The Spirit Release Healing Method Level 1 – Powerful Spiritual Protection



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The Spirit Release Healing Method was channeled in 2012 by Jay Burrell.


As part of my Spiritual Work I am quite often called upon to help those who feel that they are a victim of a Spiritual/Psychic Attack. This Attach can either be a result of another person intentionally casing a Spell of another form of Magical working against them or it can simply be a result of an Astral Attack where the individual is subjected to Negative Spiritual Energy that has either been picked up from their surroundings or it has come directly from the lower vibrations of the Astral Realms. On occasions an Astral Attack can also be the result of Dark/Black Magic where the practitioner has the ability to enter the Lower Astral Realms where they ask for Lower Vibration Entities/Demons to do their Bidding. This is called Necromancy or Demonology. These Attacks will ultimately cause a magnitude of Energetic Symptoms and/or situations to occur within the life of the person being Attacked and will need to be cleared straight away before it results in actual Mental and/or Physical Harm.

Through my work as a Spirit Release Therapist and with the assistance of my Guide “Rakesh” I have created this Teaching Manual and subsequent Distant Attunement to the Spirit Release Healing Method. It is through this new form of Healing that I would like to teach you how to recognise the symptoms of a real Psychic Attack, Magical Workings or Entity Attachment so you can gain the Spiritual Tools to combat these Entities to bring Relief and sometimes Life Changing Benefits to the individual being Healed. A very important notice that I would like to make here is that this system has a very strong Christian Energy. I understand that not everyone reading this will be Christian or will share Christian beliefs but I have to be true to myself and this is a channeled system where the information that I was given comes from my own Spiritual Upbringing within the Christian Tradition. It is also the method that I use myself and have had amazing results from working with the Christian Lord’s Prayer and Hail Mary before and after all Spirit Release Healing Sessions. This is done whether the person being healed is Christian or not. If however this makes you uncomfortable then please use any Protective Prayer or Invocation that you feel most comfortable with. You must always follow your own intuition and guidance in how to utilize this information.


The Spirit Release Healing Method will teach you about the following and much more:


* Psychic Attack & Spiritual Attachment.


* Earthbound Spirits, Ghosts & Lost Souls.


* Thought Forms.


* Negative Energy.


* Psychic Attack.


* Curses, Cords, Vows and Spiritual Contracts.


* Past Life Attachments & Ancestral Patterns.


* Satanic Influence, Black Magic, Demonic Forces & Collective Unconsciousness.


* Programs, Mind Control & Spiritual Implants.


* Spiritual Grounding.


* Spiritual Protection.


* Spirit Release/Protection Prayers (Lords Prayer & Hail Mary).


* How to work with the Spirit Release Healing Method and Much More.


Only registered teachers are able to teach the Spirit Release Healing Method to others.


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