Life Transitions Package – Clear out old Belief Systems that no longer work



Life Transitions Package – Clear out old belief systems that no longer work

Someone once said that the only constant in life is change. That concept is the basis for this package. We are working on clearing beliefs that keep us stuck in situations that are no longer working.

Transitions can be anything;

From relationships ending to relationships beginning

From adding or loosing children to adding or loosing pets.

From changing jobs to changing homes.

From living with chronic illness to dying.

From changing careers to changing schools.

From beginning a fitness program to beginning a diet.

From growing to healing.

Every decision we make creates new dimensions in our lives. The more we are able to embrace change, the easier our lives will be and the more we can experience life as an adventure.

  1. Firebird Vortex
  2. Force Light High Frequency
  3. Freedom Light
  4. Golden Dove Healing
  5. Golden Growth Accelerator
  6. Happy New Year, New Beginnings Empowerment
  7. Heaven Love Beautiful Vibration
  8. Inner Spirit Empowerment
  9. Labradorite Sphere
  10. Light of Transitions
  11. Lucid Ray Platinum Radiation
  12. Mind Control Resistance Rays
  13. New Transformation Energetic
  14. Old Energies Release
  15. One Day at a Time Reiki
  16. Past Issue Release
  17. Peace Love Download
  18. Personal Power Healer Balance
  19. Phoenix Light Reiki
  20. Pure Light Frequency
  21. Rapid Growth Illumination
  22. Recovery Reiki
  23. Releasing the Chaos of Change
  24. Renewal Self
  25. Seasons of Change Reiki
  26. Transformation Guide Spirit Energy
  27. Transformational Link Energy
  28. Transmutation Violet
  29. Triple Warmer Meridian Care
  30. True Self Illumination




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