DNA Rainbow Hologram Activation




The DNA Rainbow Hologram Activations were channelled by Reiki Master Elaine DeCarlo and contain 7 levels to simply yet effectively attune you to the activations that will help you to clear away all forms of stagnant energy which over time will help you to change the blueprint of your DNA structure.

The creation of this method came into being after Elaine trained in the Theta Healing method where she was shown by her guides how she should share them with others. These spiritual connections are very simple to establish and should be used as often as you possibly can.

Some of the benefits that will be given through your connections with the DNA Rainbow Hologram Activations are:

* Improved Feeling of overall well being and improved health.

* Full clearing of your Aura.

* Repairs DNA Cells.

* Opens 3rd Eye.

* Improved Memory.

* Removing Fear & Doubt from Your Energetic System.

* Promoting Serenity.

* An Increased Capacity to Experience and Share Love.

* A Physical, Spiritual and Mental Detoxification.

* An Increased Awareness of Your Path.

* An Increased Acceptance of Your Path.

* An Increased Awareness of Your Spirit Guides.

* A Better Ability to Communicate & Connect with Your Guides.

* A Feeling of Oneness with all in The Universe.


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