Sacred Cacao Ceremony




While performing ceremony, we open the door between our ordinary consciousness – who we are on an egoic and personality level – and walk through a veil that leads into the invisible realms. You have to leave behind your ordinary thoughts about your day to cross the veil into the invisible and start your process of weaving a new life tapestry for yourself, your family, your community and the world. Thinking about emails or what happened at work or concerns about issues in your life anchors you to the ordinary, preventing you from crossing to the unseen world and experiencing the power of the work.

When we use Cacao ceremonially, we are invoking the Spirit of the Cacao, often known as IxCacao to come into our hearts, bodies and minds to heal us of what holds us back from our true Divine nature.

Yes, the Spirit of the Cacao plant; that part of the Divine that manifests in the Cacao plant and has the ability to heal and communicate in some form with the human psyche. If you consider the idea that we are all one, and that nature (which we often forget we are part of) is an interconnected ecosystem, and all things have an energetic vibration (as science show us) we might begin to understand how such energy can be transferred between humans, animals and plants.

The true magic in working with ceremonies is what occurs behind all the activity taking place. This is true with all shamanic healing and blessing work. The space behind the drumming, the words, the dancing and all the physical activity of ceremony is the deep silence of the void – the place before creation. In this silent space, your Soul communes with the Divine forces and the powers that be, working in partnership to manifest the intention of your ceremony. The activity of ceremony gives us a way to feed and grow the seed of intention. We focus our body, mind and Spirit, making a path for the magic to occur behind the veil, between the seen and unseen realms. When a shaman performs a healing, the true work has nothing to do with the method performed. The healing happens in the sacred space of the void and through the light-filled presence of the shaman. If you create sacred space, magic happens in your ceremony.

Your inner Divine Spirit and the Divine power of the Universe commune within the structure of the ceremony, allowing you in your humanness to participate and to show your commitment and intention to obtain your desired results. I will now share with you elements that are essential in designing and preparing for a ceremony that you perform alone or in a group.

If you are intrigued by sacred plant medicines and expanded states of consciousness and wish to incorporate more ceremony into your life, without the personal commitment that powerful psychoactives require or incurring the expense of international travel; then look no further than creating your own safe and legal ceremonies using the medicine of the ancient Maya – Cacao.

Cacao is a forgotten plant medicine; an ancient teacher and facilitator who assists you in your journey, whatever that may be. It opens the door but does not push you through it, instead supporting the energies where you want to direct them. Cacao makes focus, connection and expansion more easily accessible. It will show you what you need to let go of, but the choice to do that work is yours. Many find this gentle heart-centered approach in alignment with how they wish to learn, grow and teach. You can play with the energies and have fun.

Because I believe in the healing power of Cacao, it is my hope to inspire you to share the magic of Cacao with your community, by conducting sacred Cacao ceremonies that deepen your authentic connection with yourself and with others.


Module 1



Module 2

What is a Cacao ceremony?

Video:       Cacao ceremony


Module 3


Video:       Keith Wilson – the Chocolate Shaman


Module 4

How do I know if a Cacao ceremony is right for me?


Module 5

Sacred plant teacher


Module 6

Health benefits


Module 7



Module 8

Rescuing an Ancient Maya tradition


Module 9

Difference between Cacao and Cocoa


Module 10

What makes Cacao ceremonial?


Module 11

Things to know before your first Cacao ceremony


Module 12

Designing the ceremony


Module 13

Gathering the materials needed


Module 14

Preparing the Cacao

Video:       Preparing the Cacao


Module 15

Preparing the space


Module 16

Building an altar


Module 17



Module 18

Opening meditation

Audio:       Heart center awakening meditation


Module 19



Module 20

Setting an intention


Module 21

Bless the Cacao


Module 22

Next part of the ceremony


Module 23

Sharing circle


Module 24

Songs of the Cacao

Audio:       Cacao Spirit song


Module 25

Closing the circle and grounding


Module 26

After the ceremony


Module 27

Holding a personal Cacao ceremony


Module 28

Four Cacao rituals


Module 29

Cleansing ritual to do at home


Module 30

Ceremonies in Mexico

Video:       Spirituality Riviera Maya


Module 31

Where to source Cacao



Songs to play before, during and after the ceremony



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