DNA Light Integrative



DNA Light Integrative Attunements activates our dormant DNA and restores our original psychic abilities and our abilities to manifest our desires very quickly.  Using this system results in rapid spiritual evolution as all of our spiritual gifts and psychic abilities awaken.  Once your DNA is activated through this attunement, it will activate for three to six months.  From there your spiritual vibration constantly increases, resulting in the rapid emergence of your spiritual gifts and psychic abilities.

For those on the spiritual path, DNA Light Integrative essential puts you on the fast track for spiritual evolution.  You will also feel totally connected to Mother/Father/God/Goddess/Source/ of All That Is, and feel a constant inner peace and sense of well-being.

Rather than experiencing universal truths as concepts, they will be truly heart felt and part of every fiber of your being and much more.  You will have a strong sense of your own destiny and purpose.

DNA Light Integrative Attunement Levels consist of 4 attunements to be spaced apart by about a minimum of 3 days.  The attunements are sent via chi ball:

  1. Anchoring Light Attunement
  2. Genetic Encoding Attunement
  3. Universal Love Attunement
  4. Divine Blueprint Attunement


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