Cosmic Rituals and Connections



Course release date 30 August 2023

37 PDF modules

8 Audio

Moon Ritual Planner

Moon Phase Affirmation Cards (41)

Cosmic Messages Oracle Card Deck (42)

Moon Phases Journal (24 page)

Moon Cycle Crystal Collection

Moon Booklet

Shadow Work Journal

Includes: 6 Cosmic Journals – Cosmic Connection Rituals, Lunar Wisdom, Galactic Creativity, Stardust Spirituality, Stellar Self-Discovery, Astral Healing


Embark upon a journey that transcends the boundaries of earthly existence and venture into the boundless cosmos. With cosmic rituals and connections as your compass, the dance of stars, planets and galaxies becomes an intimate partner, swirling around you in a cosmic waltz. Your Soul is being called to unite with the energies that birthed the Universe itself.

The Universe sings a song, an ancient melody of creation, resonating through space and time. This celestial harmony is waiting for you, a note to be discovered, a rhythm to dance to. By attuning yourself to this celestial music, you can become a part of the Universal symphony, forging a connection that transcends mere physical existence.

Journey through the celestial spheres and awaken to a path of discovery. The stars are not mere dots of light; they are living echoes of the cosmic energy that surges through everything. In them, you will find wisdom, guidance and an invitation to explore the mysteries within and beyond.

Engage in a celestial conversation with the whispers of the stars, the murmurs of the planets, the soft caresses of the moon. They are speaking to you, sharing their wisdom, inviting you to join in their cosmic dance.

Journey deeper into Cosmic Rituals and Connections  and discover tools and practices that allow you to weave celestial energies into your daily life. The cosmic connection becomes a tangible reality, personal and accessible.

Remember that the Universe is not outside of you; it is a reflection of your inner landscape. By aligning with the celestial energies, you are reaching inward, uncovering layers of wisdom, beauty and power.

With this course as your guide, the Universe becomes your playground, a space to explore, learn and grow. Find joy in the process, resonating with the deepest parts of your Soul.

Let your heart be stirred by the cosmic dance and embrace the magic that awaits you.

By connecting with the celestial energies, you embrace life in all its fullness, recognizing the sacred in the mundane and finding beauty in every moment.

You stand at the threshold of a profound exploration, a quest that transcends time and space. The Universe awaits your embrace. Step into the dance, discover the infinite possibilities that reside within and around you.

May your journey through the cosmos be filled with wonder, love and a deep knowing that you are part of something magnificent, a Being of light, intimately connected with the Universe and blessed with the magic of celestial wisdom.


Module 1


Cosmic Connection Guided Meditation

Honoring the Cosmic Connection


Module 2

Cosmic Embarkment

Introduction to Cosmic Connection

Personal Intention Setting

Overview of Celestial Realms: Moon, Stars, Planets and More


Module 3

Earth: The Starting Point

Humanity’s Spiritual Connection

The Symbolism of Earth’s Elements

Astrological Influences

Cosmic Cycles and Human Evolution

Earth’s Energetic Grid

Celestial Events and Earth’s Response

Mythology and Cosmic Connection

Earth as a Cosmic Being

Grounding Practices and Rituals

The Importance of Grounding

Methods of Grounding

Grounding through Breath

Rituals with Earth’s Elements

Grounding as a Daily Practice

Grounding in Times of Stress

The Spiritual Aspect of Grounding

Community and Group Grounding

Healing through Grounding

Nature Meditation and Earth Blessings

Nature Meditation – A Symphony of Sensation

Embarking on a Sensory Journey

Earth Blessings – Expressions of Gratitude

Ceremonies and Rituals

Healing Through Nature Meditation

Nature as a Spiritual Teacher

Community Engagement

Integrating Practices into Daily Life

A Call to Stewardship

Nature Mandala

Finding Your Sacred Space

Gather the Tools of Creation

Begin with Stillness

Find your Center

Collect Nature’s Offerings

Weave your Pattern

Immerse in the Process

Reflect on Your Creation

Leave it to Nature


Module 3.1

Reciprocity Ritual – Celebrating the Circle of Life


Module 3.2

Elemental Earth Altar


Module 3.3

Ritual of Cleansing – Purification through Earth’s Waters


Module 3.4

Ritual of Connection – Uniting with Nature’s Spirit


Module 3.5

Ritual of Transformation – Earth’s Cycle of Renewal


Module 4

The Moon – Intuition and Wisdom

Phases of the Moon and Lunar Energy

New Moon – A Time for Intentions

Waxing Moon -: Growth and Expansion

Full Moon – Illumination and Celebration

Waning Moon – Releasing and Letting Go

Lunar Energy and Its Influences

Moon Rituals and Practices

The Moon in Different Cultures

  • Ancient Greece
  • China
  • Native American Traditions
  • India
  • Africa
  • Japan
  • Celtic Tradition
  • Modern Astrology

