Invest in Yourself: Unlocking Your Full Potential



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1% Better – Kaizen: How small and simple actions every day lead to big results

Kaizen audio course – 9 MP3

Have you taken any steps to invest in yourself? Recently? Do you know what investing in yourself means or looks like? It is a proactive process. Self-investment requires focus, deliberate action and regular attention, and when you do so you can reap unimaginable rewards.

We all hold power within us to effect change. That power is birthed from the choices we make. Tomorrow’s blessings and opportunities depend on the choices we make today. We hold within our choices the power to change our lives, change the lives of those around us and the power to choose our destiny.

This course has been designed to encourage you to think differently about your life and to be more proactive about the choices you make. You need a framework to understand the basics of personal investment and to understand how best to tackle it.

In the poignant words of author and poet Ralph Waldo Emerson  “The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be?”


Module 1


Module 2

Benefits of self-investment

Investing in you is investing in the most important person in your life

Self-investment is the key to happiness

Investing in yourself affirms your value and self-worth

When you invest in yourself you create a better future

Module 3

What you do today

Mark it on your calendar

Retirement savings

Learn to cook

Time capsule wardrobe

Media consumption


Keep in touch

Plan and measure

Block external influence

Module 4

Things you cannot control

Assess values and beliefs

Know your value


Keen awareness

Visualizing your future Self

Big picture thinking

The wisdom of hindsight

Module 5

The power of determination

Determination v Motivation

Determination can be defined in a few different ways

Motivation can be defined as

How to remain determined through adversity

Adversity is a learning experience

Challenges are opportunities

Builds resiliency

Gain perspective

Helps with planning







Seek help


Plot a course


Module 6

The choices you make today

Create the destiny you desire



Present living

The right choice

Seek support

Never give up




Role model

Hold onto your integrity

Let go

Module 7

The choices you make today Workbook

TRIPMAP exercise







Positives and minuses

Action plan



Module 8

Life plan

If you want your life to go a certain way you must have a plan

What self-investment means





Module 9

Life plan Workbook

The bucket list

The brainstorm

Seek inspiration

Time limits

Sharing is caring





A partnership






Goal setting

Emotional temperature


Taking ownership





Personal projects/passions

The process

Module 10

Identify your values

Why personal core values are important

How values help you

Defining your values

Identify the times when you were happiest

Identify the times when you were most proud

Identify the times when you were most fulfilled and satisfied

Determine your top values based on your experiences of happiness, pride and fulfilment

Prioritize your top values

Reaffirm your values

Module 11

Identify your values Workbook

Recent decisions

Your values

The disconnect

Do you value yourself?

Value failure

Values and goals: Invest in yourself

Module 12

Spend time well

Live it up

Steal it

Be fierce

Call up your inner Sage

Succumb to its might

Spending your time well



Work time

How much time should you spend working?

What do I do with the rest of my time?

Better use of your time

Ideas of time better spent

Avoiding distractions and disruptions

How to create your schedule

Module 13

Spend time well Workbook

Time wasters

Better uses of time

Life and self-actualization goals and time investment

Time is valuable

Module 14

Identify what is holding you back

Identifying obstacles

Understanding excuses and limiting beliefs

What happened, who was present and how did it make you feel?

Negative meaning

Wait and see

Test the water

Is it holding you back?

Thought examination

Seeking clarity

Module 15

Identify what is holding you back Workbook

Identify obstacles

List all the limiting beliefs you have about yourself

Working through excuses and limiting beliefs


Thought examination

Seeking clarity

Habits, actions, choices

No more blame


Develop knowledge

Looming failure

Getting to grips with limiting beliefs

Take back control

The confidence to see things differently


The “what ifs”

What do you want and how will you get there?

Module 16

Create a personal development plan

Investment in your future

Your personal development plan

What to include

Tracking your progress

What to consider

The benefits of a personal development plan

The truth about personal development

Why should you create a personal development plan

When you don’t need a personal development plan

The elements of a personal development plan






Module 17

Create a personal development plan Workbook

SWOT analysis


Define your objectives

Your personal development plan

Module 18

Broaden your horizons

Pinpoint where you are complacent in life

Understand what is holding you back

Pursue opportunities through passion

Consider time and money

Built relationships that will elevate you

Create a vision board

Leverage technology

Module 19

Broaden your horizons Workbook

Put a pause on self-limiting beliefs

Push beyond your comfort zone

Start listening

The art of why

It is opposite day

Try something new

Go somewhere new

Module 20

Surround yourself with positive people

What happens when you surround yourself with positivity?

How can I surround myself with positivity?

Module 21

Surround yourself with positivity Workbook

What is missing?

Letting go

Surrounded by elevation

Surrounded by ambition

Surrounded by greatness

Cultivating real relationships

Attracting the right people


Like for like

Addressing naysayers

Module 22

Ways to make your life better

Be grateful for what you have

Start your day the night before

Be ready to grow up

Drop the attitude

Don’t ignore your emotions

Watch out for negative thinking

Set up and stick to a routine

Drop your resentments

Know who you really are

Enjoy a part of every day

Module 23

Living in the here and now

Prolong its value and make it more meaningful

Discover its beauty and wonder

Recharge, renew and gain clarity

Tips for living in the moment

Benefits of living in the moment

Audio:       The power of the present

Module 24

Stop giving your power away

You give in to guilt trips

Your self-worth depends on other people’s opinions of you

You have trouble setting boundaries

You complain about all the things you have to do

You hold grudges

You have changed your goals based on other people’s opinions

You are hypersensitive to criticism

Other people have the ability to bring out the worst in you

You spend a lot of time talking about people you don’t like

Other people determine the kind of day you are going to have

Take back your power

Module 25

The areas that will benefit you the most








Play hard

A bucket list


Take time out

Build life experiences

Know your path


Module 26

Planning for the future


Streams of income


Sharpen your skillset

Branch out


Module 27

Invest in yourself Planner


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1% Better: Kaizen – How small and simple actions every day lead to big results

Kaizen audio course – 9 MP3