Gaia’s Blue Lotus Overlight Deva




The Blue Lotus is the symbol of victory of the spirit over the senses and signifies the wisdom and knowledge. It is the embodiment of perfection of wisdom and represents the wide open eyes of the awakened one.

The lotus flower has a unique characteristic in that it blooms and sheds its seeds at the same time. In the context of Buddhism, the theory of karma says that, just like the lotus flower, our life is made up of cause and effect. Every cause – be it action, word or thought – will imprint an effect that can be seen in this lifetime or in future lives. The lotus produces a beautiful flower even with its roots in the dirtiest water. The symbolism is that a person can rise above being rooted in the ugliness and suffering of this world, and should try to be pure and help others with the beauty of the spirit….. The lotus grows in the muddy water of still ponds and lakes. The magnificent blossom unfolds gradually, one petal at a time, till full-bloom in the morning when the sun’s rays touch the flower. As the lotus awakens and blooms at the first rays of the morning sun, the interdependence between the lotus and the sun is a symbol of love.

Gaia’s Overlighting Blue Lotus Deva is showing us a way of healing ourselves…. from the roots (Root Chakra) to the Gloriously flowering Crown (crown chakra)…. There is an energetic link for us to key into when looking at the picture of the blue lotus flower…. and the overlighting Deva of this beautiful presence*** Much information of a vibrational level is being transmitted to us…. We will suddenly know that we have been communicated with….. in a way that conveys great presence…. maturity of being…. timelessness comes to mind……


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