Develop the Gifts of Clairvoyance and Remove Blockages package




Clairvoyance (clear seeing) is a metaphysical sense that means seeing a mental image within your 3rd eye. It is also known as your 6th sense or spiritual sight.

This is probably the most well known of the metaphysical senses, or at least the most talked about. It is what most refer to and think of as psychic abilities. It is an ability that is latent in most people and can be developed through practice. Clairvoyance is often referred to as the sixth sense. Some individuals respond to visual interpretation easier and quicker than auditory, thinking, or feeling senses.

Clairvoyance (clear seeing) is one of the four metaphysical senses, the others being clairsentience (clear feeling), clairaudient (clear hearing), and claircognizance (clear knowing).It is one of your four metaphysical senses in addition to your five physical senses.

Types of Clairvoyance and Clairvoyant Abilities

There are a variety of ways to observe clairvoyance. You may have visions or visual flashes while awake or these visions can also come to you in your dreams or when you are in a very relaxed state, as pictures in your mind.

Other types of clairvoyant abilities include reading a persons aura or energy field, seeing colors surrounding a person or picking up on symbols that come to you as a picture in your mind.

Clairvoyance is the ability to see clearly though the minds eye. You might see sudden flashes of pictures, symbols,or numbers seen in your head that have meaning. It could also be a flash of a yes or no or a color like red or green.

This package is designed to help you to open and develop the gift of clairvoyance as well as to remove any blocks to doing so.

  1. Ajna Activation
  2. Angelic Amethyst Essence Energy
  3. Angelite Stone Energy
  4. Astral Body Radiance
  5. Baraka
  6. Brain Heart Connection Attunement
  7. Channeling Flush Empowerment
  8. Concentration Energy Empowerment
  9. Crossroads Energy
  10. DNA Healing Reiki
  11. Dream Voyage of the Swan
  12. Ethereal Craniosacral Energy System
  13. Familiar Spirits Energy Empowerment
  14. Good Karma Reiki
  15. Highest Level Intuition and Enorasis Empowerment
  16. Highest Good Reiki
  17. Indigo Light Empowerment
  18. Inner Eye Empowerment
  19. Intuition & Enorasis Empowerment
  20. Intuition Reiki
  21. Karmic Auric Reiki 1
  22. Karmic Auric Reiki Symbols
  23. Karmic Relationship Clearing
  24. Life Path Empowerment
  25. LW Hilarion Intuition Attunement
  26. My way Home
  27. Orb of Life
  28. Psychic Reiki Attunement
  29. Psychic Orb Empowerment
  30. Psychic Contamination Flush


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