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In Tibet, the path to wellbeing is paved by the Buddha. According to the spiritual leader’s traditional teachings, health has three key dimensions: mind, body and spirit. To be one’s most vibrant self, each of these vital components that make up who we are must be kept in perfect balance.

Tibetan medicine teaches that the purpose of life is to be happy. By using Tibetan medicine for self-care, it is possible to become aware of how your thoughts and behaviours influence your health and happiness. Tibetan medicine includes philosophy, science, and healing practices that can help create and maintain a healthy mind and body. It is a holistic mind body medicine from the roof of the world that makes use of rare herbs grown at high altitudes.

Tibetan medicine teaches that all living beings are made up of energy and each person is born with a unique constitution or nature, made up of three primary energies: loong, tripa and baekan (aka badkan). These three aspects, or humours of the body, must be balanced.

Loong is the source of the body’s ability to circulate physical substances (e.g. blood), energy (e.g. nervous system impulses), and the non-physical, such as thoughts. Bad-kan is characterised by the characteristics of cold, and is the source of many functions such as aspects of digestion, the maintenance of our physical structure, joint health and mental stability.

Tripa is characterised by heat, and is the source of many functions such as thermoregulation, metabolism, liver function and discriminating intellect.

The Tibetan Medicine system is an art and science of keeping these primary energies in balance with your constitution. Each of us has a unique constitution with both strengths and weaknesses and by understanding this makeup, we can enhance our strengths and transform our weaknesses.

Tibetan medicine shares that there are four basic principles: karma, suffering, healing and happiness. It works to balance the body and mind.

The value of this package is £1 900.  Includes the following manuals and attunements:

  1. 21 Taras
  2. Amaterasu Reiki
  3. Ancient Tibetan Dzi Essence Reiki
  4. Dorje Sempa Vajrasatva Purification Attunement
  5. Dos Rios Reiki
  6. Drisana
  7. Dzambhala Reiki
  8. First Light
  9. Green Tara Seichim
  10. Jinlap Maitri 1 – 3
  11. Kuan Yin Attunement 1 – 7
  12. Kurama Kokiu Reiki
  13. Lama Fera Healing
  14. LW Djawal Khul
  15. LW Kuan Yin Booster
  16. Milarepa Yogy of Tibet Empowerment
  17. Om Empowerment
  18. Raku Kei
  19. Reiki Kundalini Tumo
  20. The Practice of White Mahakala
  21. Tibetan Gtummo
  22. Tibetan Reiki
  23. Tibetan Soul Star Reiki
  24. Tibetan Black Quartz
  25. Tsa Ra Empowerment
  26. Tsai Shen Yeh
  27. Tibetan Energetics
  28. Vajrasattva Bronze Dragon
  29. White Tara Reiki




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