Violet Flame Attunement Package



The Violet Flame is a miraculous spiritual energy. It corresponds to the high frequency of violet light and those who have open spiritual sight have seen it as a beautiful violet aura or flame. It is the coalesced spiritual energy of love, mercy, justice, freedom and transmutation.

The use of this spiritual energy is taught by the Ascended Master Saint Germain. The Violet Flame is one of the causes behind the science of miracles, a universal solvent of heavenly alchemy, and a special spiritual solution for our time. It is the elixir of the age.

The violet flame is a luminous, intelligent substance with an ultraviolet frequency just beyond what our eyes can see, that triggers an alchemical process within us. It establishes and reestablishes the rhythm of life, the inbreath and outbreath, and the pulse of daily living. It puts oil in the gears of our modern civilization, and fills our lives with a very special divine quality that we need each day, just like we need need pure air and water, sunshine, the earth currents and the many star frequencies.

The violet flame helps restore balance in nature as well as in our physical bodies and psychological mindsets. It sets free human energies that are trapped in downward, negative spirals and restores their perfect vibrational blueprint, electron by electron. The violet flame fills the wide-open spaces between the electrons and the nuclei of the atoms where the residue of negative thoughts, feelings and energies accumulate. This karmic residue can be as hard as concrete or as sticky as molasses as it registers in our cells and auric field, causing physical degeneration, mental recalcitrance, hardness of heart, a lack of sensitivity to the needs of others and other spiritual blockages.

When the violet flame is invoked, it passes through and loosens this dense substance, transmuting our negative karma and transforming it into light. As you begin to use the violet flame, you will experience feelings of joy, lightness, hope, and newness of life as though clouds of depression were being dissolved by the very sun of your being. Oppressive self-sabotaging momentums of thought and feeling literally melt in the flame, which, when applied with intensity, is felt as a fervent heat. Each time we apply the violet flame to recalcitrant conditions and surrender these unwanted conditions into the flame, the spiritual fire instantaneously begins the work of breaking down the dense particles of misqualified energy from lifetimes within the mass consciousness.

We invoke the violet flame through combined affirmations, visualizations and the spoken word, summoning the divine power within us to manifest this violet light frequency.

The value of these attunements is £280.  Includes the following manuals and attunements:

  1. Celestial Violet Energy
  2. Golden Violet Essence
  3. Lavialat Lavender Violet Atomic
  4. Purple Fire Healing
  5. Purple Fire for Karma Cleansing – FREE
  6. Purple Violet Essence
  7. Silver Violet Flame
  8. Spiritual Transmutation & Purification Activation
  9. St Germain’s Violet Flame – FREE
  10. The Violet Flame of Financial Prosperity – FREE
  11. Transmutation Violet Energy
  12. Violet Lights of Buddha
  13. Violet Ray Protection Flux
  14. Violet Flame Decrees
  15. Violet Flame Reiki



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