The Art of Listening: Quieting Your Mind to Hear Your Soul Speak



Peace and quiet is a precious commodity these days, but sometimes we are our own worst enemies. How many times have you gone to bed only to relive your day in your head or make a mental to-do list for tomorrow? Or maybe you have carved out a few minutes to relax and been hijacked by a barrage of thoughts or worries? Finding calm in a world of chaos can be a tall order.

Life throws chaos at us on a regular basis – whether it is our finances, our relationships or our health. In the work world, around 50 percent of people are burned out in industries like health care, banking, and nonprofits and employers spend $300 billion per year on workplace-related stress.

There is another way – a calmer way. Cultivating a more restful, relaxed state of mind doesn’t mean we will drown under all our responsibilities. Instead, research suggests it will bring us greater attention, energy and creativity to tackle them. And science also points to simple ways we can tap into that calm state of mind to be more resilient in our chaotic lives.

Having a mind that is too busy wears down your body, your health and your energy. It also impacts things like your emotional intelligence and your decision making. When you are tightly wound up, you are more likely to react to situations than to respond with reason.

You also perceive the world differently. Having a mind that is racing makes us narrowly focused, preventing us from seeing the bigger picture. When we are calmer, our attention becomes broader. In fact, we literally see more things.

When your mind is quiet, you also manage your energy because you are not burning yourself up constantly, spending your days with your sympathetic nervous system in overdrive. Calm helps you focus on what you need to do and get it done much more quickly.

A quiet mind can also impact your creativity. Research suggests that our most creative ideas come in moments when we are not actively focused or stressed. We are most creative when our brain is in alpha wave mode, which is a relaxed state of mind – like when you are in the shower or taking a walk in nature. Indeed, people who go on an immersive nature retreat for four days come back with 50 percent increased creativity.

If you want to get the most out of yourself in terms of your productivity, creativity and innovation – making progress at work or just solving the basic problems of life that you are faced with – a quiet mind is the key.

How to cultivate a quiet mind

We know how to become stressed. Most of us are really good at activating our adrenal system and getting wound up. The question becomes, then, how do you quiet your mind?

I have written this course specifically to deal with this issue and to show you ways that you can overcome your busy mind.

Module 1



Module 2

Benefits of quieting the mind

A story about two Monks

A silent mind is a strong mind


Module 3

Your true Self

Bring our focus into the present moment

We are all loving and joyous Beings at our core

Dropping out of the ego and egoic mind




Module 4

Hearing and filtering

How we hear


Ambient sound meditation


Module 5


More freedom, happiness, peace, love and contentment

Your heart conveys its intentions through intuition

How long to meditate?

How to meditate

The egoic mind is more of a liability than it is functional


Module 6




Module 7

Sound, breath and senses

Audio:     Noticing and listening


Module 8



See through the false Self

Do we need thoughts about ourselves to function?


Module 9

The egoic mind

The key to seeing through this illusion

Questions we need to ask


Module 10

Different personas or guises

The Tyrant

The Judge

The Buddy


Module 11


Notice your thoughts

Engage and immerse


Module 12

Noticing and considering

Can you find a useful thought, one you really need?


What do you give voice to?


Module 13



Overcoming fear

The truth about fears and doubts

Fear: The ego’s most powerful tool

Fear is not constructive


Module 14

Overcoming doubt

Doubt: The ego’s most insidious tool

Doubt keeps us from following our heart

Believing our doubts and fears doesn’t protect us from life




Module 15

Healing conditioning

Recognizing the negative beliefs that keep us from happiness

Mistaken beliefs tend to generate others


Module 16

Replacing negative beliefs

How do you start believing something when you don’t believe in it

You reinforce your belief with self-talk and images


Module 17

Trusting life

Moving from ego to Essence is a gradual process

There are a lot of things we can trust about life that the go rails against

We all have an ego that takes the form of an angry child

What is so safe about life?

We experience peace and acceptance when we drop into Essence


Module 18

Choosing fear or peace

Fears represent the ego’s distrust of life

When you move into the Now you feel at peace and safe

The false Self takes us away from happiness, peace and love

What other grace and support do you experience in your life?

Explorations:   What evidence do you have that life is trustworthy?

How do you distrust life?

Nothing in fact can interfere with our capacity to love, be happy and be at peace


Module 19

The adventure of not knowing

You have to be willing to get lost in the moment

The Now has everything we have been looking for

The Now is juicy, alive, rich and satisfying

The ego is the generator of discontentment

Fall in love with not knowing what is going to happen next

Each of our lives has a purpose

We discover what Essence wants for our life

An Essence driven life is centered around developing and expressing our talents, growing, serving, learning, becoming wiser

The Now will move us in ways that will be fulfilling to us

Accepting however life is showing up

Not fighting or arguing with reality, but accepting life as it is for the time being

The ego gets angry at life when life does not go its way

Accepting what is allows us to experience freedom


Module 20

What in your life are you saying no to?

Can you experience your Being rejoicing in life?

Explorations: What in your life are you saying no to?

What do you really know for sure?


Module 21

Living from your heart

When we are in touch with the whole of our Being, we feel expanded and complete

Thoughts and feelings are not a problem if we don’t give all our attention to them

When we are aligned with Essence, we feel at ease about being in the world

Essence communicates through the heart

Asking yes-no questions

Once we see the ego’s lies, they lose their power

Absorption of the me lies behind most of our suffering

The egoic mind is a terrible guide for living life


Module 22

Are you tense or at peace?

Pay attention to where your joy lies

Explorations: Experiment with the opening and closing of your heart

Think of times you followed your heart and how you felt

Think of a time when you didn’t follow your heart


Module 23

Sacred stillness

In this sacred space we have access to the greater consciousness that pervades the Universe

Audio:     Sacred stillness


Module 24

Stop trying to control your mind

Reaffirm your intention to be peaceful

Look at the emotions (the roots) not the thoughts (the branches)

Stop resisting the emotion

Silent observation

Not working? Start over


Module 25

Creating peace of mind

Peace is always available










Module 26

Breathing techniques

Alternate nostril breathing

Belly breathing

Box breathing

4-7-8 breathing

Lion’s breath

Mindful breathing

Pursed lip breathing

Resonance breathing

Simple breathing exercise

Shallow breathing and anxiety

Chest v abdominal breathing

Video:     A simple exercise to calm the mind


Module 27

Inner peace

Audio:     Inner peace


Module 28

Declutter your mind

Clearing clutter at the root

Keep a gratitude log



Zone out

Control your media intake

Get creative


Get clear on your priorities

Do something kind for another person

Let go

Maintaining a balanced life


Module 29

Every moment is precious and sacred


Module 30

What matters the most

That we lived with integrity in our hearts

That we listened to the shifting of seasons

As a masterpiece we try to understand

To be present

Daily planner


Extra Audio

Before sleep meditation

Mindful meditation to be present

Guided meditation for calming the mind

Quiet mind meditation

Stop overthinking – calm an overactive mind



Calm mind eBook

Disabling distractions eBook

Focus – How to focus in a noisy distracted world eBook

You have permission to give these eBooks away to your clients, friends and family



Calm mind, healthy body



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