Shining Soul Reiki 1 – 3



Shining Soul Reiki is a excellent and special reiki system that works to heal, clear, heal and remove karma. Shining Soul Reiki is the re-patterning of old/negative beliefs and programs learned throughout your life and from past lives. It removes Karma passed on from generation to generation that keeps us from achieving what we want in life. Some of these programs and beliefs are unconscious and go unnoticed however they affect us and cause illness. Through the Shining Soul Reiki we can overcome physical illnesses, lift depression and anger, clear abundance issues and open the door to more love in our lives.

The Shining – Soul Reiki transmutes and clears your negative karmic contracts which are unresolved emotions and attitudes held consciously and unconsciously that hinder your life.

The Shining Soul Reiki is a simple, very effective technique for releasing dysfunctional patterns.

The Shining Soul Reiki has 3 levels :

Shining Soul Reiki 1 : This level works with Emotional Trauma Karma Removal and Victimization Karma Removal.

Shining Soul Reiki 2 : The second level, is for working  with Codependency Karma Removal and Ancestral Karma Removal, and there is a symbol for this.

Shining Soul Reiki 3 : The Master Level, at this level you can use the Master symbol to pass on the attunements to others.


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