Awaken the Divine Healer Within



The gift of healing lies within everyone. It is not a gift that only a few people possess. It is everyone’s birthright. Everyone can learn to heal and receive healing.

We are all able to connect to universal life force energy and channel it in order to heal other people. This course will teach you how to channel in life force energy. We all have the ability to place our hands on another person’s aura and feel the abnormalities and defects in the aura, as well as remove those abnormalities from the aura.

Nobody wants to be ill. The body’s natural need is to be healthy. As healers, we learn how to aid the body’s natural desire to move towards health. You already give yourself healing even though you do not call it that. The first thing you do when you whack a toe is to touch that part of the body, and rub it to help stop the pain. This is your natural instinct. You are born with the natural instinct to send healing energy to the hurt part.

This comprehensive course takes you on a journey to awaken the Divine Healer within you, it takes you on wonderful meditations to meet your Spirit Guides, Totem Animals, Guardian Angels and many more. This course covers many different modalities, all culminating in a joyful expression of the YOU you were born to be

¶ Meditation & Visualization
¶ Spirit Guides & Angels
¶ Meditation to meet your Spirit Guide
¶ Guardian Angels & Archangels
¶ Meditation to meet your Guardian Angel
¶ What is the Aura and how to see it
¶ Strengthening and protecting the Aura
¶ Chakras and their functions, including initiation into the 12 Chakra system
¶ Exercises for aligning and balancing the Chakras
¶ Learn how to sense the Chakras
¶ The Hara Line, Tan Tien, Soul Seat and Individuation Points
¶ Nadis / Meridians – the channels which carry energy
¶ Breathing Techniques
¶ Power of the Spoken Word and Affirmations
¶ Spiritual Causes of Sickness
¶ Healing with Colour, Light and Sound
¶ Mandalas, Violet Flame and the Antahkarana
¶ Healing Techniques including Scanning and Psychic Surgery
¶ Listening Skills
¶ Basic Energy Healing (including step by step treatment)
¶ Distant Healing
¶ Pendulums and Chakra Gemstones for balancing
¶ Basic Anatomy & Physiology
¶ Totem Animals, Meditation to meet your Animal Guide

With this course you will also receive our Basic Anatomy & Physiology module from our diploma course:

Basic Anatomy & Physiology
This segment covers the body systems (physical), pathology and disorders of each system, and is necessary in order to give you an overall view of the entire life system.
Course Content: Body systems, Spiritual causes of illness, karmic causes of illness
Extra Bonuses: E-book: Nutrition and Living Well, Acupressure Chart, Slide Show (PDF), First Aid Chart
Audio: Balance meditation, Body Scan Meditation



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