Sacred Passage: Shamanic Approaches to Death, Dying, and the Afterlife



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Technically speaking, we all face death from the moment we are conceived. The only certainty we have in life is that one day we will die. Yet in modern Western culture we shy away from this knowledge and dying is often feared. Dreams can prepare the dying for death, prepare the dying person’s loved ones for their death and help bereaved people to come to terms with the loss of somebody they love.

In this course you will also learn how to do an Aya Despacho. The Aya Despacho is another way to lovingly assist our cherished one to die consciously. The ceremony provides deep celebration for the life of the individual who is in the process of or has already departed and brings energetic closure. The intention of the Despacho is to create a rainbow bridge between the worlds, to ease the process of crossing over.

Are you intrigued by the possibility of communicating with people who have passed on?

Do you want to break free from your fear of death and limited ideas of the afterlife?

Whether you yearn for contact with departed loved ones, seek forgiveness or closure or hunger to journey deeper into the secrets of the Universe, I will show you that you have the capability to make natural and easy contact with the other side.

How? Through our dreams and through the practice of shamanic journeying.

In our dreams and shamanic journeys, the veils between worlds disappear. We travel beyond body and the rules of physical reality and journey into other dimensions, including realms where departed Souls reside.

These journeys are not only fascinating, but they can also transform our relationship with life, free us from the fear of death and allow us to build an expanded skillset for accessing guidance and healing from the other side to better our lives on this side.

While this ability may sound far out, it really shouldn’t.

Given that an abundance of studies reveal that we do survive death, the question becomes, “How do we engage these other worlds in a direct, experiential way?” Do we need to wait until our own death to do so?

The exciting news is no, we can establish a direct connection with the other side right now. However, the deep truth of this statement cannot be explained, it can only be experienced.

Shamans are the original scientists of the Afterlife, the once and future masters of this field. They have experiential knowledge of what lies beyond the gates of death and can return intentionally through those gates to communicate with Spirits, guide and retrieve Souls and further their understanding of the geography of non-ordinary reality.

The truth is you have these same capabilities yourself – and they are operating every night.

We naturally communicate with the departed in our dreams, which is for many dreamers direct and life-changing evidence of the reality of the Soul and its survival of physical death.

The views expressed in this course about the Afterlife are my own – as with anything, take what speaks to you and discard the rest. You might have your own views of the Afterlife and that is OK – once we cross over each one of us perceives the Afterlife according to what we need at that particular time.

Module 1


Module 2

Consciousness after death

You are more than your body

Proven cases of reincarnation and life after death

Module 3

Near-death experiences

How is a near-death experience defined?

Common elements of a near-death experience

Examples of near-death experiences

How do people interpret their near-death experiences?

Are near-death experiences proof of life after death?

How do scientists explain near-death experiences?

17 Stages of the near-death experience

The after-effects of near-death experiences

Module 4

Is there life after death?

Life after death in religion

Encounters with the other side

The Afterlife

The re-incarnational cycle

Module 5

Looking at death from a Shamanic perspective

The Soul’s survival of physical death

Communication with the departed

Boundary issue

Making death an ally

Module 6

The art of dying

Module 7

The Afterlife

Spiritual lesson of healing others

Death is the final experience of a life lived well

We all fear death in some way

First steps on the other side

The welcoming committee

Rest and relaxation

Initial life review

Atonement and weaning

Making a home

Video:     Shamanic perspective on life after death

Module 8

Sacred space and protection

Protection, grounding and centering ceremony

Shamanic self-defense

Physical processes for protection

Sea salt

Corn flour





Talismans and amulets





Psychic processes for protection

Entity protection and clearing

Types of Spirits and entities

Symptoms of entity possession

A self-clearing process

Prepare yourself





Quick and easy self-protection techniques

One example of opening sacred space

Module 9


Module 10

Death, the doorway home

Death is merely change

The process of transition

The will to survive

Module 11

Practicing death

What does it mean to practice death?

Practice in dream travel and journeying beyond the body

Developing a personal geography of the Afterlife

Helping the dying

Helping the departed

Making death your ally

Module 12

What happens when we die?

What about this life and the one before?

Module 13

No one travels alone

Seeing the Spirits who are preparing them for the great journey ahead

Our ancestors are linked to us energetically

Our Astral Spiritual body will be released from the physical form

Module 14

Where do we go when we return to Spirit?

Worlds within worlds

The Astral world

Expand and grow

The Ethereal world

The Soul learns and evolves

Made of pure consciousness

The Soul is not controlled by our perception of time or space

The Celestial realm

Unobstructed lie

Cultivate a pure, unselfish, all-embracing beneficent love

Module 15

Removing the fear of physical death


After death

Module 16

Death as an ally

Module 17

Partnering with Spirit Allies

Types of Spirit Guides

Master Teachers

Physical Doctor

Teacher Doctor



Message Bearers

Door and Gatekeepers

Other Guides

Inner and outer bands

Contacting our Spirit Guides

Set the mood

Craft a clear intention

Practice with loving patience

Relax and breather

Call in protection

Sacred sounds

Go through the door

Invite in your Spirit Guides and Angels

Open yourself to subtle frequencies

Ask for a sign

Ask for a message or a blessing

Give thanks


Meditation to meet your Spirit Guide

Spirit Animal messengers

The Shadow animal

The Journey animal

The Life animal

The medicine animal

Audio:     Meet your Spirit Guide

              Meet your Power Animal

Module 18

Preparing for the unexpected

In the event of an untimely death

Module 19

Shamanic visioning

Deep-level hypnotic imaging exercise

Shamanic cave visualization

Guidelines for exploring

Candle visualization

Five senses visualization

Advanced visualization

I cannot visualize – Will I still be able to do a Shamanic journey?

