Subtle Energies Course



This course is one of the most important as it lays a solid foundation for energy healing.  This is presented in 2 manuals.

Course Content: Energy Perception, exercises to feel yours and others energy, the auric layers, How to see, feel and read the aura, including exercises, aura colours and what they mean, how to scan, balance, sweep, cleanse, and mend the aura, Chakras, their location and correspondences, How to scan and balance the chakras using various methods, including exercises, Hara dimension and re-aligning the hara line, Nadis (meridians), energy healing tools, healing techniques, EFT technique with Powerpoint Presentation.

Extra bonuses: Audio: Violet Flame, 12 Chakra Activation, Chakra and Auric Layers  E-books:  Our Chakra System, Chakra Assessment, Healing through Colour Video: Spirit Science – Chakras, Spirit Science – Male and Female Energy, Spirit Science – The Four Elements Attunements: Aura Repair Empowerment, Musical notes of the Chakras, White Protection Energy Bubble


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