Lunar Connection to the Feminine





Balance Between Masculine and Feminine Energies


Module 4.1

Moon Water – Sacred Elixir


Module 4.2

New Moon Ritual for New Beginnings


Module 4.3

Full Moon Ritual for Release and Clarity


Module 4.4

Waning Gibbous Moon Ritual – Expressing Gratitude


Module 4.5

New Moon Manifestation Ritual


Module 5

The Stars – Destiny and Navigation

Constellations as Myth and Story

Navigation and Guidance

Astrological Insight

Spiritual Connection and Meditation

Celestial Art and Creativity

Scientific Exploration

Connecting with the Cosmic Dance

Understand the Stars and Constellations

Star Meditation

Create your Star Ritual

Seek Guidance from Astrology

Embrace the Universal Connection

The Constellations and Their Spiritual Significance

Sirius – The Spiritual Guiding Star

Pleiades – The Seven Sisters and Cosmic Harmony

Other Star Systems and Star Beings




Star Beings: Ambassadors of Cosmic Wisdom

Starlight Meditation: A Journey Within

Connecting with the Stars

Breathing in Starlight

Guided By Star Wisdom

Returning With Grace

Star Guided Bath Rituals: Aligning with Cosmic Rhythms

Creating a Sacred Space

Invoking the Star Energy

Waking the Star Path

Rituals of Manifestation and Release

Closing the Ritual

Embracing the Cosmic Connection


Module 5.1

Intergalactic Star Meditation


Module 5.2

Journey to the Pleiades


Module 5.3

The Cosmic Dance: Moving with Star Energy


Module 5.4

Stargazing Breathwork: A Celestial Symphony of Breath

Preparing the Space: A Canopy of Heaven

Setting the Intention: The Breath of Creation

Elemental Connection: Earth and Sky

The Exercise: Galactic Inhalations and Exhalations

Focusing the Gaze

Cosmic Inhale

Celestial Pause

Ethereal Exhale

Cycles of Eternity

Closing: One with the Cosmic Pulse

Final Blessing: Affirmation of Oneness


Module 5.5

Meeting with a Star Goddess


Module 6

Planetary Energies Part 1 – Inner Planets

Meditations and Rituals for Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars


Module 7

Planetary Energies Part 2 – Outer Planets

Jupiter: The Expansive Seeker

Saturn: The Taskmaster and Teacher

Uranus: The Revolutionary Innovator

Neptune: The Mystic Dreamer

Pluto: The Transformer

Meditation and Rituals for Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto


Module 9

Cosmic Guides and Allies

The Planets as Guides

Spiritual Allies


Ascended Masters

Spirit Animals

Star Beings


Module 10

Integration and Earthly Alignment

The Dance of Balance

Symphony of Synchronicity

Weaving of Wisdom

Where the Cosmic Meets the Common

Embracing the Soil


Module 11

Creating a Cosmic Connection Altar

Invite the Elements

Seal with Gratitude


Module 12

Cosmic Connection through Meditation

The Intersection of Energy Healing and Cosmic Forces

Understanding Cosmic Forces

Energy Healing Principles

Methods to Channel Universal Energy

Aligning with Celestial Cycles


Module 13

Astral Healing

Astral Meditation and Visualization

Energy Healing Techniques with Cosmic Resonance


Module 14

Galactic Creativity

Cosmic Inspiration: The Vast Canvas of the Universe

Meditative Connections with the Cosmos


Module 15

Stellar Self-Discovery

The Cosmos as a Guide to the Self

Understanding Your Astrological Blueprint


Module 16

Stardust Spirituality: A Celestial Embrace of Existence

Meditation and Contemplation

Rituals and Sacred Practices


Module 17

Cosmic Oracle Card Readings

Connecting with Cosmic Energies

Honoring the Cosmic Connection

3-Card Full Moon Spread

5-Card New Moon Spread

First Quarter Moon Spread – Taking Action

Waning Gibbous Moon Spread – Reflection and Gratitude

Balsamic Moon Spread – Release and Renewal

Journaling your Card Readings


Module 18

The Ethereal Realm of Dreams

The Dreamer’s Call

Dance with the Divine

Embracing the Mystery

The Collective Dream

Growth and Transformation

The Return Home

A Lifetime’s Journey

The Invitation Remains


Module 19

Crystals for Cosmic Connection

Charging Crystals with Cosmic Energy


Module 20

Dark Side of the Moon – Shadow Work

The Lunar Landscape: A Dance of Light and Shadow


Module 21

The Lion’s Gate Portal: A Cosmic Gateway of Spiritual Awakening

The Celestial Tapestry: Cosmic Alignment

Awakening Energies: Solar Activation

Heart-Centered Connection: Inner Radiance

Path of Self-Discovery: Embracing the Shadows


Module 22

Advanced Cosmic Connections

Celestial Communion: Unveiling Hidden Realms


Module 23

The Ongoing Cosmic Dance: Eternal Steps in the Ever-Unfolding Ballroom of Being





Sacred Moon Reiki


Triple Star Reiki Value $25


Vortex Light Shakti – Value $70


Eternal Sacred Source Interdimensional Healing Chamber – Value $82