woman, manifesting her Soul mission and being able to have intimate, fulfilling sacred relationships, actively participating and engaging fully in the spontaneous joy and wave of life. It is for that woman who wishes to fully claim her authentic self as a live and flowing experience and live her womanhood totally, without reservation or hesitation, without having to compromise. It is for that woman who wishes to have an open, fulfilling sexual life and who wishes to use this energy to dynamically fuel her evolution, health and lifestyle.

The womb is an honest mirror of the Soul, serving to reflect the truth about the progress that is being made in our growth. It is flowing, cooling, gentle and mothering like a calm ocean, cooling and balancing pools of excess masculine attitudes and expressions.

During and just before your menstrual cycle, nature tells your body to relax. Our bodies speak to us all of the time. Cramps and aches, for example, force us to retreat and turn inward.  We become so in tune with our bodies that we can feel everything. Cramps teach us to be present with ourselves and to really feel what is going on. When women become stressed, our emotions are erratic because we are going against our own energy. We must work with nature to tap into our Divine feminine energy so that we can be comfortable with sitting still and being within.

You should be kind to yourself every single day and you should give yourself love. Women are the Divine feminine. A woman who is run by logic is out of touch with her natural essence.

My wish for you with this course is that you feel your feelings, tune into your intuition and embrace your moon cycle. Care for your womb and care for your body. Make your menstrual cycle into a celebration; it is another rebirth, and the more in tune you become with it, the more comfortable and satisfying your period will become. In a world built on masculine consciousness, it is time for the Divine feminine to return to her Essence.

Module 1


The womb is not just a womb

Womb cleansing

Audio:               Sing the water song

Module 2

Seat of creativity

What does the sacral chakra represent?

Symptoms of a blocked or weak sacral chakra

What does a healthy sacral chakra feel like?

How can I support the sacral chakra?

Sacral chakra affirmations

Embodiment exercise: Sacral chakra induction

Audio:       Sacral chakra healing song

Module 3

Embracing your moontime

How do we embrace our moontime?

Healthy cycles

Reconnecting to our natural cycles

Charting your cycle

Sanitary protection

Embrace your moontime

Module 4

Spiritual gateway

Sacral Lotus

Audio:           Sacral Lotus meditation

Module 5

Life phases

Your subtle body and life phases

Your sacral gateway

Maiden years

Mother years

Wise woman years

The Triple Goddess

Revisiting the Maiden, Mother and Crone

The Triple Goddess moon associations

The Bud

The Blossom

The Root

The Budding woman

The Blossoming woman

The Root/Crone woman

Maiden Goddess ritual for magical mornings

Mother Goddess ritual for self-nurturing

Crone Goddess ritual for awakening wisdom

Module 6

The healing properties of your menstrual blood

The cycle of life meditation

Module 7

Understanding your cycles








Module 8

The Feminine Palace

The Dantien

Breathe from your womb space

Daily practice

Module 9

Listen to the voice of the womb

The sounds of the womb

AH – Opening to create

OH – Opening the womb

AI – The sound of creating

AU – The love of creating

Om Ma Aum – The hum of the Universe

Sounding out the womb

Ask your womb some questions

Module 10

Physical, Spiritual and Archetypal meaning of your cycles


Moon phase








Vaginal discharge




Physical feeling

Outward action


Key words


The wisdom of our cycles

Module 12

The moon and its movements

There are 13 full moons in each year

The Crescent moons

The Full moon

Symbolic of the fullness and harvest

Shine your own light into the world

Let yourself sparkle

The Dark moon

A mystical time for secret, sacred wisdom

Transformation is a natural part of life’s cycles

The New moon

A time of new life, resurrection, beginnings and new ventures

Let life’s gifts be revealed in their own time

Sacred moon

Dance in her light, bathe in it

Audio:           Healing through water meditation

Module 13

Restoring connection to the Great Mother

Sacred womb meditation and visualization

Your birthright

Breathe and rest in the breath

Listen, feel, sense

Hear the silent echoes of ancient wisdom

Powerful vortex of loving and healing energy

Radiant, luminous Cosmic light

Audio:           Held in the arms of the Great Mother

Module 14

Clearing emotional pain from the womb

Nourish and be aware of your womb

Process your emotions

Shake it off

Audio:           Womb – child healing

You will receive a Golden Light healing

Maternal bloodline/Paternal bloodline

Your unique nature – Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow Child


Module 15

Spontaneous creation

Your creative essence

Creative blocks

Exercise: Spontaneous creation

The importance of ritual and creative intention

Healing a wound of the Spirit

Exercise: Clearing the pelvic bowl

Module 16

Manifesting from your womb space

What makes us fearful of the process of creation?

