Let go of unhealthy relationships Course



If you have ever gone through a break-up, whether it be divorce or with a partner/boyfriend/girlfriend this course will teach you how to let go of the relationship and the person involved, how not to cling, to act out of revenge, how to let go of bitterness.

Most of us have all gone through a break-up at least once in our lives.  For those who haven’t, you aren’t missing much.  The hurt, the regret, the sadness and the feeling of failure are just some things that go along with breaking up a relationship.  Sometimes we see it coming and other times, it is dropped on us like a nuclear bomb. Well, not that drastic, but if you are the one it is dropped on, it certainly feels like the world is coming to an end.

Don’t fret.  The good news is, your world is not coming to an end, in fact there have been millions of people over the centuries who have survived break-ups and moved on to new and better relationships.  And guess what?  You can too. Maybe you got that call from your significant other that you “need to talk”, or your partner has cheated on you and fallen in love with someone else or things just didn’t work out well with you both and it was a mutual break-up.  Even if it is a mutual break-up on both your ends, the hurt and sad feelings are still there.  Because, no matter what, you shared a part of your life with this person and feelings were there, even if they are not there now. You did care for each other at one time or another and maybe you still do.

Every situation is different. No matter what the reason for breaking up was and how your relationship ended, good or bad, the feelings after a break-up are pretty much the one and the same.  There is always that feeling of sadness, loss, failure, regret, blame, etc. So many emotions to deal with.  And then there is the feeling of if you are ever going to meet a new person and if you are ever going to fall in love again.  Well, as the saying goes, “When you meet that one person that you spend the rest of your life with, you understand why all the other relationships didn’t work out.”


Module 1



Module 2

Are you addicted to bad relationships?

Signs you are addicted to bad relationships and how to break the cycle

Why do we allow ourselves to be caught up in one bad relationship after another?

You have never been able to find emotional support from a partner

You subconsciously seek partners who bring down your self-esteem

Your partner often goes missing for long periods

You regularly date people who test your morals

You have caught more than one partner lying about something

You tend to pick partners who make you more sad than happy

You have never experienced true compromise in a relationship

You have faced emotional or physical abuse in multiple relationships


Module 3

This is what a healthy relationship looks like

Healthy love requires separate containers

Healthy love requires facing in the same direction

Healthy love requires fire in between


Module 4

Breaking the cycle of calling, texting or e-mailing

Acting on impulse


Why clinging is not productive

What you can do when you want to cling

Writing exercises

Surrendering to what is

Audio:       How to stop clinging


Module 5

How journaling eases heartbreak

Choose your words wisely

Journal every day

Know there is no wrong way to journal

Focus on how the relationship changed your life

Don’t expect miracles


Module 6

Building a support system

Be selective

The criteria for someone in your support system

What if your entire support system is unavailable?

Action Steps

When one door closes another opens

Audio:       Building a support system


Module 7

How to not act desperate

What does it mean to act desperate?

Signs you are acting desperate


Destructive desperate behaviors

Never beg for love


Do not act desperate technologically

How to undo desperate behavior

Action steps for when you are feeling desperate

The importance of detachment


Module 8


Putting her or him on a pedestal

Unhealthy longing

Perfect closure

If only

Thoughts that will keep you obsessing

Distract yourself

Switch your thoughts

Soothe yourself

Get physical


Find a safety blanket

Surf the net

Find comfort in the kitchen

Allow yourself to cry

Be mindful

Practice doing nothing

Audio:       Letting go of thoughts


Module 9

How to not text, e-mail or call

Erase all traces of him/her

Change your environment

Postpone contacting them

Put up lists around your place

Technological action steps


Do not hang onto the past

Audio:       Letting go with forgiveness


Module 10

What to do if you have a setback?

What if your ex keeps contacting you?

Don’t beat yourself up over mistakes

What do I do if I backslide?



Module 11

Release that which no longer serves

What is an energetic cord?

What problems do cords create?

How to perceive cords

How to remove cords

Burning the past ritual

Audio:       Meditation to let go of the past


Module 12

Release toxic emotions

Identifying toxic emotions

Take action now

Audio:       Release toxic emotions


Module 13

Take your time and mourn

Accept it

Let yourself be angry

Vent out to someone close

Write about it

Cut them off


Eat better


Focus on yourself


Module 14


Stages of healing

Time heals all


Module 15

Letting go with forgiveness

Clearing negative energy

Physical Release


Module 16

What to tell the children

Deal with your guilt

Ensure your children are not carrying the burden

Remind them they have not been abandoned

Express your emotions

Fill the void

Park the bias

Give them the freedom to choose

Do not tolerate bad behavior

Maintain the parental role

Work together


Module 17

How to announce a break-up on social media

The announcement

Do not drag anybody through the mud

Do not post vague status updates

It is okay to block

It is a new start


Module 18

Finally letting go of the pain after a break-up

Give your emotions a shake

Talk it out

How it helped me

Some things I have learned along the way

Loving someone does not mean you have to be with them

Making the decision

It has been long enough now


Module 19

Taking care of yourself

Self-care tips


Module 20

Ways to reclaim your life after a break-up

Not everything needs to change

Try all the things

Remember you are not alone

Time is your friend and your foe


Module 21

Guidance on love and self-acceptance


Module 22

Your psychological history

The other person’s behavior

Feelings of loneliness or emptiness

Repetition compulsion

Find meaning in your experience


Module 23

Accepting all that is before moving forward

Audio:       Accepting all that is


Module 24

Leave the past behind

Audio:       Leave the past behind



Inner Peace Light – value $27 / R360)

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This is the time for us to release our inner tensions, anxieties and other hidden emotions.

When working with this energetic system we release suffering from extreme anxiety disorders such disorders and even post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Inner Peace Light restores the ability to express one’s true feelings and emotions no matter what These might be.

Inner Peace Light stimulates the Solar Plexus, Heart and Throat Chakra to raise our willpower, confidence, love, compassion and truth. It mainly works inward to our inner self. We will learn to love ourselves and have compassion for everything about self and have confidence to tell the truth of ourself.

This smooth and warmth energetic system helps us to find peace as an inner soul reality, rather than an outside state of behavior Which others need to validate.

That we learn true inner peace comes from honestly acknowledging pain and transforming it, rather than masking it with a superficial veneer of good cheer or polite tolerance. It helps us come to terms with the darker side of our lives and personalities, so That We Can become blackberries rounded human beings.

We will not lose our sense of humors or our ability to get through the day, but Will Find That laughing at our troubles dispels them rather than hides them. In trouble and Inner Peace Light helps anyone who is trying not to face using jokes and false smiles to avoid a painful reality. It Increases confidence and helps to restore cheerful disposition. We can finally feel safe in facing Both Sides of His or her personality and not only in facing, but discussing life’s problems.

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Author Founder Maha Kamaleksana

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