Lightworker Attunement Package 1



These are from the Lightworker Attunement series and include detailed manuals for each individual attunement

These attunements will align you more powerfully so that you may work more closely with them in your day to day life as well as your spiritual development, healing or channeling work

Manuals in this package

  1. LightWorker™ Bridge Energy Empowerment
  2. LightWorker™ Starseed Transmissions
  3. LightWorker™ Musical Notes of the Chakras
  4. LightWorker ™ Cosmic Ray Attunements
  5. LightWorker ™ Grace Purity Rapture Elohim
  6. LightWorker™ Order of Lightworkers Ursilius
  7. LightWorker ™ Legend of Lorelei Ursilius
  8. LightWorker ™ Love Forgiveness Magic Ursilius
  9. LightWorker ™ Return of Unicorns
  10. LightWorker™ Kuan Yin Booster
  11. LightWorker™ Usui Reiki Booster
  12. LightWorker™ Sexual Empowerment 1
  13. LightWorker™ Sexual Empowerment 2
  14. LightWorker™ Sekhem Mantra Empowerment
  15. LightWorker™ Negative Entities Reiki
  16. LightWorker™ Golden Heart of Usui
  17. LightWorker™ Joshua D Stone Initiation
  18. LightWorker™ Cerridwen Empowerment
  19. LightWorker™ Earthly Mother Attunement
  20. LightWorker™ Telos Empowerment
  21. LightWorker™ Tree of Life Attunement
  22. LightWorker™ Jesus Initiations 1 and 2
  23. LightWorker™ A Telling Silence Manual
  24. LightWorker™ Abrahamic Initiation
  25. LightWorker™ Abundantia Demeter
  26. LightWorker™ Achilles Heel
  27. LightWorker™ Activation of the Labyrinth
  28. Lightworker™ Activation of the Medicine Wheel
  29. Lightworker™ Activation of the Shaman
  30. Lightworker™ Advent


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