Audio:     Art of seeing, a world of imagery

Module 20

Shamanic gateways

Passages from one place to another


Why create journey gateways?

Audio:     Opening a door to the Spirit world

Module 21

Shamanic drumming

Altered states of consciousness

Drumming rebuilds the Rainbow Bridge

Lifeforce flows between the drumhead and the drumstick

Exercise in Shamanic drumming

Video:     How to drum the Four Elements

              Drumming lessons

Audio:     20-minute shamanic drumming track with callback

Module 22

The Shaman’s Cosmos

The World Tree

Module 23

Shamanic Soul flight – Journeying

How does one journey?

What is the journey for?

Destination and purpose

What does the journeyer experience?

Trust and the critical mind

Can I journey?

Struggling with journeying?

Mental chatter

Analyze this, evaluate that

Expecting to see things

Nothing happened on my journey

I think I imagined that

Weak or unfocused intentions

Depleted battery

Tuning out the room

How to undertake a Shamanic journey

Before the journey

The journey

After the journey

General guidelines

The Shamanic journey in perspective

Let go of your need to control

Detach from outcomes

Trust the Spirit Helpers

Lighten up and enjoy the experience

Leave your ego at the entrance

Summary of the steps

Journey to an Elder

Audio:     Shamanic journey

              Drumming and rattling

Module 23.1

Interpreting the journey

Your memories as points of reference


Module 23.2

Journey to a reception center

Instructions for the journey

Module 23.3

Journey to meet a mentor

Instructions for the journey

Module 23.4

Journey to past lives

Module 23.5

Journey to the departed

Instructions for the journey

Module 23.6

Journey to meet an Ancestor

Upper world journey

Finding your Ancestor

Using fire to meet an Ancestor

Journey instructions

Process questions

Journey to your mother and father’s lineages

Audio:     Meeting the Ancestors around the fire

Module 23.7

Journey to meet death

The archetypal energy of death

Journey instructions


Journey to read your Book of Life

Forming your intention

Journey instructions

Module 23.9

Journeying and symbols

Why do journeys get communicated in stories and symbols?

Module 23.10


Various ways to ground

Grounding meditation

Module 23.11


What is negative energy?

A process for clearing, cleansing and setting protection

Different types of shields

Crystals for protection

How to cleanse your crystals

How to program your crystals

How to safely store your crystals

Module 24

Shamanic dreamwork

What is a Shamanic Dreamweaver?

How to become a dream Shaman

Five main potentials

Meditation for mental relaxation

Audio:     The art of dreaming

Module 24.1

Dream journal

Importance of a dream journal

Create a dream report

Video:     How to keep a dream journal

Module 24.2


The state between sleep and wakefulness

Visual doorways: Stepping into a picture

Module 24.3

Dream recall

Before you go to bed

Make a conscious decision to remember your dreams

Recall methods after sleep

Rolling technique




Doodle technique

Color technique

Module 24.4

Dream re-entry

Why would you want to do such a thing?

Dream re-entry adventures

Pick a dream that has some real meaning for you

Begin to relax

Focus on a specific scene from your dream

Clarify your intention

Journey down the river of dreams


Following the path

The elevator of time

The return

Dream portals

Where can you find portals

How to find and enter a dream portal

Decide where you want to go

Find a natural doorway or opening

Expect to travel through it

Explore the destination

Module 24.5

Dream incubation

What is dream incubation?

Incubation occurs naturally from our daytime experience

Incubate solutions to problems

Techniques of dream incubation

Develop a phrase for your incubation

Associate the topic with an emotion

Visualize the desired dream

Use sensory aids

Repeat the incubation during the day

Be relaxed while doing the incubation

Be certain that you want to know the answer

Gather the related facts

Repeat the incubation just prior to sleep

Search for the solution in your dream interpretation

Be patient

Accept the unconscious mind’s over-rides

Incubate a dream of a deceased loved one

Module 24.6

Dreams and imagery

At the core of our dreams are the images

To understand our dreams

Physical dreams

Emotional dreams

Archetypal dreams

Lucid dreams

Soul dreams

Some examples of dream interpretation

An exercise in dream imagery

Module 24.7

Break a dream drought

Set an intention for the night

Be ready to receive

Be kind to fragments

Still no dream recall?

You don’t need to go to sleep to dream

Enter the mystical library of dreams

Module 24.8

Dream talk technique

Bring insight to any kind of dream

Teaching or a healing gift

Dream talk for bereavement

Talking to a deceased loved one


Module 24.9

Dream writing technique

Sketching, collaging

Module 24.10

Natural sleep-inducing techniques






Other ideas

Module 24.11

Crystals for dreamwork

Dream recall crystal

Dream wisdom crystal

Accessing intuition crystal

Amplifying dreams crystal

Nightmares and insomnia crystal

Transformative dreamwork crystal

Crystal under pillow: Basic dream

Program a crystal for dream intuition

Crystal grids for dream recall

Module 24.12

Dream altar

The creation of your dream altar



Using your dream altar

Simple, powerful technique

Module 24.13

Forming a bridge between journeying and dreams

Module 25

Shamanic meditation

Module 25.1

Alchemical meditation on personal death

Module 25.2

Meet your Soul meditation

Module 25.3

Shared meditation: Joining the Light

Module 26

Shamanic dance

After or during a journey

Dance ritual – the preparation dance

Dance ritual – the journey dance

Dance ritual – steps

Module 27

Aya despacho

How to create an Aya despacho

Description of the layers of the Aya despacho

Module 28

Grief and loss from a Shamanic perspective

Module 29

Top 5 regrets of the dying

Module 30

The power of song, dance and prayer




Using your own power songs, chants and prayer

Developing your own songs

Developing your own chants

Developing your own prayers


Crossing over Brigade

Golden Body Protector

Happy Trails



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