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Tummo (aka gTummo, Tumo and Gtumo) is our wisdom fire. We naturally have this warmth within us in the area below the navel chakra, but we are not usually aware of it and we do not use it. When we develop proper concentration and begin to work with our inner fire, we can completely transform ourselves.

On a physical level, the inner fire is responsible for the temperature of our body—the heat of digestion and metabolism, the heat that powers chemical reactions and builds hormones. On an energetic level, the Tummo fire blazes through the channels, melting away the subtlest blockages and surging energy throughout the body. On the level of mind, Tummo is the source of love, joy, happiness and bliss.

As the flame grows, starting from below the navel and rising higher and higher, it softly penetrates each of the main chakras, spreading to all the branches and every pore of our body.

The chakras are secret doors to our being. Opening them and connecting with our Tummo fire brings us great realizations. In this way, we tap into our inner wisdom. From this great presence we can realize the true nature of our mind, fundamental wisdom, and unconditional love and compassion.


  • Improved Clarity & Concentration
  • Improved Health and More Vitality.
  • Opening the Chakras.
  • More Confidence and Power.
  • Inner Bliss and Joy.
  • Enlightenment.
  • Removes Obstacles.

The value of this package is £3 270.  Includes the following manuals and attunements:

  1. Adamantine Vajra Armor Mantras Empowerments
  2. Dorje Dempa Vajrasatva Purification Attunement
  3. Golden Tummo Surya Kala Chakra
  4. Gtummo Esoteris
  5. Gtumo Inti Api Hidup
  6. GTumo Maoshan
  7. Holy Fire Gtummo
  8. Inner Sun
  9. Ishana Vajra
  10. Kundalini Omega Minus Function
  11. Maha Golden Tummo
  12. Maha Vajra Kalachakra
  13. Quantum Body Qi
  14. Reiki Kundalini Tumo
  15. Reiki Vajra Aruna
  16. Shakti Tumo Reiki
  17. Softly Kundalini
  18. Tibetan Gtummo
  19. Tibetan Soul Star Reiki
  20. Vajrasattva Bronze Dragon
  21. Sathya Tumo
  22. Surya Vajra Reiki
  23. Torsion Energetic Device
  24. Vajra Tummo Reiki



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