Meditation Journal



Meditation Journal (62 pages)

How to meditate

Benefits of meditation

My meditation practice

My meditation journal

Heart focus

Meditation practice

Being present

My affirmations

My core values

What is holding me back

The 7 chakras

Chakra guide

Chakra meditation

Meditation tracker

My journal

Emotions wheel

30-Day meditation challenge

Letting go

Body meditation

My ideal daily routine

Let your thoughts flow

How to breathe

4-7-8 Breathing

Lion’s breath

Mindful breathing

Breath focus

Deep breathing

Abdominal breathing

Alternate nostril breathing

Finger breathing

Box breathing

Lengthen the exhale

Lazy 8 breathing

Star breathing

Eat mindfully

Feeling grateful

Gratitude checklist

Mindfulness bingo

Guided imagery

Create your own guided imagery

Progressive muscle relaxation

10 Ways to be present

Be present

What I can control

My meditation prayer

Monthly reflection

Create a meditation space

Self-care planner


Prayer allows you to talk to the Divine and petition for assistance. Meditation allows you to become one with the Divine and discover the divine within your inner being.

In a world crammed with to-do lists, unread emails and incessantly ringing cell phones, it is no wonder that we are continually on the hunt for inner peace – or any peace for that matter. If you find yourself exhausted and disconnected, you are not alone. Many people are turning to a regular meditation practice to achieve a sense of calm and well-being. Meditation can give you the strength and balance to get through even the toughest days.