The Spirit Release Healing Method Level 2 – Possession & Exorcism Healing



Prequisite: The Spirit Release Healing Method Level 1

The Spirit Release Healing Method Level 2 was channeled in 2015 but was released to the public in 2019.


Thank you for taking the new step forward on your chosen path to become a Spirit Release Healer/Deliverance Minister. This new channeled Distant Attunement has been developed over many years of Practical and Theoretical work. This Attunement and Teaching Course is not designed to instantly make you a Spirit Release Healer/Deliverance Minister as this takes many years of work and further studies but it has been designed to give you the Knowledge and Spiritual Tools in order for you to begin your path as a Spirit Release Healer while expanding your awareness into this area of Spiritual Healing which it needed now more than ever before. The world is becoming a very dark and dangerous place where individuals are opening themselves up to the spiritual realms without any serious thought about the consequences of their actions. Practices such as using an Ouija Board, Séances, Ghost Hunting or even simply taking a Distant Attunement which has been designed with an undercurrent of energy to attach negative and sometimes Demonic Energies into your Auric Field. The ways in which someone can open themselves up to the Lower Astral Realms is endless but I will focus on the most often situations that I have come across in my own Spirit Release work within this manual.


It is extremely helpful to know about the main ways in which Negative Attachments and Demons can enter into people’s lives and although this was covered in the original Spirit Release Healing Method Manual, I would like to expand on this through new insight that I have been given by my Star Guide ‘Rakesh’. In order to release an individual from an Attachment or Demon, you need to know what it was that gave them the right to enter in the first place. Then by Renunciation of that thing and by the Deliverance from a Spirit Release Healer you will be able to command the Entity or Demon who has taken over the affected person to leave. This process does not happen straight away and it can take many attempts for true releasement to be achieved but with perseverance and determination you will accomplish that which you set out to do. First you must always remember that Negative Entities and Demons cannot simply enter into someone’s life any time they choose. They must be invited either through deliberate intent or through opening a doorway for them to enter. Knowledge of the things that open the doorways to the Lower Astral Realms will give you an understanding about how to cast them out!


Exorcism or Spirit Release Therapy is simply the Rite for driving out Demonic Forces from someone who is under Spiritual Attack or has been Possessed. Within this manual I will refer to Spirit Release as Exorcism as it is the word that is used more often when this form of healing is performed. The general assumption that everyone believes is that it is only the Catholic Church or an ordained Priest who has been authorised by the Vatican can perform an Exorcism but this is a false belief which has caused so many people to suffer from Possession or Entity Attachment. There are individuals within all faiths around the world who perform Exorcisms. Within this manual, I will be focusing on the Christian form of Exorcism because this was my own upbringing and it is the belief system that I hold dear to my heart. It is also the method in which I perform Spirit Release Healing myself and have had great success when I have worked with this method.


You will learn about the following and much more: 

* The Presence.

* The Breaking Point.

* The Voice.

* The Clash.

* The Expulsion.

* Stories of Possession.

* What is Spirit Release Therapy.

* Signs of Possession and Entity Attachment.

* Making Holy Water.

* How to Exorcise Water.

* The Rite of Releasement and Exorcism.


Please Note: This is not a system for the Faint of Heart or for someone to simply add another notch to their ever growing list of Attunements. It is not something to be taken on lightly and it is only for those who are serious about helping others through the act of Spirit Release Deliverance Healing. Every student who takes this Attunement will be listed on an authorised Registration page via the Academy website and you must already be attuned to the 1st Spirit Release Healing Method. The Spirit Release Healing Method Level 2 has also been structured with a strong Christian background in the message it gives and the protocol to perform a Spirit Release Healing. If you are not comfortable with this then please do not purchase the attunement. The method to perform this form of Healing is to be done as directed within the manual. There are no alterations to this method! 


Only authorised Teachers whos names appear on the Spirit Release Healing Teachers page can receive this Attunement and pass on the Energies to others. For a full list of registered Spirit Release Healing Method teachers please CLICK HERE


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