Stand in your power, trust your intuition

Notice any blocks

Tune into your womb space

Clear your womb space

Visualization for clearing your womb space

Womb manifestation

Module 17


Prewriting meditation and visualization techniques

10 Minute exercise

Sacral chakra mediation 1

Sacral chakra meditation 2

Writing prompts

Module 18

Healing with color, oils and crystals

Physical level



Mental level



Emotional level



Spiritual level



Orange and Tantra

Variations of the color orange

Essential oils


Ylang Ylang

Clary Sage






Black Pepper







How to work with gemstones

Module 19


Your daughter’s first period

Having the conversation

Introducing the subject

Being open about the process of periods

Dispel the myths

Other approaches


First period traditions across the world

Menarche ceremony

Module 20

How to have an eco-friendly moontime

Reusable cloth pads

How to make your own menstrual pads

How to clean cloth sanitary pads

Menstrual cups

Period panties

Module 21

Returning to the sacred

Deep communion with Spirit

Five-day moon practice ritual

Module 22

Walking the path of infertility

The two-week wait

Don’t overdo pregnancy tests

Reclaim what you used to love

Connect with your partner if you have one

Prioritize self-care

Acknowledge difficult feelings

Join a support group

Get professional help

Let friends support you

Take a break

Practice reframing

Module 23

Abortion and miscarriage, finding solace

Alleviate distress, sadness, shame and grief

Healing after abortion ceremony 1

Healing after abortion ceremony 2

Healing after abortion ceremony 3

Learning to trust yourself again

Module 24

Movement exercises

Audio:           Water meditation

Yemaya, Goddess of the Sea

Yemaya Assessu mantra – Where the river joins the sea

Audio:       Yemaya mantra

Mantra meaning

Pelvic rock I

Pelvic rock II

Hip circles

Scissors kicks

Walking from the pelvis

Emotional release

Module 25

Menopause – honoring the power of change

A meaningful Spiritual passage

Ritual to restore our heritage as women

You will need


Common symptoms during four stages of menopause





Risks associated with post-menopause

Tips to effectively manage menopause



Supportive herbs

Hormone replacement

Module 26


Sacred routine

Sacred purification

Sacred scent

Sacred nature connection

Transform your daily acts

Audio:           Let go of what no longer serves you

Module 27

Red tent

Spiritual nourishment

There is power in the cycle

Module 28

Yoni steaming

Powerful ritual

Benefits and uses of yoni steaming

Precautions / Contraindications

Herbs to use

How to steam

Adjuncts to steaming

Where to purchase yoni steaming herbs

Module 29

Womb stories from around the world

Module 30

Just Breathe, Just Be planner

Extra audio & Video:

Global womb healing meditation

Full moon meditation


Lunar balance (Value $25 / R356)

By Maria Windsong Couture

Lunar Balance is an energy system that helps in keeping balance your emotions during the many phases of our moon lunar month. Some people are very sensitive and are adversely affected by some of these phases of our moon. The moon affects the tides of our oceans and just as our emotions like water, our emotions are also influenced by the phases of the month. The water in our body can get out a few times out of balance and then the Lunar Balance can be very helpful. Premenstrual retention of water can be illuminated or can be reduced by activation of the Lunar Balance. Lunar Balance can best be activated during times of the month in which you feel that your emotions are most affected by the moon.

LW Musical Notes of the Chakras (Value $5 / R71)

By Nan Fahey

Menopause Reiki 1 – 3 (Value $39 / R556)

By Maria Joao Sereno

Menopause is a term used to describe the permanent cessation of the primary functions of the human ovaries: the ripening and release of ova and the release of hormones that cause both the creation of the uterine lining and the subsequent shedding of the uterine lining (a.k.a. the menses or the period). Menopause typically (but not always) occurs in women in midlife, during their late 40s or early 50s, and signals the end of the fertile phase of a woman’s life.

During the menopause transition years, as the body responds to the rapidly fluctuating and dropping levels of natural hormones, a number of effects may appear. Not every woman experiences bothersome levels of these effects; the range of effects and the degree to which they appear is very variable from person to person.

Menopause Reiki will help you with

Relief all symptoms of menopause:

Hot flashes





Mood swings

Sleep disturbances

Sense of loss

Back pain

Joint pain or muscle pain

Decreased libido

and more…

Womb Care (Value $17.99 / R257)

By Maria Windsong Couture

Womb Care from Mariah (Men receive to activate for the woman in your life)

If you are a man, you may want to be attuned so that you can activate these energies for a woman in your life who wants more healing on all levels. An attunement is a dose of energy frequencies that ‘match’ the energy of this energy system in general, and each function or attunement specifically.

Once you have received that dose of energy, your body and spirit will recognize that energy and easily access the energy stream from Eternal Sacred Source that IS the energy stream of this particular energy system.

Womb Care™ is a comprehensive energy system that brings you the CARE of all responsive eternal beings whose specialty it is to attend to the healing and wholeness of your body’s reproductive system – it attends to all the organs and body parts that make up your reproductive system below your belly button. Womb Care™ includes the energies of Cramp Pain Release for your monthly ease and comfort.

Womb Care™ also assists to bring your womb’s energy into wholeness. There are women who have had miscarriages, or simply feel the emptiness of having never carried a baby in their womb. Others have had their uterus and or ovaries removed by surgery. It is vitally important to bring the ethereal energy of your womb into wholeness by reclaiming the spiritual energy of your womb.




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