Advanced Guided Meditations



You can share these meditations with your family and friends as well as your students if you hold meditation groups or teach workshops, however you cannot re-sell them.

This course is for those that are already doing meditation.

When you rush breathlessly from one moment to the next, anticipating another problem or hungering for another pleasure, you miss the beauty of the present, which is constantly unfolding before your eyes.

Meditation teaches you to slow down and take each moment as it comes – the sounds of traffic, the smell of new clothes, the laughter of children, the worried look on an old woman’s face, the coming and going of your breath. As the meditative traditions remind us, only the present moment exists – the past is just a memory and the future a fantasy, projected on the movie screen of the mind right now.

When you are constantly struggling to live up to images and expectations (your own or someone else’s) or racing to reinvent yourself to survive in a competitive environment, you rarely have the opportunity or the motivation to get to know yourself just the way you are.

When you meditate, you learn to welcome every experience and facet of your Being without judgment or denial. In the process, you begin to treat yourself as you would a close friend, accepting (and even loving) the whole package, the apparent weaknesses and shortcomings as well as the positive qualities and strengths.

Module 1



Module 2

Essential elements of meditation

Set a goal

Get comfortable

Follow your breath


Refining your practice

Focus your attention

Expand your awareness

Practice non-judgment



Module 3

Grounding prepares you for meditation

Connect to your body

Ways to ground yourself


Module 4

Living in harmony with the Spirit of meditation

Be mindful of cause and effect

Reflect on impermanence and the preciousness of life

Realize the limitation of worldly success

Practice non-attachment

Cultivate patience and perseverance

Simplify your life

Face situations with the courage of a warrior

You are not your thoughts or feelings


Module 5

Visit your Spiritual Temple

Using powerful ancient imagery

Deep mystical connection with the Divine

The four aspects of your Temple

Meditation to create your inner Temple

Audio:           Visit your Spiritual Temple


Module 6

Karmic healing – reclaim your Divine power

Retrieve all the power you have given away

Karmic release forgiveness/healing meditation

Reclaiming your Divine power decree and meditation

Audio:           Karmic knot release


Module 7

Connect with a loved one in Spirit

Healing the loss of a loved one

Unfinished communication

Meditation to connect with your loved one

Audio:           Connect with a loved one in Spirit


Module 8

Reconnect with your Soul Family

What is a Soul Group?

A magnetic and Spiritual bond

Different types of Soul Group connections

Why do we have Soul Groups?

Signs you have met someone from your Soul Group

Audio:           Reconnect to your Soul Family


Module 9

Connect with your Soul

Important factors

Benefits of connecting with your Soul

Using rituals

Some rituals that have been helpful over the ages

Ageless Wisdom mantra

Audio:           Connect with your Soul


Module 10

Receiving Divine guidance

Divine state of liberation

The eternal flame of Source

Audio:           Receiving Divine guidance


Module 11

Remembering your past lives

Retaining the memories of emotional or traumatic events

The light touches you and surrounds you

Childhood memory

Audio:           Past life regression meditation


Module 12

Discover your personal Divine Soul lineage

What is a Starseed and why are they here?

Race, groups and generations

Are Starseeds human

The wakeup call and Awakening process

Realigning with mission and purpose

Why do Starseeds incarnate on earth?

The master path

Are you a Starseed?

Signs you may be a Starseed

Audio:               Remembering


Module 13

Cleanse all time and space

All the elements that compose your existence

Meditation to choose and follow the paths you want


Module 14

Download Sacred knowledge

Audio:           Download Sacred knowledge into your core channel


Module 15

Healing Gaia (Mother Earth)

Strengthen your connection with Gaia

Audio:           Healing Gaia meditation


Module 16

Future life progression

Our subconscious mind

Program the subconscious to vibrate at a higher level

Using future life progression

Audio:           Future life progression


Module 17        

Access your Universal home

What is your Soul’s vision for you?

What gifts do you bring to the realization of your dreams?

Open to your Soul’s true longing

Expressing our Divinity


Module 18

Connect to the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th Dimensions

Golden strings of energy

Audio:           Connect to the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th Dimensions


Module 19

Ignite the eternal flame within your Soul

Audio:           Ignite the eternal flame within your Soul


Module 20

Activate your Divine Blueprint

What is a Merkaba?

The Sacred Geometry of the Mer Ka Ba

The Flower of Life

Fruit of Life

Metatron’s Cube

Finding your Merkaba

The chariot of the gods

How to activate your Merkaba

Merkaba activation exercise

Program your Merkaba

Audio:               Meditation to activate your Merkaba


Module 21

Twin Flame reunion

What is a Twin Flame?

Stages of a Twin Flame Relationship



Testing crisis

Battle of egos

Runner and chaser

Patient surrender

Illumination and radiance


Signs you have met your Twin Flame

Complete togetherness

Spiritual awakening

Video:               Twin Flame mediation


Module 22

Mayan pyramids and crystal skulls

Spiritual sites in Mexico

Temple of Kukulcán pyramid and the serpent

13 Crystal skulls

Legacy and prophecy

Elements of the Crystal skull legend

The Mayans and the 13 Crystal skulls

We are children of the Sun

Audio:               Mayan pyramids and Crystal Skull meditation


Module 23

Meditation Journal (122 pages)



13 Crystal Skulls (Value $9 / R170)


This is a system which aligns and attunes you with the 13 Crystal Skulls energy. 13 Crystal Skulls energy is a pure and powerful Divine energy.

Benefits of 13 Crystal Skulls attunement:

  • Cleans the negative energies in ourselves and the environment.
  • Increase and strengthen our healing abilities and energies.
  • Helps to activating our Third Eye Chakra and strengthen the psychics abilities.
  • To heal all diseases.
  • And many other benefits

Lemurian Seed Crystals (Value $103 / R1515)

You will learn how to facilitate the Lemurian Temple Initiation, the Dimensional Resonance Activation, the Dimensional Resonance Alignment, and how to facilitate all other types of Lemurian Empowerments.

The Lemurian civilizations were far more advanced than our own. They were highly evolved and spiritual. The Lemurians were vigorous and intelligent, so adept at developing their arts and technology and industrious in exploring the resources of the islands, that they soon established a great civilization. They were healers, teachers, priestesses, priests, recorders of knowledge, scientists, astronomers and artisans.

Lemuria was a peaceful place with superior knowledge, thriving commerce and advanced technology. The beauty of the city, on its circle of land linked by great bridges across circles of water, was further enhanced by brilliant gardens, groves of flowering trees and innumerable sparkling fountains. Great universities, observatories, libraries, laboratories and academies for people of all ages was the mainstream of civilization.

People in those times were categorized according to their spiritual growth. The ones who were less spiritually evolved (with lower energies) could not enter high-energy areas. There were temples made of Lemurian seed crystals. Elders (the priests) could connect to the Lemurian seed crystals. Lemurian seed crystals were used for building the bridges; some Lemurian seed crystals were used for heating water. Some were working Lemurian seed crystals; some spiritual and some were healing Lemurian seed crystals.

The Lemurian Vibrations can also be helpful with soul healing & the releasing of karmic ties and may also be important for those with previous Lemurian connections.

The Lemurian Seed Crystal attunements complement and follow on from the Lemurian Facilitator attunement wonderfully.  These additional empowerments include attunement to sacred symbols that draw in frequencies of energy for the purpose of healing and spiritual development.  The vibrations of these symbols are those that are held in powerful Lemurian Star-Seeded Quartz points.





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