Etheric Cord Flush



Etheric cords are lines of energy that link one person to another, often connecting the energy centres or chakras. Cords get created when there is unfinished communication or for a purpose of giving or receiving energy. A cord can have three functions: one to receive energy, one to send energy, and one to both send and receive energy. Some cords naturally disintegrate when the conversation is finished. Those are the cords that we don’t need to be concerned over. It’s the cords that linger that can cause problems.

Some symptoms that may indicate the presence of energetic cords include obsessive thinking, lack of closure, difficulty knowing where you end and others begin, fragmentation, and the experience of being emotionally and energetically intertwined with others.

An Etheric Cord Flush will clear the dust and bring you a brighter vision; helping to heal any bad feelings and smooth disagreements.

The Etheric Cord Flush Empowerment will work by clearing away these old energy cords which have attached themselves which will in turn heal any wounds which the cords might have left behind after their removal.

Removing these cords can have the following benefits:

  • Improved energy & strength
  • Feeling less weighted down
  • Feeling more grounded

Feeling in touch with your true-self


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