Discovering the Inner Sanctuary – Cultivating Ease and Joy in Life



If life in your world today finds you feeling exhausted from often alarming and stressful events, perhaps it is time to take a break. The demands on our time are greater than ever in a world that floods us with info, leaving us wondering how life got this way and yearning for a different experience.

Fortunately, a different experience is yours for the taking. There is a rapid energy shift fueling much of the seeming pandemonium surrounding us. This energy, however, can also serve another purpose. It can ignite your dreams.

In our time together, you will learn to enter the sanctuary that exists in the center of your Being, where pure Creator energy flows with ease and joy effortlessly. allowing yourself to reset and align your outer experience with your inner one.

As we give ourselves permission to slow life down, we flow very differently with whatever life brings our way. Using guided meditations enhanced with profound sacred and healing sounds, you will easily re-frame your experiences. At this point, tapping into the joy of creation that is your birthright becomes easy. So easy, that integrating it into your daily life will be a joy unto itself.

It is not surprising that ease is not something we often experience in work, relationships, and almost all areas of life. At some point along the way however, we become aware of how exhausting constant struggle actually is and we begin to seek another way of living. If you are reading this, you are one of these people. Joy is often an even more rare experience. Happiness is usually what we seek. Most often we believe that something outside of us is what creates happiness. Perhaps it is a new job, more money, or another person. And so it often eludes us.

This course is designed to reconnect you to your own ease and joy. We will do this together by bringing in key awareness about ease and joy and then give you some tools to use to practice finding it in your life every day. We connect with the energies of many different Spiritual Allies to help us on this journey we are embarking on.

Module 1



Creator Being

Grounded breath work

Video:       Om Mantra


Module 2

Sacred feminine energy

Secret portal to creation

Audio:       Sacred Feminine Energy


Module 3

Relief through relaxing

Mantra of ease and joy

Unconventional ideas on how to relax

Practice Gratitude

Audio:       Guided Dolphin meditation


Module 4

Pain and struggle

Vocalize your intention

Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael meditation



Module 5

Creating a sacred space to replenish your spirit

Bubble of light meditation


Module 6

Space is unlimited

What you focus on grows

Calling forth energy of the dragons

Energy of the Dragon Kingdom

How are Dragons helpful as spirit allies

Visualization to connect to your Dragon Guide

Fire Dragons

Earth Dragons

Ice Dragons

Water Dragons

Channeled message from the Dragon realm

Audio:       Dance with Dragons


Module 7

Being Ecstatic

Written ease and joy messages

Audio:       Healing Inner Child meditation


Module 8

Lightness of Being

Calling forth energy of the fairies

Ways to attract fairies

Leaving offerings and gifts

Chant to attract fairies

Audio:       Fairy child


Module 9


Tips to overcome obstacles in life

Ganesh Mantra

Who is Ganesh?

Benefits of the Ganesh mantra

When should you use the Ganesh mantra

How to chant the Ganesh mantra

Video:       Ganesh mantra


Module 10

Being in the Flow

Audio:       Time


Module 11


Set an intention

Energies of the Earth Mother

Steps to increase our connection to her

Video:       Gaia heart meditation


Module 12


All potential is held in the unknown

Inspire everyone around you

Energies of the Goddess Brigit

Goddess of Inspiration

Meditation to meet Brigit

Audio:       Inspiration


Module 13

Lessons from nature


Strength in adversity


Storing inner strength



Connecting your body to nature

Sun and moon gazing

Listen to your body

The Trees

Lessons from the Trees

The flowing stream of Water

Lessons from Water

The Birds

Lessons from the Birds

The Mountains

Lessons from the Mountains

The Flying Geese

Lessons from the Flying Geese

How to communicate and commune with Trees

Tell your Tree Story

Audio:       Connecting to nature


Module 14

The impossible becomes possible

Allowing yourself to feel whole


Module 15


Energies of the Goddess Isis

Trust our inner knowing

Create an Isis altar

Invoke Isis energies

Contemplation and prayer at the altar

Leave prayers and messages of gratitude

Call Isis into your night dreams

Audio:     Isis Meditation


Module 16

Sacred rituals to find, balance and ignite your passion

Visible bridge between the invisible realms

What makes something sacred?

Balance and passion

The feminine

Designing your personal ritual

Tools and symbols


Embodied action

Closing celebration

Balancing ritual

Clearing ritual

Releasing ritual

Beautification ritual

Reflection ritual

Expression ritual

Elevating ritual


Module 17


Life is a process


Module 18

Things you need to stop doing

Neglecting yourself and your needs

Ignoring your inner GPS

Being afraid of making mistakes

Aiming for perfection

Trying to control life

Putting off your dreams

Trying to fix others

The energies of the Goddess Kuan Yin (Kwan Yin)

Quan Yin’s great ritual for compassion

Quan Yin ritual for self-love

Invocation to Kuan Yin

Quan Yin gratitude prayer

Healing chant

To end negative thinking



Module 19


Slow down, relax

Audio:       Awareness


Module 20


Practice kindness

Live in the moment

Laugh until you cry

Make something

Essential oils

How does it promote happiness and a good mood?


Module 21


Energies of the Unicorns

Video:       Benefits of working with Unicorns


Module 22



Module 23


Audio:       Accomplishment


Module 24

Mother Earth

Audio:       Om mane padme hum


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