Chios® Energy Field Healing



Chios® Energy Field Healing Course and Attunement Level 1:

The course and attunement opens the student to the touch of light. It brings the student in contact with the essence of universal healing energy so that the student may draw from it, and also activates the student’s hands as healing instruments. This attunement lays the foundation for all that follows. Topics covered: Introduction – Learning to Channel the Energy – Beginning to Sense the Energy Field – Introduction to the Chakra System – A Typical Treatment – Precautions and Special Situations.

Chios® Energy Field Healing Course and Attunement Level 2:

The second course and attunement is significantly more powerful and expands the student’s energy field and ability to draw in healing energy. It powerfully opens the energy channels in the student’s body which brings the healing energy to the student’s hands and greatly increases the power of the hands to channel energy, colour and light. It creates in the student the ability to shape the light and work with the light, as a manifestation of the essence. Topics covered: Introduction – The Chios Symbols and Using the Symbols to Call in Energy – Simple Energetic Defects in the Aura and Chakras – Sensing the Condition of the Aura and Chakras Through the Reception of Psychic Information and Guidance – Learning to View the Aura – Assessing Treatment Needs – Sealing Leaks and Tears in the Aura – Aura Clearing – Unblocking Chakras – Aura Charging – Correction of Energy Flow – Additional Techniques in the Laying on of Hands – Learning to View the Chakra Colours – Beginning to Use Light in Healing – Ending Treatment – Level 2 Treatment Procedures Outline – Specific Treatment Suggestions for Disease.

Chios Energy Field Healing Course and Attunement Level 3:

The third and final course offers you the final Master Attunement. This attunement is a very powerful attunement. It will greatly increase the student’s healing power and contains some very powerful and advanced techniques in energy healing. After finishing this level the student will be a Master Chios Teacher and will be able to teach and attune others at each level. Topics covered: Part One – (The Tools Of The Master Healer) – Introduction – Energy, Colour and Light in Healing – Learning to View the Higher Layers of Aura – Energetic Defects of the Chakra System – Sensing the Condition of the Chakra System – Chakra Charging – Chakra System Rebalancing – The radiatory Method – Seventh Layer Focal Healing – Distance Healing – Level 3 Treatment Procedures Outline – Part Two – (Treatment Approaches For Serious Illnesses) – Introduction to Disease Treatment – Diseases of the Heart and Circulatory System – Diseases of the Brain and Nervous System – The Cancer Disease – Diseases of the Lungs and Respiratory System – Infectious Diseases.

What Else is Provided as Part of Chios®?

Chios healing includes an integral meditation method (Chios Meditation), a powerful meditation method for the energy healer which may provide all of the well-known benefits of meditation plus the development of the special abilities used in energy healing (visualization, the ability to perform intuitive readings, the ability to see the aura, the ability to direct energy, etc.). This meditation method is optional, but may assist you in rapidly acquiring these useful abilitlies. Chios also includes an additional series of personal growth exercises for the personal development of the energy healer, also optional, which fosters other abilities important to this healing work (Intuitive Self-Reading, Self Healing, Empathic Perception, Thought Communication and Advanced Meditation). An important part of Chios that is also included are in-depth procedures for complementary care of serious physical illness (the many forms of heart disease and cancer, diseases of the internal organs, brain and nervous system diseases, etc.). Chios is a comprehensive, fully integrated system of advanced original energy healing, beyond any previously available.



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