Lightworker Series Saints Attunements



These are not part of any other package

These are from the Lightworker Attunement series and include detailed manuals for each individual attunement

These attunements will align you more powerfully with each of the orders of knighthood so that you may work more closely with them in your day to day life as well as your spiritual development, healing or channeling work

  1. LW Saint Cecilia Initiation
  2. LW All Saints Empowerment
  3. LW Saint Augustine Empowerment
  4. LW Saint Benedict Empowerment
  5. LW Saint Brendan Empowerment
  6. LW Saint Brigid Empowerment
  7. LW Saint Columbanus Empowerment
  8. LW Saint Francis of Assissi
  9. LW Saint John of the Cross
  10. LW Saint Nicolas Atttunement 1 – 2
  11. :W Saint Patrick Attunement
  12. LW Saint Stephen Initiation
  13. LW Saint Thomas Initiation
  14. LW Saint Thomas the Apostle
  15. LW St Teresa of Avila Initiation


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